Indonesian women are known to have various kinds of beauty. Each tribe and region has its own unique and different charm. One of them is a woman who has Betawi blood.

Yups, not only comedians, it turns out that some Indonesian celebrities also have Betawi blood. Existing in the entertainment world, these seven women are also charming, you know. Who are they and what do they look like? Keep scrolling! Top Fashion

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1 Ussy Sulistiawaty is one of the celebrities of Betawi blood, you know. Being busy taking care of your husband and children is no reason to appear as they are. He still looks cool with red lipstick.

2 You must know that Ayudia Bing Slamet also has Betawi blood. For everyday life, this former film star prefers to appear minimalist and simple.

3 Betawi and Dutch crossbreeds made Asmirandah awarded an extraordinary face. It’s even more charming when you hold your child! Best Menswear

4 Not many people know that Zee Zee Shahab has Betawi-Arabic blood. No wonder her beauty is already radiating even without heavy makeup.

5 Getting sexier at 41 years old? Goddess Rezer the master! Regular exercise keeps this Betawi-blooded woman looking fit and healthy! Timberland Fashion

6 Nude lips and flawless skin make Alika Islamadina’s smile look even sweeter. This singer and influencer is also of Betawi blood, you know.

7 From his accent alone, you must know that Ayu Ting-ting comes from Betawi. This 28-year-old sword girl looks fresh when she uses her fuchsia lipstick and combines it with pink blush. Kacamata Rayban