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Ghea Indrawari vs Ina Marika’s style competition, acting opponents become gamers!

Ghea Indrawari began to expand into the world of acting. He got the opportunity to play in a comedy-sports genre series entitled ‘Sumber Rezeki’. Ghea will compete acting with Ina Marika, an actress who has starred in many FTV titles.

Both are said to have opposite characters, but are both good at playing games. Having an age difference of 1 year, let’s compete with Ghea Indrawari and Ina Marika below! Top Fashion

1 Sweatshirt can be combined with a slit skirt or jeans with the latest ripped details. Suitable for a hangout outfit!

2 Wear tops with fluffy sleeves, Ghea match it with pleated skirts. Instead, Ina chose denim pants

3 Have a cute style with a flower patterned dress, do you prefer Ghea or Ina, do you prefer?

4 Ghea wore a pink sweatshirt and plaid pants, while Ina wore a white blouse and lilac colored pants. Cute!

5 Ripped jeans will make you look more stylish, even if you only wear a plain top Timberland Fashion

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6 Korean style floral wrinkle blouse top, best paired with neutral colored trousers

The 7 twins are wearing hoodies, they are also compact in choosing loose, brightly colored pants, like lilac and green!

8 So that your shirts are not worn in a mainstream style, just style them by stacking your vests or making them an outer Best Menswear

9 Ina Marika wears a plain outfit with neutral colors, while Ghea is bolder in a blue and red plaid suit

Those are the 9 Ghea Indrawari vs Ina Marika style fights. They have their own characteristics, huh? Kacamata Rayban

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Ranty Maria’s Sweet Styles That Make Her Beloved Melt!

After one year of dating, Ranty Maria openly announced that she was dating Rayn Wijaya. Sharing romantic moments on personal Instagram, the two seem happy with this love affair.

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Not only did the lover melt, netizens also fell in love with the charm of Ranty Maria. Sweet and feminine styles can often be seen from the way they dress in everyday life. Top Fashion

1 Traveling abroad, Ranty Maria looks cute in her yellow t-shirt, denim mini skirt and sneakers.

2 Ranty Maria uses matching-set and sunglasses for summer OOTD in Labuan Bajo.

3 Ranty Maria appeared elegant girly in a pink satin dress and classic black bag. Best Menswear

4 Ranty Maria doesn’t hesitate to wear a statement with a leopard pattern paired with dangold chain necklace sunglasses. Timberland Fashion

5 contemporary styles in a cropped top, blazer, denim pants and cross body bag. No wonder the lover is still in love! Kacamata Rayban

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Portrait of 7 Celebs Who Have Betawi Beauty

Indonesian women are known to have various kinds of beauty. Each tribe and region has its own unique and different charm. One of them is a woman who has Betawi blood.

Yups, not only comedians, it turns out that some Indonesian celebrities also have Betawi blood. Existing in the entertainment world, these seven women are also charming, you know. Who are they and what do they look like? Keep scrolling! Top Fashion

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1 Ussy Sulistiawaty is one of the celebrities of Betawi blood, you know. Being busy taking care of your husband and children is no reason to appear as they are. He still looks cool with red lipstick.

2 You must know that Ayudia Bing Slamet also has Betawi blood. For everyday life, this former film star prefers to appear minimalist and simple.

3 Betawi and Dutch crossbreeds made Asmirandah awarded an extraordinary face. It’s even more charming when you hold your child! Best Menswear

4 Not many people know that Zee Zee Shahab has Betawi-Arabic blood. No wonder her beauty is already radiating even without heavy makeup.

5 Getting sexier at 41 years old? Goddess Rezer the master! Regular exercise keeps this Betawi-blooded woman looking fit and healthy! Timberland Fashion

6 Nude lips and flawless skin make Alika Islamadina’s smile look even sweeter. This singer and influencer is also of Betawi blood, you know.

7 From his accent alone, you must know that Ayu Ting-ting comes from Betawi. This 28-year-old sword girl looks fresh when she uses her fuchsia lipstick and combines it with pink blush. Kacamata Rayban

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A Row of Lesty Kejora Styles that Make Rizky Billar More Fall in Love

Lesty Kejora’s style has always managed to make her fans fall in love, including her lover Rizky Billar. Her casual style looks even more charming with the right matches. Not only appearing minimalist, Lesty Kejora also dared to appear statement with a gold top and a statement model veil. Top Fashion

1 Lesty Kejora’s casual style looks increasingly stealing attention with sunglasses and puff sleeve accents on the top.

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2 Lesty Kejora remains enchanting while appearing minimalist with a combination of white and nude clothes. Best Menswear

3 Lesty Kejora is no doubt more stylish in a balutangold top combined with highwaist pants. Timberland Fashion

4 different styles of hijab than usual are enhanced with floral outerwear and pleats accents on OOTD.

5 Look sweet in a dress that matches the veil, get ready to be stunned by the style of Lesty Kejora! Kacamata Rayban

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Ide Mix and Match Outfit Bernuansa Earth Tone ala Helmi Nursifah

Some women like outfits with muted colors like pastels. Apart from pastel colors, fashion lovers also like outfits with earth tone nuances.

Earth tone itself is a color consisting of natural elements such as brown, orange, white, dark green and several other natural colors. If you need an outfit reference with this earth tone color, let’s take a look at 9 mix and match ideas for the Helmi Nursifah style hijab outfit below! Top Fashion

1 Go boyish style, choose a plaid shirt that matches the color of the pants. Simple and very chic

2 Look edgy when hanging out, wear oversized t-shirts that are stacked with shirts. So cool!

3 Knit cardigan and black inner combined with high waist pants can also be your choice for a non-complicated hangout. Best Menswear

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4 Look stylish with many colors, choose a beige outer and a patterned inner with army pants. For the hijab, choose black

5 Mixing and matching the black shirt that is made into the outer with brown high waist pants makes you look really stunning, right? Timberland Fashion

You can also wear these 6 suits with matching colors when hanging out or at semi-official events. Use sling bags and sneakers to make it even more chic!

7 Look simple and elegant, wear a broken white dress combined with a black vest. Perfect!

8 Need a simple and trendy outfit for traveling? Wear a shirt combined with a vest and culottes. Just right!

9 Wearing an oversized brown shirt combined with white pants can make you look stylish and sweet, you know

So, those were 9 mix and match ideas with earth tone nuances in the style of Helmi Nursifah that you can use as a reference for your next OOTD. Good luck! Kacamata Rayban

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Take a peek at Anya Geraldine’s style when wearing a kebaya, no less sensual!

Take a peek at Anya Geraldine’s style when wearing a kebaya, no less sensual!

Anya Geraldine is one of the Indonesian artists and celebrities who is quite attractive to the public. Not only a matter of controversy, Anya Geraldine is also a hot topic of conversation thanks to her brave sexy style of dress. Top Fashion

Often appearing in open clothes, Anya Geraldine has also relied on kebaya as her OOTD. Appearing manglingi in traditional to modern kebaya, the style is still sensual!

1 Anya Geraldine used a white kebaya paired with a batik cloth as her subordinates. He completes the appearance with a hair accessory.

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2 OOTD to the party, Anya Geraldine wore a new satin kebaya with a brooch accessory on the chest and a traditional batik cloth. Best Menswear

3 More sensual, showing the curves of the body with a nude kebaya paired with batik cloth with high slit detail. Timberland Fashion

4 While writing the caption “Are you ready?” In one of the photos on Instagram, Anya Geraldine uses a classic kebaya designed by Anne Avantie.

5 Looking even more different, Anya Geraldine once wore a luxurious traditional Balinese bridal outfit called Payas Agung, complete with a crown tag called the Gelungan Agung. Kacamata Rayban

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Looking stunning, Billie Elish wears a shirt full of crystals at the 2021 Grammy Awards

Billie Eilish rocked out in style at the 2021 Grammy Awards. She went in her signature style with pieces inspired by punk and skater.

The 19-year-old singer walked the red carpet with her brother, Finneas Baird O’Connell, in a pink, black and gray button-up shirt and matching trousers. Eilish is wearing white sneakers, a mask and a bucket hat featuring the same multi-colored design.

Reporting from People, Monday (15/3) Eilish then changed into a crystal-decorated shirt, matching pants, and a diamond headdress when performing her hit song, Everything I Wanted on the stage of the 2021 Grammy Awards. Top Fashion

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Meanwhile, Eilish was nominated for four categories. Among them are Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Solo Performance and Best Song Written for Visual Media. He took home the final award, for No Time to Die. Best Menswear

Last year, Eilish dominated the Grammy Awards by winning five of the six awards nominated for him. At that time, he wore a green and black Gucci suit with logo-patterned earrings and gloves that showed off his very long green nails. Timberland Fashion

The Bad Guy singer had previously explained the reason for deliberately wearing loose clothes. This was done by Eilish so that people could not judge her body. Kacamata Rayban

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The Return of Gigi Hadid at Milan Fashion Week 2021 After Giving Birth, Slim Makes Pangling

After a five month hiatus due to pregnancy, supermodel Gigi Hadid is back on the runway and how. The 25-year-old diva has once again shown who is running the show with her confident presence at Versace’s Milan Fashion Week fall and winter 2021. She is accompanied by her sister, Bella. The event took place on March 1 in the Italian city of Congress Center Milan and was released on YouTube on March 5.

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The fashionista wowed the audience with her post-pregnancy look. She and her boyfriend Zayn Malik recently gave birth to their daughter, Khai. But Gigi Hadid has returned to the stage giving off her super modeling aura like a professional. Gigi wore a thin dress combined with a black skirt. He wears the Italian Greca label. Gigi Hadid also wore a wig with straight, orange hair which added to the charming factor. Top Fashion

Keep wearing accessories with the child’s initials
Walking on the runway stage again, listen to Gigi Hadid’s performance, which makes him feel overwhelmed. Best Menswear

Gigi also wears a necklace which makes her always remember her child’s name. The supermodel was immortalized by a journalist at Harper’s Bazaar, wearing a gold chain necklace from The Sis Kiss that features the charm of a different letter that spells ‘Khai’, the name of her six-month-old baby with longtime boyfriend Zayn Malik.

On the personal side, the style icon doesn’t really relate to her routine during pregnancy. She did share some photos of the indulgent session from the phase but refrained from divulging intricate details. Timberland Fashion

However, in her interview with Vogue, Gigi clarified that she is not going back to her weight now. Gigi also stated that she is looking for a more stable job close to her son than going to another country. Things have definitely changed for Gigi after the birth of her first child, but what hasn’t changed is her ability to walk the show like a queen. Kacamata Rayban

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Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi’s Most Outstanding Dress, Not Lose From Young People

Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi always looks neat and professional in every appearance. Apart from wearing formal clothes with the theme of monochrome, Retno also likes wearing traditional Indonesian clothing. Top Fashion

As an inspiration for OOTD to dress formally, you can really imitate the appearance of this inspiring woman.

1 Pair a white shirt with black trousers. Then, put on a scarf and belt as a complement. Don’t forget to wear matching shoes

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2 Foreign Minister Retno wore a monochrome midi dress. Its white trumpet collar and sleeve details steal the show! Best Menswear

3 Mix and match the kebaya and batik skirt, which is a mixture of gray and bluish colors, which looks cool. Matches with brooches and black flat shoes

4 This white kebaya dress with a plaid tie skirt looks modern. Looks cute combined with stud earrings and brooches on the chest Timberland Fashion

5 Retno is wearing a black dress and printed blazer. She also wears a white pearl necklace, gold bracelet, and nude flat shoes

6 You can cheat and mix and match this black blouse and pants, here! Pair it with an organza scarf for a stylish look

7 Retno Marsudi wears a white oversized shirt, black trousers, and black flat shoes. He also attached a large flower brooch Kacamata Rayban

8 Cool and stylish like a young child, the minister wore a black vest with floral motifs and a striped shirt. The style is fresh!

9 Look elegant in a long maroon kebaya. He combined it with a batik cloth and a green scarf

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Inspired by OOTD Ala Chorong Apink, Suitable for Hangouts

Spending free time with friends or partners is an activity that is certainly very fun. Visit various cafes, malls, restaurants and many other places to do fun things.

Of course, you need more various outfits to wear to go to these places, not only that. There’s nothing better than clothing that is comfortable but stylish, right? For those of you who have plans for a hangout, check out the following row of OOTD in the style of Chorong Apink, let’s go! Top Fashion

1 Go simple with a neutral color crop blouse and jeans. Wear Converse Chuck Taylor shoes to make it even more contemporary

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2 For those of you who have jumpsuit overalls, combined with a white t-shirt and velcro-type sandals, guaranteed cool!

3 Have boots but confused about matching them? Wear it together with oversized sweaters and boyfriend jeans to make you fashionable Best Menswear

4 Crop sweaters and straight leg jeans are perfect for a hangout. Add your favorite accessories and sneakers too!

5 Sleeveless maxi dress, combined with a plain t-shirt and Converse shoes, you can wear it to a variety of casual and semi-formal events

6 Look casual wearing a black cardigan, t-shirt and Mary Jane flats. Paired with jeans or mini skirts is also okay! Timberland Fashion

7 Use patterned Vans with an oversized sweater and straight leg jeans for a cool street wear look

8 You can use a floral maxi dress and ankle boots to various semi-formal events or hangouts with friends

9 Long pants with plaid motif you can use anywhere. Just mix it with a brightly colored long sleeve t-shirt for those of you who don’t want to be complicated Kacamata Rayban

Those are some OOTD inspirations in the style of Chorong Apink that you can cheat to hang out with friends or go out with. Which are you going to cheat?

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Fashion Kahiyang Ayu and Selvi Ananda charming and Elegant

The names Kahiyang Ayu and Selvi Ananda are certainly familiar to netizens. Apart from being part of the President’s family, this brother and sister-in-law have now both become the Mayor.

What would it be like if the two styles were pitted against? Both often look elegant, following Kahiyang Ayu and Selvi Ananda’s style battles ranging from dresses to kebaya. Top Fashion

1 Equally applied the embroidery dress with flower accents, Kahiyang applied the black tone, while Selvi applied the beige tone

2 Selvi looks elegant with a cape sleeve top and twisted stitches, while Kahiyang wears a balloon sleeve and batik bottoms.

3 Kahiyang looked stunning in a dress decorated with sequins, while Selvi looked stunning in a long dress with white tones. Best Menswear

4 Both wear batik skirts, this time Selvi combines them with a white blouse, while Kahiyang chooses a turquoise kebaya.

5 Both wear the kebaya, Selvi applies the long brocade kebaya, while Kahiyang applies the satin kebaya

6 Kahiyang applies a long kebaya with a Mandailing crown, while Selvi looks elegant in a kebaya, shawl, & low bun. Timberland Fashion

7 A red kebaya with a jarit skirt is worn by Selvi, while Kahiyang looks alluring with an orange kebaya and twisted skirt

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8 Kahiyang looks cute in a pink kebaya and batik skirt, while Selvi, at her wedding, mixes kebaya and jarit

9 Kahiyang wears a jumputan kebaya and a red batik skirt when being showered, while Selvi captures her attention with an orange kebaya and a batik skirt Kacamata Rayban

That was Kahiyang Ayu and Selvi Ananda’s style battle.

Elegant Fashion

9 Visually Enchanting IU in All-White Dress, Goddess of Beauty!

9 Visually Enchanting IU in All-White Dress, Goddess of Beauty!

A long career that has made IU a very popular top Korean artist. Apart from having a good voice, IU is often lined up to be the main actor in a drama. He is a versatile artist and has a cute face. Top Fashion

Transformed into a ‘goddess of beauty’, here are 9 visuals of IU wearing all-white clothes!

1 Not only has a unique and melodious voice, IU also has a cute and sweet image

2 She is even cuter with all white clothes that accentuate her charm

3 Since infancy until now, IU’s face has never changed, it’s still cute and adorable. Best Menswear

4 No wonder he often gets praise from other idols for his talent and visuals in the music world

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5 Not to mention that IU is also good at acting so she does look perfect and talented in all fields

6 Not only talented as a singer, IU also has a friendly nature

7 No wonder he has been able to survive in the Korean music scene for a long time. Timberland Fashion

8 Perfectly matches white, the owner of the real name Lee Ji Eun looks like a charming goddess

9 IU is indeed stunning with her oval face, creased eyes and thin lips

With the white dress the visuals are getting more prominent isn’t it? He is indeed sweet and cute even though he is almost 28 years old. Kacamata Rayban

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9 Wendy Walters’ anti-complicated OOTD, simple and makes you cool!

Familiarly called Wendy, the influencer and wife of YouTuber Reza Arap has not been discussed by netizens. Besides having a charming face, the OOTD that he often shares through his personal Instagram has also succeeded in captivating the hearts of netizens, you know. Top Fashion

For those of you who are anti-complicated, this Wendy Walters-style OOTD is perfect for you to make a reference for your next OOTD. Curious? Keep scrolling!

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1 Look girly but tomboyish, you can wear a denim jacket with a spaghetti tank top, inner and black sneakers. Swag!

2 Mix and match a white blouse with a black skirt to make you look really elegant and chic!

3 Super comfortable! You can wear a patterned piayama suit. This outfit is also suitable for you to wear when leaving the house, you know.

4 OOTD simple to hangout? Wear a printed t-shirt paired with a denim jacket. Wear boots to make it more eye catching. Best Menswear

5 Wearing an all yellow look, it can make you look cute, you know. You can add a bucket head to make it even more chic

6 You can combine the tie dye suit with the knit cardigan. Look different but still make you really pangling!

7 This black jumpsuit is perfect for you to wear when hanging out or on vacation! Simple but still charming, right? Timberland Fashion

8 This checkered suit makes you look really elegant and chic. Use long socks to make it even more perfect!

9 Look sporty, you can mix short pants with a white t-shirt. You can also wear high cut sneakers to make it even cooler

So, that was a simple, anti-complicated OOTD like Wendy Walters, which you can reference for your next OOTD! Which do you like the most? Kacamata Rayban

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6 Mix and Sweaters for a Fat Body

express yourself without being limited. It’s time you don’t need to feel inferior about what you wear. No matter what body shape you have, you will always be beautiful wearing various styles of clothing.

Sweaters are one of the favorite fashion items among women. However, the material which is made from spun wool often makes it less confident to wear it. The swelling nature of the sweater tends to be less suitable for owners of fat bodies.

Eits, don’t get me wrong. You who are fat can still look good wearing a sweater. A line of OOTD from the following influencers can be included in your list of inspiration.

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1 Turtle Neck with a Sweet Outer

The sweet look of this gray turtle neck sweater comes from the plus size model, Estiansyah. Through his personal Instagram account you can see what interesting inspirations are being shared there. Top Fashion

One of them is this sweet simple OOTD. Only by combining a gray turtle neck sweater with a matching outer color, you can look cute and adorable.

2 Gray Sweater with Super Catchy Clutch

Still in gray. You can cheat the cool style of Tanesha Awasthi, founder of @GirlWithCurves. The OOTD inspiration shared by Tanesha has never failed to build women’s self-confidence. Best Menswear

Your body can wear anything without limitation. One of them is a cute sweater with a beautiful accent that manages to disguise the shoulders so they don’t look too wide. You can also combine it with a cute green color that is eye catching.

3 Elegant in a Bright Yellow Sweater

Who says yellow is not suitable for fat bodies? Wear whatever you need without feeling inferior, Ladies. The yellow color here can actually leave a cheerful and firm impression when worn. Timberland Fashion

Choosing a suitable blend like this OOTD inspiration from Tanesha Awasthi is indeed important. Combining a cheerful yellow color with a basic style is no less interesting. Don’t forget to add details to the head so it’s not boring.

4 Beautiful Purple Sweaters and Flower Dresses

Sweaters are not only suitable for closed use, Ladies. This time, you are not only using it as a warmer, but also an interesting combination of a floral midi dress with a sweater as a shoulder protector in the style of Irene Tan.

5 Sweet and Simple Crop Tops

Irene Tan’s always cute style is perfect for those of you who are active and not adventurous. You can combine the simple look this time with a purple crop top and a mini skirt with small flowers. Kacamata Rayban

6 Plain Sweaters with Plaid Skirt

So that your white sweater doesn’t get boring, try to follow Sarah Ayu’s style. You can imitate this woman’s style by combining a white turtle neck with a red and black dominance plaid skirt.

Here you can also add additional accents in the form of a belt to emphasize your body shape to make it slimmer. Also add beautiful boots that help you look more leveled.

Elegant Fashion

Knit outfits are the transitional outfit every girl needs for spring

Winter will be over soon and you are probably thinking about the pieces that will take you to the not too distant future. If that’s the case, look no further than comfortable knitwear.

Dreams by the pool come to life with this Lenni collection

Taken by Brett Rutkowski, modeled by Tamika Fawcett, styled by Lisa Striker, and hairstyle / makeup done by Tess Batchelor, when you see this collection of swimsuits by Lenni, you will fall in love quickly. It is stylish, nostalgic and fully usable for any baby who loves the sun. Made entirely in soft pale lavender, this collection gives us some extravagant vibes with its unique dreamy color palette from the start. In addition, we love the use of ribbed lycra fabric to add texture. Top Fashion

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Update your street style with this Aries collection

One of our favorite streetwear brands is back with a Spring / Summer ’21 collection, and we can’t wait to try it out. Introducing the latest Aries news. Full of square silhouettes, bold details and androgynous statements, everything in this collection looks fresh and bold, without being too obvious about it. For example, this is not a collection that features typical “bold” details, such as leather and chains. Instead, we found that the pattern, silhouettes, unique combinations and style are what give this collection its edge. For example, let’s take a look at some of our favorite pieces. Best Menswear

The feminine details you love shine in this collection by Auguste The Label

We are in love with this collection by Auguste The Label and, after seeing for yourself, it will not be difficult to see why. This collection aims to make you look and feel better when embarking on new adventures and trips. In true Auguste fashion, femininity is never lacking, but with this collection specifically, we love the additions of sweet pastel and vintage romantic florals. Other notable details that caught our attention include scalloped hems, details in buttonholes, straw hats, trendy cheetah print and silhouettes that hang from the body in the most natural and flattering way. Timberland Fashion

15 coolest baggy pants that go with anything

The silhouettes of the wide legs are the pants chosen for 2021, and we love it. They are perfect for our current environment, as they look relaxed, but still exude sophistication. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

The only 10-piece winter wardrobe you need

Contrary to popular belief, your closet doesn’t have to be full of clothes to look stylish. In fact, it may even be wise for you to have a more concise and careful collection of pieces that can be mixed and matched.

The easy summer styles you were looking for from her called me

Photographed by Andrew Gough with creative direction by Monique Robinson, as soon as you see the “Daisy” collection by She Made Me, you will immediately fall in love. Full of boho-inspired crochet, simple silhouettes and delicate feminine details, this is the collection you want on your radar on summer days. It is easy to put on a swimsuit, it is lightweight and very versatile. For example, one of our favorite pieces in the collection comes in the form of a light pink crochet dress. Top Fashion

Collect streetwear-inspired designs for Mischief’s cold climate

Photographed by Jaeryong Kim, this Mischief collection is what you need to see for yourself to fully appreciate. With the incredible styles inspired by the streetwear you know and love about Mischief, you will not be disappointed with this line. Cropped tops, printed bombers, hats, leather and two-piece sets – it’s all here for you. Best Menswear

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Take a trip to Havana in the 1970s with this Bec + Bridge collection

Timberland Fashion, Filled with Cuban charm, this stunning collection from Bec + Bridge specifically aims to capture the atmosphere and vibrancy of Havana in the 1970s. It is lively, bold, bright and full of vitality. There is sex appeal, color and a carefree attitude that are needed for the jet set girl who wears Bec + Bridge. For example, with this collection we find more casual styles that are perfect for wearing as you explore a new city, such as white lace safari dresses and leaf print maxi dresses. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

This costume proves red boots are a must

Neutrals win the cake this season in terms of color, but if you want to spice things up, you need a killer pair of red boots. We love how it expands a simple look and makes it pop. Top Fashion

Feminine style dreams come to life with the LoveShackFancy Resort Collection

Hearts pound through the LoveShackFancy Resort ’21 collection, and once you’ve seen it for yourself, it won’t be hard to determine why. Always serving up some of our favorite ultra-feminine designs, LoveShackFancy is no stranger to this romantic, extravagant, and over the top feminine aesthetic.

Let Reem Accra captivate you with this impressive collection

If you are looking for a modern nightwear that pushes the limits and showcases incredible designs, there is no better place to look than Reem Accra. Filled with luxurious fabrics, flattering designs, elegant details, and little touches that get people talking, the “Embrace” collection is one we want to specifically direct your attention to. In particular, probably one of our favorite details featured throughout this collection is the use of a belt detail that resembles the silhouette of two hands. Best Menswear

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Dive into the ocean with the new Zulu and Zephyr swimsuits

Known for its unique ribbed swimsuits, if you don’t have a bit of Zulu and Zephyr in your wardrobe yet, this collection will likely convince you that it’s time to shop. Designed for Fall 2020, the “Surfari” collection is dedicated to offering some of the brand’s most popular cuts and cuts. Available in a variety of mix and match styles, there is something here for everyone. For example, we have one-of-a-kind pieces that fit the shape with rounded backs, supportive bra-style tops, flattering high-waisted pants, and even a pair of shorts for those looking for a little more coverage. Timberland Fashion

This cool casual outfit will make your weekends better

We found the perfect look to put on your best tailor’s foot this weekend. Just pair a neutral colored sweatshirt with a comfortable faux wool coat. If you stay home, you can wear a comfortable pair of slippers, but swap them out for long socks and sneakers when you go out. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

Stay warm and stylish in a camel coat

If you’re more of a leather jacket girl or a fan of classic blowers, now is the time to add a camel coat to your wardrobe.

Cecilie Bahnsen shows the intersection between luxurious and portable design

For timeless luxury fashion, no one does it better than Cecilie Bahnsen. Each piece of this brand is always designed with the utmost attention to detail with always used luxury materials, combined with a detail that remains unmatched. In particular, we highly recommend looking at the Spring / Summer ’21 collection. Light and airy to suit the season, this collection has a fresh spring air; however, in true Cecilie Bahnsen style, there is always the opposite side of the coin. Top Fashion

An aesthetic designed for all style preferences by Doen

Elevated designs that look sleek, sophisticated, and so usable for your daily life, if you’re not familiar with Doen, you’re about to discover your new favorite brand. Knit sweaters, long sleeve floral midi dresses, easy to wear shift dresses, cool blouses with puff sleeves, your favorite embroidered cardigan and there are many models that you can easily wear and still look amazing, Doen is the brand that does not complicate Fashion.

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Shake up your style with dramatic pieces from the art dealer

If you are passionate about experimenting with style and showing your confidence, you will love the latest pieces from Art Dealer. From feather-lined blouses and cardigans with fun prints to spectacular hair bows and matching night masks, Art Dealer is the brand that ensures you can show off your style. They are not intimidated by color and there is certainly no aversion to bold patterns. Best Menswear

This costume proves red boots are a must

Neutrals win the cake this season in terms of color, but if you want to spice things up, you need a killer pair of red boots. Timberland Fashion

Feminine style dreams come to life with the LoveShackFancy Resort Collection

Hearts are pounding for the LoveShackFancy Resort ’21 collection, and once you’ve seen it for yourself, it won’t be difficult to determine why. Always serving up some of our favorite ultra-feminine designs, LoveShackFancy is no stranger to this romantic, extravagant, and over the top feminine aesthetic. With lace, flowers, bows, and ruffle patterns, LoveShackFancy always takes things further, adding additional colors, textures, drapes, and layers. For example, with this collection, we are seeing a preference for cool pastel tones, heart patterns, cozy fabrics, relaxing clothing, loose dresses, and there is no shortage of silhouettes that embellish the female form, keeping things softer and more romantic spectrum, rather than anything that is overtly sexy. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

A hooded dress leaves a chic and easy winter look

Elegant and simple looks for winter are not always the easiest to achieve with all the necessary layers. However, this influencer assembles the perfect outfit for working at home, doing errands. Top Fashion

Let Bassike capture your heart with this stylish collection for Resort’21

For his daily dose of elegance, Bassike never disappoints. From short tops to oversized suits, Bassike proves that you can mix and match aesthetics for something that looks high and sophisticated, but also fresh and relaxed. In addition, with this collection, we love unexpected details. For example, your standard blazer has a keyhole at the back to give a touch of skin, a simple pair of drawstring pants has a striking pocket detail, a simple knit dress has a two-tone design and a shirt. The simple white dress has a cool western style stitching worked on the design.

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Update your resort clothing collection with new designs from SIR The Label

Ready for retro cuts, bold prints and all the trendy swimsuits you could want in your wardrobe this summer? If you answered yes, you should consult SIR The Label’s Resort ‘21 campaign. Always dedicated to providing clients with youthful designs that look fresh, feminine and trendy, falling in love with Sir The Label designs is never a challenge. In particular, with this latest collection, we love its versatility. Attracting women of all body types and style preferences, this is a brand that clearly values ​​inclusion. Best Menswear

The modern romantic pieces you need now

Want to add a touch of modern romance to your wardrobe? Try these more feminine pieces, from lace blouses to dresses adorned with bows and blouses with puffed sleeves. Use them for work or as part of your night outfit to maintain sweetness throughout the winter. Timberland Fashion

Hold on to these super stylish thick knit scarves

Winter fashion is all about layers, and thick knitted scarves are the easiest way to keep warm and look stylish at the same time. You can tuck one over a leather jacket, a tailored wool coat or even a number of fake fur to add some dimension to your look. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

Soak up the sun with the Arnhem Sunset Avenue Collection

If patterned bikinis, airy dresses and lots of beachwear sound like music to your ears, you will fall in love with what Arnhem has to offer in your latest campaign. Titled “Avenida do Pôr do Sol,” you probably won’t be surprised to find that this collection is perfect for days filled with vitamin D, sea breezes, and lots of sand. Following Arnhem’s preference for wearable bohemian design, these pieces ensure that you dream of your next beach vacation. Top Fashion

Look and feel your best in the Resort 21 collection from Three Graces London

We love Three Graces London and after seeing the Resort ’21 collection for yourself, you won’t have a problem identifying why. Always serving the most elegant, sophisticated and relaxed designs, Three Graces ensures that you can look and feel your best, while maintaining that naturally relaxed aesthetic for which it is so well known. Best Menswear

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The best style is never lacking at Moussy

Style influencers, listen up: If you haven’t checked out Moussy’s Fall / Winter ’20 collection yet, you’re about to go on a wild ride. Always known for her unique and elegant pieces, Moussy is no stranger to the world of modern design. That being said, even for them, we’d say this collection takes things to a whole new level. Balancing the demand for usable design to perfection while keeping things fresh and unconventional, this collection features the classic details you love, like jeans, easy-to-wear cardigans, classic blazers and custom blouses. Timberland Fashion

18 mesh maxi dresses that go from day to night

Knit maxi dresses are the most flattering trend of winter, and they are one of the best investment pieces to buy now, as they will still be relevant in the spring. Pair them with chunky loafers for a smart casual look and replace them with knee-high boots for an evening outfit.

Costarellos offers a modern design with a touch of Ancient Greece

For an attractive design that always attracts all eyes to you, Costarellos never disappoints. Designed for Resort ‘21, this line shows the feminine elegance with which the brand is so associated. In addition, the designer maintains his preference for bold colors, exclusive cutouts, beautiful curtains and an aesthetic that reminds us of the spirit of Ancient Greece. Not to mention that that haute couture feeling that is injected into each piece further enhances the style of this collection. Kacamata Rayban

Stay warm and stylish in a camel coat

If you’re more of a leather jacket girl or a fan of classic blowers, now is the time to add a camel coat to your wardrobe. We have been obsessed with this warm brown shade, especially when it is adapted to classic clothing styles.