After one year of dating, Ranty Maria openly announced that she was dating Rayn Wijaya. Sharing romantic moments on personal Instagram, the two seem happy with this love affair.

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Not only did the lover melt, netizens also fell in love with the charm of Ranty Maria. Sweet and feminine styles can often be seen from the way they dress in everyday life. Top Fashion

1 Traveling abroad, Ranty Maria looks cute in her yellow t-shirt, denim mini skirt and sneakers.

2 Ranty Maria uses matching-set and sunglasses for summer OOTD in Labuan Bajo.

3 Ranty Maria appeared elegant girly in a pink satin dress and classic black bag. Best Menswear

4 Ranty Maria doesn’t hesitate to wear a statement with a leopard pattern paired with dangold chain necklace sunglasses. Timberland Fashion

5 contemporary styles in a cropped top, blazer, denim pants and cross body bag. No wonder the lover is still in love! Kacamata Rayban