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The leather skirt you should copy now

Timberland Fashion, Leather probably doesn’t come to your mind when you think of summer clothes, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it completely. In fact, we’re looking at this leather skirt that you should copy now. Be simple with a blazer and crop top. Then, wear accessories with warm weather details, like sunglasses and stilettos to make it more appropriate for warm weather.

Update your beachwear with the designs he made for me

Are you obsessed with She Made Me? Oh believe us, once you get familiar with this brand, you will never go back. All about crochet, swimwear and a relaxed beach aesthetic, this brand incorporates everything that represents an Australian summer. For example, take a look at the “Love Note” collection to get an idea of ??the brand’s aesthetic. Whether you’re attracted to a printed babydoll dress or a fuchsia crochet bikini that catches your eye immediately, we can identify you as a She Made Me collection. It’s feminine, beachy, and most importantly, relaxed while keeping a premium feel . In fact, speaking of high quality, remember that all crochet is handmade by local artisans, making each piece unique and made with love. For example, have you noticed the multicolored crochet midi dress? Made in a colorful horizontal stripe pattern, this piece looks great for the beach, but we can also picture it dressed in wedges, clutch bags, and a bit of lipstick. Top Fashion

Your ideal Loungewear outfit is waiting for you on the desert road

If there’s one thing we can always trust on The Bare Road, it’s great leisure wear. While we obviously love all the collections that come out of this brand, the “Lounge” collection looks particularly swoon-worthy for its perfect blend of ease of use and chic style. In other words, these are the salon pieces you can trust to keep you comfortable and relaxed, but you will also be happy to know that you will be chic and sophisticated in each of these pieces, despite their more relaxed feel. For example, some of our top options include oversized drawstring sweatshirts in breathable cotton, casual slate gray knit sweaters, ultra-relaxed one-shoulder shirts, and cropped sweaters with trendy balloon sleeves for that extra hint of something special. . Also, remember that the entire collection is done in a neutral color palette, with no prints or patterns shown anywhere. While this may not suit all style preferences, the abundance of neutral tones seems an excellent choice for such an affordable collection. Because yes, this collection from The Bare Road is definitely accessible to everyone. Take it yourself and we’re sure you’ll agree. Best Menswear

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Embrace your sexy side with Frankies Bikinis women’s swimwear

Continually reinventing the bikini, Frankies Bikinis’ Heavenly collection lives up to its name. Dreamy, romantic and full of the sex appeal we have come to expect from this brand, this collection is sure to make you daydream of enjoying all the sunshine on your next vacation and at the same time looking like a beach goddess doing this. And let’s not forget to mention that if you are a fan of the pink color, you will be even more obsessed with this version. Made entirely in a color palette of white and pink, there’s no question about the feminine touch this fall. However, keep in mind that if you’re conjuring overtly feminine design images that look childish, that’s not what you’ll see here. Frankies Bikinis instead gives the collection its feminine touch with the addition of pink; however, with string styles, barely noticeable bottoms and thigh-high cuts, this collection is anything but childish. Instead, it’s feminine sex appeal at its best. Not to mention we love the use of textured fabrics and pink cloud prints to help break up all shades of pink. Enjoy everything Frankies Bikinis has to offer and get comfortable with your feminine side. Kacamata Rayban

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10 Easy Athleisure seems to take you for the rest of the summer Part 2

6) Back to black

Even between sweatpants and sweatpants, there is something about black from head to toe that never fails to look sharp and organized. A black sports bra, sweatpants and even black sneakers offer that street style aesthetic. Add to the atmosphere with mysterious sunglasses and a baseball cap in contrasting colors. Timberland Fashion

7) Tie-Dye

Top Fashion, On the other hand, a little color in your athletics brightens the mood and is fun to use! Tie-dye is definitely back in fashion this season and is a really fun way to add more interest to your everyday looks. And while the tie-dye is casual, you can definitely dress it up with some chain jewelry and sunglasses. We love this basic top with solid colored wool shorts.

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8) tracksuit

If you are simply entering the world of athletics, the combination you can’t go wrong with is a classic tracksuit. Note that not all sweatshirts are made of this thick, cozy material. For something lighter, try adding some mesh jogging pants to your collection or you can try a short set. Best Menswear

9) Leather layers

A little leather helps a lot to improve an outfit and make it more fashionable. We love this combination of an oversized leather shirt with a short shirt and biker shorts. As we are quickly approaching August, we also appreciate that you can wear this perfectly matched outfit in the fall.

10) Dress up

Finally, why not leave the house and get dressed while exuding that cool athletic vibe? There are so many coordinated knitting sets on the market that they look easy, yet sophisticated at the same time. We recommend choosing neutrals, as they naturally look more expensive. Then add your favorite heels, trendy earrings and a necklace that stands out at the top. Pulling your hair back and adding a little makeup helps a lot to enhance that look. Kacamata Rayban

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10 Easy Athleisure seems to take you for the rest of the summer Part 1

In recent years, athleisure has found a permanent place in the fashion world. This, coupled with the fact that many of us were forced to spend an unusual amount of time at home, caused sports pants to take over our lockers. It is an understatement to say that the atmosphere has redefined contemporary style as we know it. And what is not to love? Sweatpants and biker shorts, among other cozy pieces, are a little precarious and even provide this out of order model aesthetic, where your clothes look easy and hassle free. However, there are definitely tricks to making sure it doesn’t look like you just got out of bed. Timberland Fashion

1) monochrome

Top Fashion, We advocate a neutral monochromatic fit. Bonus points when it’s cozy and stylish at the same time. If you are shopping for food or dinner, this outfit is a must. White t-shirt, sweatpants and socks look so crisp and clean when used together. You can continue this outfit until the fall, wearing a tailored jacket to add a little sparkle. Best Menswear

2) Biker shorts

Biker shorts definitely helped to bridge the gap between the gym and casual clothing. They have a high waist and really fit your curves in the right places, making them the most cozy and flattering outfit. Combine your biker shorts with a tank top, oversized t-shirt or shirt for a summer outfit. One of the ways fashion girls like to wear shorts is to wear a blazer. This is an easy way to get this piece of the gym moving.

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3) Cut out cardi

One of the most popular pieces this spring and summer is the cardigan, which goes very well with the most comfortable sweatpants. A tighter blouse like this really helps to balance the loose fit of your sweats. Continue to maintain the feminine look with gold hoop earrings or layered necklaces.

4) Tennis court vibrations

We’re still going crazy because of the pleated tennis skirt. This cute vintage piece will give you that athletic, casual vibe in disguise, and no one needs to know if you’re really on the court. Keep it simple and modern, with light and neutral colors, a hooded sweatshirt or oversized sweatshirt and stylish sneakers. Kacamata Rayban

5) Every 90s with a twist

Get inspired by what a high school student would have put on P.E. in the 90s: long shorts. Add a modern touch by wearing a large white T-shirt and shirt. The light colors work together to keep it elegant and not basic. Accessories can also make a big difference, so don’t avoid high-end sunglasses and a structured bag.

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17 blouse tops to wear with your favorite jeans 2

The modern way to wear a polka dot dress

Do you need a modern way to wear a polka dot dress? Get inspired by Vanessa Hong and dress her with the classic Vans sneakers, a fabric bag spacious enough to hold everything you need and thick gold rings. This simple combination of outfits is guaranteed to elevate your daily style Like Timberland Fashion

Fresh and glamorous summer swimsuit by For Love & Limões

Top Fashion, Do you feel attracted to women’s swimwear that stands out from the ordinary swimwear? If you answered yes, we have the feeling that the For Love & Lemons Spring / Summer ’20 collection was created with your style preferences in mind. Above all, there is no lack of details with floral prints and ruffles. In fact, matted details are present in almost every part of this program. Some of our favorites include a white bustier blouse with curled edges and matching white curled trousers, a piece with black eyelets with a backless design and waist with a flattering belt and a tropical pink floral number with white lace and white blouse. necktie. As you can probably say, For Love & Lemons didn’t hide anything when it came to those glamorous and feminine details. Also, if the swimsuit isn’t on your list of summer summer items, you’ll be happy to see that many of these prints and colors have been translated into swimsuits and elegant covers. For example, we love the tropical floral print made in a ruched mini dress with thin sleeves.

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Torn edges and deconstructed designs make a statement in this Wen Pan collection

Full of deconstructed pieces, rough edges and asymmetrical shapes, this Spring / Summer 2020 collection by Wen Pan is inspired by the idea of ?? abandoned family houses in Shanghai. Whether we see it through torn floral “backgrounds” or designs that seem “ruined”, this collection must be tough and delicate at the same time. But how does something so raw and distressed end up smooth and delicate? Wen Pen achieves this through a soft color palette, floral print and plenty of coverage. If this collection were made of black or heavy fabrics, it would probably end up feeling a little more Gothic or inspired by grunge, mainly due to the use of the blanket exposed everywhere. So while these overly deconstructed pieces may not be exactly what you’re used to seeing on a normal day, they fill a more artistic gap in the fashion industry. And therefore, keeping this in mind, if the idea of ??a ripped button made of various fabrics combined with an asymmetrical torn skirt seems something you might be interested in, we advise you to take the time to take a look at this powerful collection. by Wen Pan.

10 beautiful swimsuits for your next vacation

Summer is an endless battle to try to fight the heat, resulting in several days spent at the pool or perhaps several long weekends at the nearest beach or lake. Anyway, we tend to spend a lot more time outdoors to catch some rays and get some fresh air. With this carefree lifestyle in summer, you will want to combine a wardrobe. Fortunately, swimwear has come a long way and there are many different styles to play with. Best Menswear

Add something special to your wardrobe with Neul

Based in Verona, Italy, if you want to add something special to your daily wardrobe, we can’t wait for you to become familiar with Neul. All about shaking your wardrobe every day with special details, color patches and unique silhouettes, Neul shows us that coloring outside the lines doesn’t have to be overly dramatic or shocking. Instead, it can be just a little touch of style here and there to create something unique. Remember, however, that each piece is always designed with the classic design in mind. Neul wants to create designs that remain timeless and can be used season after season. The result is something special and unique, but also timeless and practical. The best of both worlds, right? Take a look at the latest lookbook to see how it looks. For example, we love the combination of a two-tone midi skirt made of faded coral and aqua green, with an elegant white wrap top. On the one hand, the pops of colors in the midi skirt make this outfit special, but on the other hand, a classic white wrap top is classic and something that never goes out of style.

Hellessy takes us to another world with this exciting collection

Whether it’s a scottish pants suit, gingham, tulle skirts, luxury velvet or modern one-shoulder details, there’s no denying that Hellessy did it all with her Fall / Winter 2020 collection. But, in fact, if you already know this brand ready to wear, it probably won’t surprise you much. Hellessy takes care to offer declaration styles that go beyond the norm, in addition to being easy to use for everyday life. Remember, however, you will need to have a modern and elegant enough life for this label to suit your lifestyle. Of course, jeans are not exactly revolutionary, but when designed with patchwork made with a black and white bird print, the jeans end up feeling a little more special and unique. This is especially true when the jeans are paired with a top made with the same combined bird print. In addition, the silhouette and the construction of the upper part also look a little different, presenting us with a new interpretation of the surrounding upper part (you need to see this to understand). Kacamata Rayban

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17 blouse tops to wear with your favorite jeans 1

Timberland Fashion, Now is the time to embrace all things romantic and airy, like tops and light blouses. This feminine and dreamy piece can quickly transform your look into a casual day, if combined with your favorite jeans and espadrilles. We love the elastic fit as it is not only flattering for all body types, but is ideal for al fresco dining or a busy day outdoors. Buy from 17 beautiful options below.

Show your unique sense of style with Kye’s bold appearance

Are you excited to see the latest news from Kye? Well, you should be, because this latest lookbook offers the best of program style. With everything from electric influences of lime green and the west to ghost prints and corsets, this collection makes you guess from start to finish. Even something as simple as a buttoned collar dress undergoes the Kye treatment, adding an exciting lavender explosion, as well as lace details scattered throughout the dress. Hey, if you’re looking for more relaxed styles, you’ll be happy to see oversized graphic shirts, sweatshirts, distressed jeans, grandfather-style cardigans and even a pair of trendy biker shorts made with cheetah prints. Yes, this gap looks almost everywhere with its colors, prints and details, but that’s what makes Kye so exciting. They do not hold back and are not afraid to do so when it comes to making a statement. Keep an eye on you with the latest news from Kye. Trust us, you won’t be able to join the crowd with these useful pieces, that’s for sure. Top Fashion

Lorenzo Serafini’s philosophy brings a dramatic, vintage-inspired style to pre-fall

It is no stranger to an exaggerated style, dramatic details and bold silhouettes; it is impossible to ignore this pre-autumn ’20 collection of Lorenzo Serafini’s philosophy. Characterized by a high western style atmosphere, this collection is in line with the luxurious aesthetic for which Lorenzo Serafini’s philosophy is so famous, but inserts small details to give the collection a nostalgic aesthetic. For example, you’ll find hints of jeans, ties, braided belts, fringed leather jackets, lace collar, vintage-style silk, blouse with bib and burgundy leather, all in evidence. Also, remember that, if it were not obvious in this list above, the feminine style is never short of the philosophy of Lorenzo Serafini. Be it silk, flowers or lace details, if you are not interested in adding a feminine touch to your wardrobe, this collection may not be your choice. Lorenzo Serafini’s philosophy dresses women so that they feel feminine, chic and sophisticated, while also adding an element of play to prevent things from looking obsolete. Best Menswear

Monse is inspired by an unlikely match in this pre-autumn collection

Inspired by Hugh Hefner and men’s clothing from the 80s, this Monse collection is a collection that everyone should see. Rich in deconstructed tailoring, rich jewel tones and fluid silhouette, this collection ends up looking masculine and sexy at the same time. Monse accomplishes this by highlighting the masculine inspiration, such as jackets, pants and a lot of gray plaid, but you won’t find a lack of leather and a flattering fit throughout. For example, one of our favorite pieces comes in the form of a black structural suit. Made with mesh panels, asymmetrical neckline and enveloping construction, this garment is elegant, feminine and sophisticated, but also modern and sexy. Other notable styles include double-breasted blazers used as suits, polka-dot plaid pants, vertical black and emerald pants and dark blue white polka dot jumpsuits. And yes, if you are thinking that polka dots, blankets and stripes sound like motifs often present in sleepwear, you would be absolutely right. As mentioned at the beginning, this collection was inspired by Hugh Hefner, who was often presented in a silk dressing gown.

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Outstanding designer – Nazanin Rose Matin brings new meaning to resort wear

Nazanin Rose Matin graduated from Central St Martins and women’s clothing at the Royal College of Art with a postgraduate impression. He started his career working with Alexander McQueen in London and then spent several years in Paris honing his style and creativity with Christian Lacroix, Celine and Kenzo. His collections combine influences from his coastal education in southern England with time spent in London, Paris and California. The juxtaposition of natural coastal and London landscapes and the heady energy of Paris’ creativity profoundly shaped the designer’s perspective. Through the use of his original prints and fabrics, together with simple and sophisticated silhouettes, he creates a high-end clothing brand that can be worn day by night for the free-spirited citizen who seeks explorations and adventures around the world. Kacamata Rayban

Fun and young streetwear that you can’t do without Love From Eyeye

Based in Korea, Eyeye is inspired by streetwear. With anything from graphic T-shirts, large silhouettes, gingham print, asymmetrical skirts, tie and t-shirt dresses, this collection definitely has that streetwear feeling we know and love, but it also has a sense of playful femininity. donate I usually see it on a label inspired by streetwear. Streetwear is usually a little more difficult, daring and sporty. Although there are elements of this here, with plaid midi skirts, puffed sleeves, coral buttons and eyelet details, the collection is softened and gives a touch a little more feminine and easier to wear than your common streetwear style. In fact, “relaxed with a fun touch” is exactly how Eyeye describes his aesthetics, and we couldn’t agree more! We love the combination of shirts with logos and modern denim miniskirts. And who could say no to a fun peach shirt combined with a plaid midi skirt? Even something as simple as a pink tie-dyed shirt with jeans cuts caught our attention. Make this collection yourself to see what it is.

Elegant Fashion

The modern way to wear a polka dot dress so beautiful and elegant

Do you need a modern way to wear a polka dot dress? Get inspired by Vanessa Hong and dress her up in the classic Vans sneakers, a cloth bag spacious enough to hold everything you need and sturdy gold rings. This simple combination of clothing guarantees to elevate your everyday style. Timberland Fashion

Cool and flirty summer swimsuit from For Love & Lemons

Are you attracted to the feminine swimsuit that stands out from the medium swimsuit? If you answered yes, we have a feeling that the For Love & Lemons Spring / Summer ’20 collection was created with your style preferences in mind. Above all, there is no lack of floral print details and ruffles that appear everywhere. In fact, the details of ruffles are present in almost all the pieces of this range. Some of our favorites include a white bustier style top with ruffled edges and matching curly white hem, one-piece with black backless buttonholes and flattering belt belt, and a pink tropical floral number with white lace trim and tie top . As you can probably tell, For Love & Lemons didn’t hold back when it came to those flirty and feminine details. Also, if your swimsuit isn’t on your summer and summer item list, you’ll be glad to see that many of these prints and colors have resulted in stylish swimsuits and shrugs. For example, we love tropical floral prints made in a ruched mini dress with a slim puff sleeve. Or how about a similar mini dress made with a hood sleeve and a yellow floral print? Or, hey, if you’re specifically looking for a beach cover-up, look no further than a white buttonhole design with daisy cutouts. Sounds good? Take a look at this drop from For Love & Lemons and you’ll be ready for the beach in no time. Top Fashion

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Torn edges and deconstructed designs make a statement in this Wen Pan collection

Filled with deconstructed pieces, rough edges, and asymmetrical shapes, this Spring / Summer 2020 collection by Wen Pan is inspired by the idea of ??abandoned family homes in Shanghai. Whether it’s a ripped floral “wallpaper” or designs that look “ruined”, this collection should be tough and delicate at the same time. But how does something so raw and distressed feel so soft and delicate? Wen Pen achieves this through a soft color palette, floral print, and many shades. If this collection was made from black or heavy fabrics, it would probably end up feeling a bit more gothic or grunge-inspired, mainly due to the use of plaid that is featured throughout. So while these overly deconstructed pieces may not be exactly what you’re used to seeing on your average day, they fill a more artistic void in the fashion industry. And so with that in mind, if the idea of ??a ripped button made of multiple fabrics paired with a ripped asymmetric skirt sounds like something that might interest you, we highly recommend you take some time to take a look at this powerful Wen Padella Collection. Best Menswear

10 cute swimsuits for your next vacation

Summer is an endless battle to try to beat the heat, ultimately resulting in numerous days by the pool or even several long weekends at the nearest beach or lake. In any case, we tend to spend much more time outdoors to sunbathe and get fresh air. With this carefree summer lifestyle, you’ll want to combine a wardrobe. Fortunately, the swimsuit has come a long way, and there are many different styles to play with.

Whether you are the girl who wears a bikini and walks out the door, or the girl who loves to show off her look with accessories, or even the girl who creates a full dress with her beachwear, we have compiled some outfits from summer bath to give you all the inspiration you may need. Kacamata Rayban

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15 orange dresses to liven up your wardrobe now #2

Timberland Fashion, Inspired by “horrified heroines,” this Peter Do FW2020 collection is full of bold sophistication. Whether it’s leather, capes, blazers, or structured cuts, there’s no denying that this fall definitely has an advantage. However, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all doom and gloom just because we mention horror. While the edge certainly extends everywhere, Peter Do is sure to add a few more feminine details to keep things from looking too dark. For example, the combination of a bubblegum pink blazer, baggy pants, and pleated skirt may seem a bit out of place, but when considering the style of the collection, especially straight hair and dramatic makeup, the aesthetic holds. Other notable designs include a pleated black leather maxi skirt, a cherry red curtain mini dress, a long black blazer with dramatic cuffs and our favorite, a black leather sleeveless tunic that screams horrified heroine. Also, we want to draw your attention to some of the remarkable silhouettes that appear everywhere. This includes oversized bell bottoms, dramatic bell sleeves, pleated skirts and plenty of coverage to give that mysterious effect. At the end of the day, though, this is truly one of those collections that you must see for yourself to fully appreciate. Get on board Peter Do and it won’t be long before you’re there with us.

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Get ready for fall with new designs by Marissa Webb

If you haven’t tried Marissa Webb’s pre-fall 2020 collection yet, it’s time to get on board. With the perfect fall color palette, modern knitwear, and a combination of winter wear paired with higher styles, there’s really something for everyone here. In particular, a light pink suit immediately caught our attention. With pleated pants, a tight blouse and blazers, this outfit can feel feminine, sophisticated and young, all at the same time. And hey, if pale pink doesn’t exactly fit your style, you’ll be happy to know there’s a similar black version, too. Also, if the suits look too tall for your daily life, take a look at the trendy biker sweaters, swimsuits, and shorts for something a little more relaxed. Still not satisfied? Well, you might want to see some of the styles that range between casual and tall. For example, there is a pair of paper bag pants that we can easily see worn, depending on the occasion. And if you’re not impressed yet, we love that the brand is bold enough to give a bit of a camouflage impression to the mix of something that looks rustic, fresh, and perfectly in contrast to some of the most feminine details. Stay tuned for the latest news from Marissa Webb to see what all the fuss is about Top Fashion

Update your selection of jeans with AMO Denim designs

Sure, jeans can be one of the most classic wardrobe staples you can have, but that doesn’t mean your jeans collection has to be boring, for sure. AMO Denim proves this to be true with their summer 2020 collection. With everything from white denim shorts to pale pink jumpsuits, the days when jeans simply meant your favorite pants were gone. Jeans now come in a variety of shapes, forms, and styles. But even if you’re specifically looking for jeans, you’ll be pleased to see that AMO offers pants of various styles to keep things interesting. For example, we have a wide leg cut, a slim fit, a retro ripped style and even perfect white jeans for the warmer months. Also, remember that AMO Denim designs more than just jeans. Staying true to the classic, laid-back aesthetic, you won’t find anything daring or over the top in the collection, but you can find ribbed midi dresses and puffy hoodies. Anyway, if you are looking for pieces that are easy to use and perfectly suited to your everyday lifestyle, we have a strong suspicion that you will find something that you will love in AMO Denim. Best Menswear

Discreet elegance comes to life in this Blanc & Eclare collection

Offering an aesthetic that manages to be modern and classic, if you haven’t seen Blanc & Eclare yet, you’re ready for a royal-style treatment. Designed by Jessica Jung, the brand’s vision is to offer the classic silhouettes and details you love, plus add that extra touch of extra flair to make the piece special. For example, on the one hand, we have classic denim turtleneck sweaters, while on the other hand, you will find cotton miniskirts, structured blazers with puffy sleeves, and mini dresses made with an antique floral print. The contrast in the designs allows you to design your pieces with everything from your regular T-shirts and sneakers, or to wear some platform heels and retro sunglasses. In fact, speaking of retro sunglasses, glasses really are the name of this brand, so let’s take a look at some of their eyeglass designs. With everything from mirrored lenses, shades of pink, turtle patterns, and every shape you can imagine, we guarantee there is a pair for you. Find out more about Blanc & Eclare to prepare your wardrobe for summer.

Update your gym wardrobe with inspiration from this P.E Nation collection

It’s time to improve your gym style with new P.E Nation designs. Always the brand we are looking for in stylish sportswear, this latest collection is no exception. Titled “Energy in Motion,” the lineup is filled with all the pieces of the logo we love, along with bold red pops and all of our favorite athletic styles, including jackets, leggings, sports bras, and even a drawstring midi skirt. Also, we would not say that there is a resonant theme or aesthetic that is displayed throughout this collection. Instead, the collection appears to be following a more organic trajectory, with a wide color palette, designs ranging from outerwear-inspired garments to classic sports pieces, and various prints, including cheetah, star, and plaid prints. Having said all that, because the sporty and joyous feeling goes down the road, the collection still manages to feel cohesive in the most unexpected way. Combine all of this with the talents of models Beti and Priscilla, photographer Jedd Cooney, Travis Bandiera’s hair, Katy Parsons makeup, and Jessica Rolfe’s style. Kacamata Rayban

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15 orange dresses to liven up your wardrobe now #1

There is no denying that colors can affect your mood, so why not choose saturated orange tones? From wavy dresses to elegant dresses, the bold color will help brighten up your wardrobe. We rounded up 15 dresses that you can wear now, but also come out completely in the fall with cozy boots and sweaters. Timberland Fashion

Elevate your wardrobe with these luxury styles from Stevie May

Dripping with a playful charm and a sense of feminine nostalgia, after seeing this Stevie May collection, you will understand exactly why we are so in love with it. Entitled “Casablanca”, this fall before the winter of 20 remains true to Stevie May’s lush nature, which you can immediately understand in the chosen fabrics, tailoring and fashion silhouettes. In addition, the print, texture or color cannot be maintained. In fact, speaking of colors, we are absolutely in love with the chosen color palette. Full of burnt orange, pearl, lilac and creamy white pop, the palette has a feeling of warmth and a little freshness, which works perfectly when you go from cozy autumn to cold winter. In addition, you are required to agree with the press at all times. With its vintage print signature, classic stripes and feminine floral motifs, the print remains easy to use and affordable, while maintaining Stevie May’s elite sense of style. Combine it all with metallic stains, subtle undulations, crochet and a dash of print animal, and this is one of those collections that guarantee to add an unprecedented level of dimension to your wardrobe. Top Fashion

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Add an extra touch to your style with Child of Wild inspired jewelry

La Vie En Noire – This Child of Wild jewelry collection is entirely dedicated to playing with the shadows and exploring the ideas that surround darkness and light. And, in the typical Child of Wild way, you won’t find a shortage of bold new style entering this lineup. Whether it’s gold chains, silver bracelets, snake-shaped necklaces or classic circles, there is a sharp point sensation that hits you in the face without fail. In addition, you will not be able to ignore the sensual feeling that appears throughout this lookbook, showing us that jewelry can definitely add a touch of sex to a dress. For example, blazers are combined with a shirt without a shirt and bold chains, while corset-style bras are worn with leather pants and gold medallion necklaces. Oh, let’s not forget to mention the various stackable rings that are present in almost every look for that extra touch. Trust us, there is a lot to discover with the “LA Vie En Noire” collection, in addition to jewelry. It’s style inspiration from head to toe. Fall in love with these photos of Lexi Haslem and you are one step closer to the inspiration that guarantees the desire to update your jewelry collection. Best Menswear

Henrik Purienne captures Fiorucci’s sunny summer story

As the temperature rises, Fiorucci offers brilliant images just in time for the hot summer season, and they teamed up with super photographer Henrik Purienne to create a breathtaking dive. The label of Italian designer Fiorucci turned his head with his extraordinary summer fall, made by the famous creative director and photographer Henrik Purienne. The evocative collection ranges from embellished classic swimsuits, decisive cut T-shirts and iconic jeans with touches of angel. Highly sought after, native to South Africa, Purienne highlights the great gifts of nature throughout the body of work. In collaboration with Fiorucci, Purienne highlights the sexy and chic tone of the collection. Each piece is full of promises to make everyone feel and look like the goddess I am.

ntricate Design awaits you at Rianna + Nina

If complex prints, vintage details and unique creations resonate with your style, we can’t expect you to know more about Rianna + Nina. In particular, it is highly recommended to take a look at the “Kendima” collection. Photographed by Thanassis Krikis, hair and makeup by Hara Papanicolaou, styled by Vina Neofoistou and modeled by VeroniekGielkens, it won’t be long before you identify this collection as one that stands out from the crowd. Made exclusively with vintage tablecloths between 1940 and 1970, this collection is full of bright colors, embroidery, mixed prints, large silhouettes, fluid fabrics and a dramatic touch. For example, taking a look at some pieces, the printed bucket bags guarantee to embellish any dress, kimonos with floral prints are impossible to ignore and they don’t even make us start to love a bulky blue and white maxi skirt with eyelet detail. Believe us when we say that if you like fashion and design, you will soon be able to identify the beauty and creativity that throb in this exciting lookbook. Combine all this with the fact that each design is handcrafted by specialist Berlin studios and this Rianna + Nina collection is a brand that cannot be beaten. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

22 street style clothes not to be missed in the NYFW autumn 2020 shows #3

The elegant and modern Orseund Iris line you’ve been waiting for

Timberland Fashion, if your eyes haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying the latest Orseund Iris news, today we have a real surprise for you. Entitled “An Evening at Primo’s”, this program offers everything we expect from a collection of Orseund Iris. It is elegant, sexy, modern and clearly luxurious, while being playful and young. Not sure how this match will be found? We elaborate. In this exciting line, the brand does not retain the color. There’s everything from deep royal blue to striking fuchsia, purple violet and even a classic black motif to something a little more chic. In addition to color, the true highlight of the collection comes in the form of silhouettes. There are black mini dresses with open backs, elegant dresses, low-cut tops and striking midi skirts with details in the side slits. Also, we love the use of silk shown all the time. Silk not only elevates the collection to look more sophisticated, but also adds an element of female sex appeal, which is the signature of all Orseund Iris collections. Trust us, if you have not yet fallen in love with all the things of Orseund Iris, they are going to convince you with this dream line.

Enter the elegant world of Silvia Tcherassi Resort ’20

Inspired by the sand dunes, this Resort 20 collection by Silvia Tcherassi is full of exclusive details, beautiful fabrics and feminine shapes that you can’t help but fall in love with. And really, if you already know this luxury brand, it probably won’t be a shock. This is a brand known for displaying personalized styles for the most elegant women. There are no basic jeans or classic shirts here. Rather, it is a matter of stratifying the pieces that seem elevated, dramatic (without being exaggerated) and, above all, directly in the trend. In particular, in this Resort collection, we love the airy silhouettes and the relaxed nature of some pieces. While each piece still looks sophisticated, there is a sense of ease that floats through what is undeniable. For example, there are many airy maxi, flowing caftans and patterned skirts, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this means this is the collection you wear on the beach. The designs are much taller than that. For example, mixed with these fluid styles, there are white dresses, puffed sleeves, checkered jackets and even some collared blouses. In other words, this collection offers the perfect combination of typical resort clothing and more structured pieces. So if you really want to give a sense of style to your current collection, we cannot say enough positive things about Silvia Tcherassi and the latter version. Be yourself to be a Top Fashion

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See all the colorful details of the Mira Mikati SS20 collection

Impressive, bold and full of all the colorful details you love, this spring / summer 20’s program by Mira Mikati will leave you speechless. Not only do we appreciate the willingness of this brand to add as many colors as possible, but we also love their ability to provide us with details that look beyond and beyond, while managing to make the collection wearable. Remember, however, if you are a person who generally doesn’t like a fun style, this collection may not be right for you. There are saturated blue jackets made with colored details of fringes, rainbow crochet, embroideries reminiscent of children’s drawings, complete suits made of plaids and even some impressive dramatic numbers that really contribute to this sense of unconventional style. Of course, once you look away from all these bold elements, you will also find that the designs also take into account elements such as shape and silhouette to help mitigate some of the wildest details and elements. Trust us, if you haven’t seen what Mira Mikati has in store for this latest collection, you’re going to be surprised. Best Menswear

This spring color scheme is all we want to use

Whenever we feel uninspired while getting dressed, we look to Instagram to help renew our style. This morning, we saw Chriselle Lim using a super stylish color scheme that is worth copying. Although the olive can be considered neutral, it is modern and fresh when combined with light brown accessories. Use this chic color scheme to work with sloppy pants and heels or combine them with flat sandals over the weekend.

Let your elegant sense of style shine with Ba & sh

We understand that you are a woman who appreciates high quality design, classic cuts and a sense of chic style. That said, if you haven’t yet had a chance to see Ba ??& sh’s Spring / Summer ’20 collection, you’ll be missing out on pieces that mimic your ideal sense of style. Always offering a sophisticated style that looks easy, this line guarantees to take your wardrobe to a whole new level. Full of perfectly tailored pants, thin dresses, easy-to-wear button blouses and classic jeans, this collection has all the basic items in your wardrobe. For a day, wear short jeans with an easy-to-wear shirt combined with a chic waistcoat or wear it during a night on the town in a black dress with side slit details. Hey, if you’re looking for styles that are more in the middle of the street in terms of aesthetics, there are many pieces that can be worn up or down. For example, a floral maxi dress can look high when worn with heels and a detail with a belt; However, you can also throw a cool denim jacket over the dress and automatically feel more dressed. That is, wear a personalized blazer with your favorite white shorts and the appearance immediately gains a more sophisticated touch. At the end of the day, regardless of how you choose to model your Ba & sh pieces, there is one thing that always remains true: you will be fine. Kacamata Rayban

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22 street style clothes not to be missed in the NYFW autumn 2020 shows #2

Learn a classic beach outfit from the SU Paris Resort collection

Timberland Fashion, If you are the type of woman who falls in love with luxury beachwear, this latest collection from SU Paris will drive you crazy. Specializing in sophisticated resort clothing for women most concerned with fashion, the Resort ‘20 collection not only offers the high style we expect, it also brings a sense of classic sophistication to the designs we love. For example, with this specific collection, you will find that most designs are done in black and white contrast, which always manages to add a sense of sophistication to any collection. However, in addition to color, we also like the use of printing. Although none of the prints are very bold or daring, the stripes shown everywhere contribute to the feeling of classic style that we are excited about. And, of course, in any collection of beachwear, you always need the tropical floral prints that YOUR delivery offers. In addition, the silhouettes shown remain aligned with the effortless beach feel. For example, the highlight is that the ever popular kaftan makes a frequent appearance and who could resist a kimono-style jacket combined with a swimsuit? Certainly not us. If you are on the same page, check out all that SU Paris has to offer for an instant classic style lesson.

The combination of classic clothes that never goes out of style

Top Fashion, As spring approaches, we are more than ready to save bulky coats and darker palettes, rather than lighter layers and colors. We love this classic and refined outfit that works every day of the week. Relaxed jeans may be our favorites on the weekends, but they contrast with a camel coat and a button blouse for an outfit that strikes the perfect balance between casual and cool. Finish with a silk scarf.

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Cool leather pieces you can wear during the spring

Be the star of the show in this Rotate collection

Always to serve dramatic styles with bold details, the Rotate collection by Birger Christensen Pré-Primavera ‘20 is a must. Full of colors, voluminous, metallic sleeves, sequins, silks and prints, your eyes will not know where to start. And really, if you already know the styles that come out of Rotate, this is probably not a big surprise. Spinning always brings us styles that we can trust to make us feel like the star of the show. For example, with this latest release, we have ruched cream mini dresses, black sequined pants, metallic pink dresses with structured shoulder details, zebra print, purple floral midi dresses with bulky sleeves and one of our personal favorite pieces. , an emerald green and black top that goes very well with elegant pants. In other words, if you are ready to organize your party and let people see your dramatic sense of style, Rotate is the brand for you. Best Menswear

Enjoy summer days with new designs from The Bare Road

In order to provide customers with quality pieces that will last a lifetime, The Bare Road’s “Summer Haze” collection ensures that you dream of lazy and misty summer days. Offering that effortless signature feel with a refined sense of ease, this collection is made of lightweight fabrics, a relatively neutral, seamless color palette and with only a small amount of detail. At The Bare Road, instead of relying on something very flashy or dramatic, they let the female silhouette do all the work. Be it a peplum, a flowing skirt or an exclusive backless dress, there is no denying that the feminine sensation hits everywhere. In addition, however, we also cannot help but fall in love with the style of the collection. Whether it’s relaxed hair, big parasols, scarf ties or fresh natural makeup, everything about this collection is easy and relaxed. And with that in mind, if you’re ready to embrace the hottest days, keeping everything fresh and natural, this collection from The Bare Road was designed with you in mind. Kacamata Rayban

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22 street style clothes not to be missed in the NYFW autumn 2020 shows

Timberland Fashion, Find out how the fashion circuit is doing street style as the fashion shows kick off the catwalk shows in New York Fashion Week in the fall of 2020. From bold outerwear to beat the New York winter to bright pastel shades For spring, feathered accents and props, these are our 22 favorite NYFW street-style outfits.

Enhance your style by taking inspiration from the Forte_Forte spring collection

Are you ready for a wardrobe update? If you nod in advance, there is no doubt that you have to see the latest Forte_Forte collection. Designed for spring, the brand offers all those fantastic spring details that we love: a palette of light colors, trendy flowers, soft draperies, delicate details and lots of feminine style. Of course, if you know something about Forte_Forte, you know this isn’t just your standard spring fashion collection. This is a brand that is known to do everything possible when it comes to paying attention to unique details and styles. For example, some of our favorite pieces in the collection include a mini dress with a blue collar and a flattering belt; a casual denim dress with buttons on the front; an Aztec print jacket made in an oversize size; a pair of high-waisted Scottish trousers; a cherry red dress made with elegant balloon sleeves and an enveloping design; And, our favorite, a beautiful green midi dress made of chiffon material, deep neckline and kimono sleeves. While all these styles may not seem combined at first sight, in Forte_Forte it is only the style of the pieces. Trendy hats, many layers and a lack of mix and match styles, the key element that unites Forte_Forte is their desire to experiment with style and never play safely. Find out how the brand performs this unique style experiment by examining the collection for yourself. Top Fashion

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Enjoy these feminine details of Clu

Refined, architectural and feminine. If these three words help describe the type of style you gravitate towards, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Clu. In particular, we have the feeling that you will love what they are serving for Pre-Spring 20s. Full of folds, feminine floral motifs, curtains, a palette of soft colors and pieces ranging from the border between casual but also high, this collection is the ideal line to enter your wardrobe for spring. Not only is it completely portable with its casual shirts, windy skirts and shorts, but it has also added style elements that set it apart from its standard fashion collection. For example, there is an exclusive oversized t-shirt design made with a new version of the peplum, curled sleeves and surprising details on the back. Best Menswear

Update your winter wardrobe with these bold accessories

Winter blues can be contagious, so we advise you to bring your wardrobe to life with bright and bold accessories. Whether it’s a pair of pink tights paired with matching sandals or a shoulder bag, colorful objects have the power to inject heat into your winter look. Choosing the perfect accessory can be a challenge, especially when dealing with neutrals, so we’ve put together a fresh and exciting variety that you can buy right now. Kacamata Rayban

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The 30 best Street Style looks of the Paris fashion week autumn 2020 Part 3

How to get 3 spring trends in 1 outfit

Timberland Fashion, This inspiring outfit shows us how to combine three main spring trends in a single elegant look. Start with the classics, like a blazer, but choose updated products such as leather. Then add a pair of jeans with vintage accents: think of the V-panels, the usual painted or washed details. And finally, it incorporates the tank top from the 90s that you probably owned and wore in the past. Now this is a set of clothes that we can keep rotating.

This bohemian-inspired collection from Arnhem will make you dream of the beach

Listen to the ladies: if you are looking for a collection that is sure to inspire your summer wardrobe, you should take a look at Arnhem’s latest collection. Entitled “Flower Child”, you probably won’t be too surprised to find that this collection is full of the ever popular floral print. However, in addition to the flowers, you will also fall in love with the boho style, the rich and saturated shades, the flattering silhouettes and the easy-to-wear looks ideal for a beach holiday. In particular, let’s take a look at some of our favorite pieces. There is a beautifully patterned midi skirt made of dark purple with feminine buttons in detail on the front that we can easily see women wearing while on the beach. Plus, we love floral crop tops that fit perfectly with all your favorite skirts and shorts. And oh, how could we forget that dreamy midi dress with aqua green print made with a slit on the thigh? This perfectly feminine garment, but at the same time relaxed and from the beach, works both for the beach that you can easily dress with your favorite wedges and a little lipstick. Combine all those fashion details with Alice Deren and Alena’s modeling talents, Cameron Mackie’s photography, Tash Tutton and Arnhem Bickley’s style, and this is one of those collections you can’t help but fall in love with. Top Fashion

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You will love these MLM The Label floral dresses

Whether it’s romantic flowers, pretty ruffles or windy silhouettes, there is no denying that MLM The Label has dominated the feminine style with a romantic touch in the mix. In particular, we recommend that you take some time to view the The20 of The Light of Monet Fall / Winter collection. Some of our favorite pieces in this dream launch include a one-shoulder midi dress made of a mix of pale pink and saturated blue flowers, an enveloping dress with daisy print easy to wear, a white mini dress made with eye-catching ruffle details, and probably our favorite piece of the collection, a floral jumpsuit made with shorts and a long-sleeved top. As you can probably only see on this list, this is a brand that loves its flowers. Having said that, despite the amount of floral prints produced, the collection still manages to maintain its sophisticated sense of style. Flowers don’t make the collection too feminine or childish. In other words, we can say with certainty that it is a high alignment that is ideal for women who are aware of their style choices. Trust us, once you see it completely, this MLM The Label collection will keep you under your spell at first sight. Best Menswear

Your daily wardrobe gets a feminine touch from Mille

We don’t like to play favorites when it comes to brands and collections, but this version of Mille is one that we can’t help but put aside. Full of cuffs, poplin, cotton and dramatic female sleeves, this line brings the basics from your wardrobe every day and gives them a great explosion of feminine energy. For example, combine your high-waisted jeans with a light blue blouse with a gathered collar and you will feel much more fashionable than you would if you wore your basic blouse. Or what about the trapeze dresses shown everywhere? While these buttoned dresses may not have much shape or add color, it is that simple and minimal feeling that gives them that sophisticated charm. Hey, what do you think of the cream-colored blouse with wide cuffs, delicate buttons and slightly oversized sleeves? We love this garment to give a slight twist to a classic blouse. Plus, you can always combine it with a classic black midi skirt and heels and everything in this look is ultra feminine. Have we caught your attention? Take advantage of all that this classic and feminine collection has to offer and we bet it won’t be long before you are with us.

The best 12 street style outfits directly from Tokyo

Known for its distinctive style and progressive fashion, the mecca of Tokyo’s urban style is full of stylistic inspiration. From trendy styles to the edgy and unique tastes of fashion, you can find a variety of clothes that can inspire. Kacamata Rayban

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The 30 best Street Style looks of the Paris fashion week autumn 2020 Part 2

Delicate ManiaMania jewelry designs that will make you pass out

If jewelery is in fashion, ManiaMania is an Australian brand that you should know. Known for their meticulous craftsmanship, this is not your basic costume jewelry. This is a brand that designs its pieces with intention. They believe that jewelry is the final symbol of the ornament and when you can maintain a sense of luxury and elegance within that ornament, you can really bring something magical to the table. To get an idea of ??what we are describing here, take a look at the “Amaranthine” collection, photographed by Nick Husdon, modeled by Lexie Smith and designed by Jessica Roberts. With anything from dainty gold rings to beautiful pendants, pearls, and pretty teardrop earrings, these styles automatically transform an outfit from standard to elegant. Not only that, but due to the delicate nature of these pieces, it is easy both layered and to use multiple pieces with one glance. For example, you could easily shake multiple stackable rings, along with your favorite chain necklace and a couple of circles for a combination that looks complete, but not overly exaggerated or dramatic. With that said, if you’re looking to cross the line between minimalist jewelry and eye-catching design, we can’t impress enough at ManiaMania. Timberland Fashion

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Let Auguste The Label take your breath away with these bohemian-inspired styles

Without a doubt, this Auguste The Label campaign will make you dream of a trip to Paris. Filmed in the gardens of Paris, this dream staircase was actually inspired by the City of Lights, and we are pretty sure that once you see it alone, you will be able to capture this inspiration. Whether it’s classic boho feminine dresses or easy-to-wear trapeze dresses, these are the pieces you can wear on the streets of Paris and feel right at home. The designs aren’t too over the top, but they’re not too casual either. They have that ideal blend of simplicity and elegance, perfectly suited for a Parisian-themed dress. For example, one of our favorite pieces comes in the form of a mint green floral dress with a ruffled bodice and simple shoulder straps. Or how about that pink silk dress? Very Parisian! We also know that all midi length styles will come in handy when exploring the streets of Paris, but you still want to keep your sense of elegant sophistication under control. And hey, if the clothes aren’t for you, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a floral wallet that would pair perfectly with any of your favorite pants. And so, with all you have in mind, take a look at the Hana Cross model in these Trevor King photos, and you’re on your way to booking your next trip to Paris. Top Fashion

Fall in love with the romantic details in this We Are Kindred collection

Photographed by Simon Upton and modeled by Alannah Walton and Emma McGowan, if you’re someone who loves high-end styles that look romantic and bohemian, this We Are Kindred lineup is for you. Titled “Boheme Heart,” the Resort ’20 collection seems accessible to ordinary women on the one hand, but on the other hand, they have also added some more surprising details to give the collection that exclusive touch. For example, one of our favorite pieces comes in the form of a black and white wrap dress, made with a red lace detail and a cool high-low construction. While a wrap-around dress may not seem like anything special, it’s the addition of lace and unique silhouette that gives this garment its wow factor. Plus, other exciting details you’ll find at all times include feminine pleats, gorgeous oversized sleeves, gingham, ruffles, paisley print, flowers, embroidery, pops of sunny yellow, and plenty of belted silhouettes for an even more flattering feel. In reality, however, you have to see how the designer, Mariana Didovich, mixed these details to get the full impact of this collection. Prepare to be carried away by an extraordinary range of beautiful We Are Kindred designs. Best Menswear

Athletic styles get a progressive turn from the competition.

Sports stripes, oversized hoodies, mesh panels, tracksuits, and blouses … If this contest lineup doesn’t get you back to 90s sportswear, well, we’re not sure what will happen. Always oriented towards sportswear and functional design, the athletic aesthetic of this collection is not too far from what we expect from this brand, but what we like most about this collection is the feeling of nostalgia with modern details. For example, his standard trapeze dress takes on a new life when a nylon apron is added to the design, along with oversized square pockets that look very military-inspired. However, despite the fact that we launch words like sports and military inspiration, there is still a feminine feeling that is making its way in this lineup. For example, feminine sleeves are added to a basic top, white denim comes with a nice tie belt, and even sweatpants are made more feminine with their very flattering high-waist silhouette. Complete it all with the talents of photographer Bowen Arico, stylist Megha Kapoor, model Lily Nova, and Samantha Patrikopoulos’ hairstyle / makeup, and you’ll soon want a new streetwear in your life. Kacamata Rayban

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The 30 best Street Style looks of the Paris fashion week autumn 2020 Part 1

Timberland Fashion, Moving from Milan, the fashion week has arrived in Paris, the fashion capital of the world. With performances by important fashion houses such as Saint Laurent and Dior, street style stars shine on the streets of Paris. You can expect vibrant prints, elegant classic Parisian looks, urban-inspired progressive outfits and trendy clothing. Check out our top 30 from Paris Fall 2020 fashion week.

15 little white dresses we wanted for spring

There is nothing more exciting than changing the season and changing your wardrobe from winter to spring. Get ready for the next season with white dresses that you won’t have to think too much about style. You can use them for work days, holidays, dinner dates and more. We can’t wait to combine ours with lace-up sandals, a straw bag and a sun hat. Top Fashion

Rue Stiic transmits vintage-inspired vibes with its Barbara collection

Best Menswear, Filmed by Jason Lee Parry and modeled by Sarah Holt, you will fall in love with the “Barbara” collection on Rue Stiic. By channeling the perfect amount of femininity mixed with a pinch of female genius, this is a collection that you can shake with total and total confidence, knowing that you are in the latest trend while making statements. Because really, with the number of designs printed in this collection, it is very difficult to merge with the crowd. In particular, small-scale floral prints throughout seem to be the main theme at all times, which we love for a touch of vintage nostalgia. In addition, other items that we can’t help but love are the bare shoulders, the beautiful sleeves, the cheetah print, the matching two-piece clothing, the fresh linen, the deep necklines and you will even find wrinkles eye inspired by traditional men’s clothes. for a hint of something that seems a little more structured. In fact, what stands out in this collection above all else is its ability to adapt to a variety of styles. Bring some femininity to the table by wearing your favorite strap sandals and delicate jewelry, or increase the cool factor with some ankle boots and a wide-brimmed hat. However, with these styles hanging in your closet, there is no doubt that everyone will ask you where you did your shopping.

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Modern romanticism comes to life in this collection by V. Chapman

Think of all the feminine details you love. Do you have them in mind? Once done, imagine that all those details come together in the most elegant way for a collection that is both elegant and feminine, with a touch of playful joy. This is exactly what you get in V. Chapman. In particular, we want to draw your attention to some of their latest arrivals so that you can get an idea of ??how this ultra chic range is born. Are you attracted to dresses made with elegant French blue flowers? Or maybe it’s a midi dress that embraces the body made with romantic peplum details? In addition, we have the feeling that you won’t be able to ignore the super modern cuff sleeves shown everywhere, along with the handful of fantastic white designs made with romantic lace and curled details. There are also baroque prints that really help give that brand a romantic touch. Bottom line: If you have a romantic design in mind, there is no better place to start your search for all the elegant things of V. Chapman. Get to know today. Kacamata Rayban

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The 10 best Bohemian-inspired clothing labels to know #2

Novella Royale

Timberland Fashion, Created by the famous bohemian designer Mary Myers, Novella Royale brings together some of the key elements we love about boho fashion: fluid fabrics, graceful floral motifs and a bit of vintage 70s style. Novella Royale definitely exudes this Boho fashion sensitivity, but a keen eye for fashion will also detect a more refined and sophisticated advantage in all your designs. You can not miss it! We also know that you will love exploring the past views of Novella Royale, so don’t skip them when you go to this online bohemian clothing store. There really is no better example of pure inspiration for boho fashion! The line is impressive. The designs are in fashion. And the assortment is vast. You can also find a costume inspired by the boho in Novella Royale. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed by its wide selection range. Take a look at the Novella Royale collection and find out how all the love for boho style begins to flood your veins. Also, if you are in San Clemente, California, they have a physical location where you can also shop. The best of both worlds? Yes thanks.

Stone cold fox

We hope you love how many of these boho fashion brands are handmade, because we have another one to present! Made in California, any piece you find on Stone Cold Fox will surely make you discover a treasure. Founded by two best childhood friends, this boho chic clothing line is inspired by vintage clothing. When you browse through his designs, you will certainly notice that vintage style that is so characteristic of boho fashion, but you will also notice many modern elements that keep the designs fresh. In particular, the designs of Stone Cold Fox are inspired by vintage lingerie, Jane Birkin and Ossie Clark. Each design is also created to show the shape and shape of a woman. Ou la la, right? We would say it! Being known as a true lifestyle brand, we have no doubt that any boho fashion lover will appreciate these high quality and amazing bohemian designs. Do not you believe it? Find out for yourself and see what we are talking about! Top Fashion

Society enjoys it

You will find many boho fashion brands that give off a beach atmosphere. If you’ve read this list so far, there are no surprises there. And while yes, the Amuse Society definitely has many elements that give off those beach vibes, we also love that there is a rock ‘n’ roll element in the Amuse Society line. Bohemian-style elements mixed with avant-garde elements? Who can say no? Founded in 2014, this is a boho label that is making a name for itself as a line that every boho fashion enthusiast should definitely be ready to go to his closet. From bohemian clothes to rompers, we really couldn’t imagine that there wasn’t something for everyone in the Amuse Society. So what are you waiting for? Embrace the naughty and sexy person and start using the Amuse Society. You’ll be glad you did. Best Menswear

Faithful The brand

Faithfull The Brand is an elegant boho clothing line inspired by the modern traveling woman. Sophisticated and flowing design, the modern jet set is sure to find the boho fashion you like in this online bohemian clothing store. We are pretty sure of it, especially for those women who like to add a feminine touch to their boho style. Think of maxi dresses with floral print, lace details and earthy color palettes. Yes, the boho fashion pieces you will discover in Faithfull The Brand are not only perfectly wearable for travel, but are also some of the most advanced and high quality boho dresses you can find anywhere. When you see big celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson wearing a brand, you know it’s time to pay attention. So yes, all today’s travelers looking for their next boho style outfit, it’s time to listen and look no further than Faithful. They covered you.

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MISA Los Angeles

This is a boho fashion brand that is definitely for the woman who knows what she is doing when it comes to looking after her wardrobe. He knows fashion and is not afraid to experiment and play with his style. If you’re going to shop at MISA in Los Angeles, chances are you also have a good idea of what their style is and you probably already have a strong inclination to wear boho fashion and style. Founded in 2016, this is a fairly new boho fashion brand, but that doesn’t stop MISA Los Angeles from making a name for itself as one of the favorite online bohemian clothing stores on the Internet. Whether you are buying bohemian clothes, blouses or accessories, the boho stylist Shadi Askari-Farhat gives life to some of the most exclusive boho fashion models. It will make all your bohemian fashion dreams come true. Kacamata Rayban

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The 10 best Bohemian-inspired clothing labels to know #1

Top peasants, fluid fabrics and floral prints … OMG! Any ideas we will talk about today? If you guessed the bohemian style, you are absolutely right. If bohemian style is something you are trying to embrace, your wardrobe is already full of bohemian clothes, or maybe boho fashion is not really your jam, we invite you to approach this list with an open mind. You will be surprised to discover an online bohemian clothing store that you may never have heard of and that you may love! And, not to mention, whatever your style preference, we really believe this is a list of labels that every fashion connoisseur should, should, should know. Because really, regardless of personal taste, fashion consists in being aware of various styles and trends. So sit back, relax and enjoy as we discuss everything about fashion.

Hechizo and the Gypsy collective

Let’s start this little list on a high note, right? When it comes to all about boho fashion, there is no doubt that Spell & The Gypsy Collective surely know what’s going on. Founded by two sisters, this gem of an online bohemian clothing store focuses on flowers, women’s style, lace and all vintage. If you are looking for everyday boho fashion, bridal boho or even boho for children, Spell & The Gypsy Collective covers you. Browse this assortment and we know you will want to go to the beach, jump across a field or simply make your Gypsy soul shine. Trust us, adopt the bohemian style of Spell & The Gypsy and find out how quickly you discover the fashionable clothes that transport you to the past and drive your hippy heart crazy. Once you see your line, you will know exactly what we mean. Boho fashion at its best here.

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Pirate loot of Jen

Timberland Fashion, Has boho fashion ever given you the vision to play on the beach, with the breeze of sea salt in your hair and the hot sun on your skin? Yes, there is absolutely no doubt that boho fashion can unleash some important vibes from California dreams, which is exactly what you will get when you shop at Jen’s Pirate Booty. As one of the most famous bohemian fashion designers, once you get your hands on a boho fashion garment designed by Jen Rossi, you really know what it means to embrace the bohemian style. Think about the fashion options of a free-spirited, sun-kissed jet set. Do you have that image in your mind? Excellent. There is the style of Jen’s Pirate Booty for short. Kaftans, fringes, tassels and all the bohemian clothes you can get your hands on, we can’t wait to try this bohemian clothing store online. We have very few doubts that you will fall in love. Love at first sight for someone?


O girl, to improve your boho fashion game, we advise you to browse the impressive and impressive collection of Cleobella. Founded in Bali, this boho chic clothing line is far from ordinary. Filled with clothes, tops, accessories, bohemian bags and everything else (even children’s clothing!), The Cleobella assortment will pump all the hippy blood into you. It may also tempt you to expand your boho fashion sensibility for boho home decor! Yes, Cleobella also has a section in her shop that is specifically dedicated to bohemian home furnishings. We weren’t lying, as we said, Cleobella really has everything that inspired your hippie heart! Oh, hey, we can’t forget to say that if you are someone who really loves the idea of ??artisan fashion, this is definitely the bohemian online clothing store that you should, you should, visit. In Cleobella, each piece of boho fashion is handmade and uses locally sourced Bali materials. When you make a purchase at Cleobella, what you are really doing is buying a real work of art. Talk about win-win-win! What could you expect? Click on this gem from a bohemian clothing store ASAP! Top Fashion

Flynn Skye

It only takes landing on the Flynn Skye home page to know that this boho fashion line is designed in Venice and made in Los Angeles. Who doesn’t love a little European flair mixed with their California hippie vibe? We know yes, and we are pretty sure you will too. It is this combination that gives Flynn Skye a truly unique edge in her bohemian style. Bohemian dresses galore, off-the-shoulder, and jaw-dropping prints are just a few of the boho-style pieces you’ll find when you do a little exploring at Flynn Skye. Oh and well, did we mention that this is a boho fashion line that not only produces beautiful fashion designs, but also specifically creates boho fashion pieces designed for powerful and brave women? In fact, famous bohemian fashion designer Amber Farr founded this boho chic clothing line after her young daughter, Flynn, who lives her life fearlessly. Live your life to the fullest with a little fear and a big smile – that’s the message behind this favorite online bohemian clothing store. And really, who can’t support that message? Let the bohemian style of the Flynn Skye brand bring a little joy to your life. You will be happy that you did. Best Menswear

Sleepwear Cap

Comfortable and Sexy: Those are the two main design principles behind Nightcap Clothing. Founded by the famous bohemian fashion designer, Carisa Brambles, Nightcap Clothing is the brand that will take you from day to night. With everything from your standard day wear to intimate apparel and even boho bridal fashion, Nightcap Clothing has one of the widest selections of boho fashion available. Once again, even with such an impressive selection, Nightcap Clothing always stays true to that perfect blend of comfortable boho style, with a touch of sexy bohemian fashion. This unique boho style is really going to rock your world. Oh, and of course, don’t forget that this is another boho chic clothing line that’s made in Los Angeles. How can you not love seeing so many lines of American-made clothing? Quality and handmade? Is there really something better? If that doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

Women’s spring tops that will instantly turn your head

From the main puff sleeves to the square necklines, women’s spring blouses are in fashion now. After seeing the appearance of this influencer on Instagram, we couldn’t help but get into the trend as well. For a proper appearance during the day, stop it with high-waisted jeans and then replace it with a mini skirt at night. Below, you’ll find 18 of the best spring tops for women on the market. Timberland Fashion

Meet model Irene Kim and her whimsical Ireneisgood label

In a world that sometimes seems like you are determined to make everyone the same, the most challenging act you can commit is to be yourself. And when it comes to the fashion world, that truth applies ten times. After all, fashion is a way of expressing yourself and your individuality, and people look to fashion lovers for inspiration to get them out of style and turn the world upside down. Be it something as simple as a refreshing patch of color in a monochromatic sea, a streak of wild hair color, bold prints, bold silhouettes or just outdated and unique pieces. A little information helps a lot. And if what you’re looking for is authenticity, you’ll feel great with her, model Irene Kim and her magical label Ireneisgood. Top Fashion

unruly hair may look normal today (quarantine and nail clippers?) In 2013, it was much less. According to the story, Irene Kim, who was a model at the time, was bored one day and began to dye her hair in all the colors of the rainbow. The result of this simple action, this simple desire to break away from the mundane and boring of everyday life, was that he not only (unknowingly) coined the term “unicorn hair”, but also started his own hair trend, and as a result , he was instantly catapulted to international stardom. It’s not a bad start, is it?

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But it was not just a casual moment that defined the trend that made Irene Kim the influential and stylist she is today. No, you see, she had established preliminary work long before that viral moment. Growing up as a fashion lover, Irene came of age with a keen eye for good clothes and a taste for style. By crediting her mother and grandmother as her own personal influences in real life, Irene would grow up to become an (accidental) fashion influencer. Raised in Seattle by South Korean parents and then moving with them to South Korea when she was in high school, Irene continued to monitor the fashion world and informally studied the most prominent leaders, fans and bloggers in the fashion scene. people like Susie Bubble, Bryanboy and Chiara Ferragni, to name a few. And a few years later, when it was time to leave for college, Irene chose to study not just textile design at the famous New York Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). She credits her move to New York City for giving her the confidence to launch her own Ireneisgood brand, and when she returned to Seoul to start a modeling and TV show career, she continued to pour energy into her brand, making way for him . great success that she and her brand have become today. Kacamata Rayban

Meet model Irene Kim and her whimsical Ireneisgood label

Ireneisgood is a young fashion brand inspired by the streets, full of magic pieces, fairytale looks and treats that attract the unicorn in all of us. In its few years of existence, it has made great progress. Starting with the official launch of the brand in 2018, Irene Kim solidified her position in the fashion world, not only as a model, or simply as an influential or TV personality, but as a true creative director who is here to stay. . Her appearance can be fun and extravagant, and she may not take herself too seriously (which is so refreshing!), But clearly her work ethic and focus on her business is no joke. Shortly after the launch of her label Ireneisgood, Irene Kim installed some pop-ups in Shanghai and Seoul and, with the ones she used, launched an incredible tennis collaboration with Joshuas in Taiwan that was super dreamy and full of youth culture. . We are talking about thick soles, metallic tones and, of course, no piece would really represent the good aesthetic of Ireneis without the unicorn’s distinctive motif – this one was glued to the laces.

Enter Aje’s dream world with his summer 2020 collection

Taking inspiration from ballet, it won’t take a specialist to capture that super feminine inspiration from Aje’s latest campaign for the summer of 2020. Whether it’s the detailing of laces, bulky silhouettes, soft pleats or wavy sleeves, there’s a distinct feminine feel here that gives the programming a romantic, exuberant and simply beautiful aesthetic. However, remember that while this collection is soft and romantic, it has a big impact in terms of style. We have attractive golden accents, taffeta tie details, clearly crafted two-piece suits, black mini dresses made with exaggerated volume and bold touches of bubble gum. In other words, these are the styles that instantly attract attention for the best reasons. Not to mention, from the beginning, it is clear that Aje uses high quality fabrics and extra attention to detail to elevate her collection beyond anything standard or basic. Combine all this with the talents of photographer Mia Rankin, modeled by Kieta van Ewyk and Britney van der Steen, styled by Rachael Fair and Ashton Eramya, makeup by Isabella Schmid and hair by Julia Homard, and there is no doubt in our mind that this collection will quickly put you under your spell. Best Menswear

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Streetwear direct from Tokyo

Spring style that makes a declaration of L´Agence

Timberland Fashion, Spring has officially arrived, and you know what that means: it’s time to update your wardrobe! In particular, if you really want to add dramatic, feminine pieces that scream spring-style to your wardrobe, we can’t say enough about the L’Agence Spring 2020 collection. As one of our favorite brands for classic feminine styling mixed with hints of drama, this lineup certainly doesn’t disappoint. With everything from sexy and slippery dresses to classic black outfits, casual cardigans and animal print blouses, here’s a style for every occasion. The only requirement? If you’re really going to fall in love with L’Agence, you’re more likely to be someone who appreciates classic silhouettes and elegant details. In other words, while there is no dearth of detail in the details, most of it is a collection for the woman who wants to be known for her good taste, and not necessarily her daring, edgy sense of style. For example, a perfectly tailored red suit with a plunging neckline is certainly impressive, but with its classic tailoring and high-quality workmanship, there is no denying the sophisticated and classic feel of this piece. Even an all-pink jeans set feels elevated when worn with heels, braided belt, and jewelry. So what are you waiting for? See how L’Agence brings this exciting collection to life and we are sure that it will be present with this impressive line in no time.

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Red Carpet Glamor Meets California Haney Facility

Top Fashion, Hi ladies, are you looking for a brand that can help you feel equally glamorous and relaxed? In that case, you should check Haney. Known for its ability to combine the glamor of the red carpet with the ease of California, the Fall 2020 collection brings us cocktail and evening dresses that look tall enough for the red carpet, but there is a very young and fresh setup. in the dresses that separate them from what we usually see. In other words, these pieces are neither traditional nor designed with a larger clientele in mind. Instead, the designs are best suited for women who are not afraid to let their hair down. Even the way the dresses are designed in this lookbook, with fishnet stockings, wide-brimmed hats, and cool waves on the beach, it helps add that youthful sense of glamor. Kacamata Rayban, Looking at the designs, we’re passionate about wearing the one-shoulder neckline branding, high and low cuts, puffy sleeves, sexy side slits, and a rich color palette while still wearing the classic midnight black. Do you love this glamorous night with a dark atmosphere? We think it really helps bring out that younger style that is essentially Haney. If that sounds like an aesthetic you can leave behind, let Haney put you under his spell with all his latest pieces from the Fall 2020 collection. Best Menswear

Elegant Fashion

An elegant tight pant with wide legs

An elegant tight pant with wide legs

Timberland Fashion, It is not surprising that the silhouettes of wide legs are quickly becoming preferred, given their ability to stretch their legs and cut their curved hips. This influencer is offering great inspiration on how to combine loose pants this spring. Although it is quite simple, it certainly makes a statement with the top of the crop embellished. Add sandals and clutch bags for a perfect look to wear every day. Best Menswear

Designer Michael Sontag celebrates the art of seasoning

Designer Michael Sontag sees his work as an entity. Transitions from station to station are based on each other. Your presentations are snapshots without static character. With this approach, the designer confuses the common limits of fashion and creates a separate statement of fashion parameters, such as seasons, trends and age of consumers. This approach is evident in the clarity of their projects; designs that were never designed, but come to life when hung on mannequins. In his current offering, Michael Sontag focuses on dressing. We witness an intimate moment of transformation that determines the appearance of the day in the user’s mood. Here, dressing becomes a ceremony, a game of images and feelings. It gives women unmistakable power. The characteristic of Michael Sontag’s drawings is that we are given the freedom to occupy the clothes and fill them with our individual touch. The choice of these jewels is a special and intimate moment in which we design and bring these new clothes to life with our personal perspective. This potential is most evident in the ritual of dressing. Here the user draws, is strengthened with the help of his clothes and, therefore, determines the effect on his environment. Michael Sontag, therefore, provides us with tools with which we can find our beauty in the playful act of dressing and staging our appearance and its effects. The woman celebrates the chosen treasures in her daily life, instead of keeping them for special occasions; it makes exception the rule and therefore sets new standards in the perpetual fashion cycle. Top Fashion

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Lost + Wander proves that they understand good style with this exciting spring schedule

If you haven’t taken the time to browse Spring ’20 Spring’s “Lost + Wander” collection, you’ll need to scroll down. Bringing us all the details of fashion and feminine, there are very few things not to love about this formation. For some, you will be attracted by the lush color palette, filled with sunny hues such as lemon, watermelon and fresh green. For others, you won’t be able to resist flattering silhouettes, such as high-waisted tie shorts, high-necked blouses, mini dresses, jumpsuits with belts and the ever-popular maxi dress. And that doesn’t even begin to cover all the interesting details that the brand has hidden. For example, there are wrap-around overalls, thin sleeves, peplum, buttons, tassels, ties and lots of ruffles. In other words, when it comes to those feminine details that we know you love, you will have no trouble identifying them in this elegant line. Even the use of the floral motif does not feel exaggerated. Although the flowers are not exactly revolutionary for a spring collection, since Lost + Wander made a great effort to keep the pieces in fashion and stop in other areas of design, they still feel worthy of praise. Check this collection for yourself and we think you can collect what we are describing here. Kacamata Rayban

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The trend of comfortable pants that you want to wear multiple times

The collection of your dreams awaits you at the Art Dealer

Soft tones of watercolors and feminine silhouettes shine in this Pre-Spring 20´ collection by Art Dealer. Have you seen this? Whether the answer is yes or no, this could be a small collection, but it is one of those collections so beautiful that it is impossible not to fall in love. To begin, we are absolutely in love with the cool shades of purple, aqua green and blue, to create a wavy blouse. Comparatively, the dream palette of sage, salmon and lemon works beautifully in a long-sleeved dress and a sleeveless option for the hottest days of spring. Also, if you like something more subtle and don’t want so much color, wait until you see the sapphire blue mini dress. Made with a super thin pink print, sweetheart neckline and halter with belt, you can easily wear this garment up or down to get the best and most versatile wardrobe clamp. Hey, you can even find this design done in a midi skirt with a rhinestone buckle, if that looks more like your style. Regardless, if you are attracted to airy feminine styles with a casual touch, there is no doubt that you will appreciate all that the Art Dealer has in store for you. Timberland Fashion

Viva Aviva reconnects us with nature in this spring / summer collection

Filmed in Lake Tahoe, this Viva Aviva program will make you feel like you are taking vitamin D in your life. You won’t feel that way just for the breathtaking scenery, but the clothes adapt to the scene. Full of bright flowers and pops of lake blue, sunny yellow and fresh green, this collection screams inspired by nature. Make no mistake, because if the sound of nature inspired you to think about camping and hiking, this is not the strong point of this collection. Much more sophisticated, with dramatic silhouettes and bold details, this collection is more suitable for a cocktail party than for a camping trip. For example, let’s take a closer look at some of our most important pieces. There is a bright yellow mini dress with a dramatic ruffle neckline, from which we cannot look away. And don’t even start with the love of a dress with white layers down to the floor, with a sweetheart neckline and carved details. And oh, did you notice the two-piece set made in a multicolored floral? Made with a waist belt, peplum silhouette and wide pants, it is very difficult not to notice it. Conclusion: although this may not be the collection you shake when you visit Lake Tahoe, if you want to bring some of that nature-inspired style to your next event, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this fall of Viva Aviva. You will not regret. Top Fashion

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Vintage-inspired style reinvented by Paris99

Best Menswear, All to give a modern touch to vintage styles: after discovering Paris99, you will fall in love. We will prove it to you. Take a look at the ’20 Spring / Summer line to get an idea of ??what this exciting brand is. First, probably note the grid design shown all the time. what does this remind you of? If you are like us, you probably remember a picnic blanket model, which seems perfectly appropriate for the warmer months. You will also notice that this “picnic” design is not made through the traditional checkered print that we may be used to seeing. Instead, the designer uses a more intertwined 3D design, intentionally leaving a few squares of the design to create a clipping effect. The shapes and cuts change completely, but the combination of the white and dark blue checkered pattern is always constant. The only small variation we have of this comes in the form of two black and gray t-shirt dresses; however, both designs have been combined with plaid print scarves and striped vests to ensure that the picnic theme remains consistent throughout. Combine all that style with the talents of photographers Jin and Dana, models Sherlyn Hersh and Eris Shaver, Mio Okano’s hair and makeup, and we have an incredible collection. Find out for yourself.

Unexpected combinations and bold details never fail

For those who are not sure, we can’t wait to see what Filles A Papa has in store for spring / summer ’20. Bringing us a collection full of rich colors, ultra sensual details and unique combinations, there is an unexpected touch with every stylized outfit in this lookbook. Kacamata Rayban