Timberland Fashion, When temperatures start to change, it’s time to consider which investment pieces to add to your winter wardrobe before it gets cold. Padded jackets and padded outerwear are some of the essentials in our wardrobe this season. The thick quilted texture offers the comfort of a cozy blanket with a touch of urban style.

Stonehart’s ocean-inspired jewelry will captivate you

Modeled by Greta Brooks, photographed by Kimberley Gordon, in collaboration with Creature of Habit who designed the beautiful tail, we are thrilled that you can see Stonehart Jewelry’s “Out of Water” collection. Inspired by the ocean and mermaids, this collection is undoubtedly feminine, but it also has a sense of mystical magic. Whether it’s seahorses, pearls, starfish or shells, the inspiration from the ocean is clear from the start. That said, what may not be clear is that each of the pieces actually use a “treasure” that was bought straight from the ocean, giving the collection even more authenticity and magic. Of course, what makes this collection even more eye-catching is the style and art direction behind the lookbook.

Style twists keep you on your toes with Toga’s AW2020 collection

If you are as obsessed with fashion and style as we are, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with this Fall / Winter ’20 collection from Japanese fashion brand Toga. Ridiculously trendy and packed with all the details you want to hang in your closet, Toga knows how to keep things on-trend while ensuring your style stands out. For example, with this latest line, some of the bolder details include mesh harem pants, classic lined trench coats with dramatic fur sleeves, feather lining, head-to-toe stripe combinations, pops of color like royal blue and tomato red. obviously voluminous silhouettes impossible to ignore. That said, it is difficult to specify this collection in one aesthetic or one style. On the one hand, some of the pieces feel more streetwear inspired and edgy fashion, like the padded coats and fishing nets. However, on the other hand, we also have an aesthetic that seems more vintage inspired (i.e. vintage floral prints, traditional sweaters, and Mary Jane shoes). Plus, there’s also menswear-inspired tailoring making its way into the mix. Top Fashion

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The elegant and feminine jewelry you wanted from Krystle Knight Jewelry

For everyday jewelry that sparkles and shines in the most elegant way, there is nothing better than Krystle Knight jewelry. The “Lighting” collection, in particular, should grab your attention for all the right reasons. While you won’t find exaggerated rhinestones or trendy earrings here, what you will find is much better. These are the pieces that quickly and easily add to your outfit without stealing the show. These are the pieces you want at your disposal when you want to add a touch of interest to your look without feeling like you’re wearing jewelry.

The best white boots that will accompany you during the winter

White boots have become a wardrobe accessory and are more versatile than ever. Regardless of the weather, you can pair them with a flowing maxi dress like Chriselle, wear them over skinny jeans, or pair them with knitted dresses. They instantly light up a dark winter look unlike your basic black boots. Best Menswear

What to wear for your next fall night date

For us, there is nothing more elegant than a slip. When paired with cool-weather basics and stylish dresses, this classic can transform into the perfect fall evening look. We love the way Sheryl put a cropped sweater over a long dress and dressed it up in embellished heels. Kacamata Rayban