Maharani Kemala is known as one of the young entrepreneurs who successfully started a career in the beauty sector. The figure of a woman born in Bali has also become a role model for many people because of her inspirational story, struggling from scratch to reach the peak of her career.

He is charming and has a high social life, here are some portraits of Maharani Kemala.

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1 This woman whose full name is Kadek Maharani Kemala Dewi was born in Gianyar, Bali on September 3, 1988

2 He is known as the founder of a well-known local cosmetic brand, MS Glow. Top Fashion

3 Wallowing in wealth, no wonder Maharani Kemala is often referred to as the crazy rich Bali

4 His lifestyle with various luxury properties, he often shares on his Instagram account which has 377 thousand followers

5 Even though he has become a successful entrepreneur, many do not know about Maharani Kemala’s struggles, who had ups and downs at the beginning of his career. Timberland Fashion

6 Persistence, never giving up, and hard work have succeeded in making his previously unknown brand become the favorite skincare of many people

7 Thanks to her struggles and success in the beauty sector, this mother of one child was awarded the 2018 Indonesia Women Award. Best Menswear

8 Being a successful career woman doesn’t make Maharani Kemala forget about quality time with family

9 Being a life partner at the same time at work, she often travels with her husband on work visits out of town

10 This charming woman is also known as a generous boss who often gives gifts, including cars for resellers of her cosmetic products

11 Not only with colleagues, Maharani Kemala also likes to share with others, such as during charity events with his best friend, Ivan Gunawan.

Still young, Maharani Kemala’s journey to achieve success as it is today was not without obstacles. He has experienced failure and rose again until he can be where he is. Kacamata Rayban