White shoes always have their own charm. This is because white shoes, especially sneakers, are perfect for all styles and paired with all outfits. You will often find OOTD using women’s white sneakers that are paired with dresses, jeans, to casual clothes.

Sneakers have long been known to be very comfortable to wear on the feet all day. Sneakers will be very suitable to wear on a busy Monday, to a relaxed Sunday to hang out with friends and loved ones. But it turns out, not all white sneakers have a style that is versatile to be paired with many styles and outfits. For that, Beautynesia gives you a recommendation for which type of white sneakers you must have in your closet. The following women’s sneakers, ranging from chunky, bulky, to slim, can be staples of everyday fashion items. Check out the list here!

Alexander McQueen Deck Lace-up Plimsolls

Brand Alexander McQueen once released chunky sneakers that became the target of many people. However, if you miss getting it, you must aim for the latest women’s sneakers on this one. Alexander McQueen’s latest sneaker collection is a pair of plimsolls that are perfect for summer or in places where the sun is all year round. With a clean and minimalist look, these designer brand white shoes are perfect for you to pair with a bright dress. Your OOTD summer look will be complete. Best Menswear

Reebok Club C

The choice of classic white shoes as a choice of women’s sneakers is certainly not to be missed here. The Reebok Club C is the answer to the classic style trainers that people have loved for a long time. Having these white shoes from Reebok Classic will be essential to complete the staple fashion items in your closet. You can wear Reebok Club C sneakers with a combination of loose boot cut trousers, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, or flare pieces with a knit top for the best OOTD look. Get ready for the coolest pose when you wear these shoes!

New Balance 452 White

Who doesn’t fall in love with sneakers from the New Balance brand. This one brand also has its own big fans. If you are confused about which one of the many New Balance sneakers, you must look at the New Balance 425 White Trainers. Comes with details with a mix of various colors ranging from black, pastel, to metal, women’s sneakers from New Balance must be your favorite white shoes. Shoes with a chunky look that can make your legs look slimmer are very suitable to be combined with dresses and pants or skirts. Timberland Fashion

H&M White Trainers

You can also find classic women’s sneaker designs at the fast-fashion brand H&M. White shoes are not always a plain and boring style. These minimalist-style sneakers will give you simple details of various colors on the sole. H&M white shoes will be very comfortable and suitable as everyday shoes.

Adidas Falcon

These sneakers from Adidas have a striking appearance with chunky soles, so anyone who sees them will know that these white shoes are the Adidas Falcon. Even though they have a chunky look, these women’s sneakers can definitely be a classic white shoe option that you can combine with various outfits and make your style different from the others. Have you got these white Adidas Falcon shoes yet?

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Adidas Yung 1

Comfortable and stylish are the right words to describe these sneakers from the Adidas brand. White shoes that are a favorite item in the Streetwear Fashion Week display can be an investment in fashion items without season restrictions. These women’s sneakers from Adidas will also be the perfect friend to spend the weekend traveling or hanging out.

Puma Cali Star

Puma’s Cali Star sneakers are a great choice for women’s casual-style sneakers. If you want to show off slender legs, look more stylish with these white Puma Cali Star shoes. Just pair it with your favorite fitted, slim, or skinny pants for a slim straight leg look. Wearing Puma Cali Star shoes will also make your cool look easier anytime. Top Fashion

Converse Chuck 70 Classic High Top

The classic choice of sneakers loved by billions of course goes to the Converse brand. Starting from teenagers, adults, to middle-aged people have definitely owned one Converse shoe. You can wear these white sneakers until they are damaged, have holes, and are scuffed; and you will still love him. You can make these Converse Chuck 70 Classic High Top women’s sneakers for various relaxing and fun moments. Have Converse shoes been your wishlist?

Nike Air Force 1

The classic options for white shoes are endless. These Nike sneakers are definitely the target of many people. Nike Air Force 1 can be your favorite women’s sneaker item forever. This bulky appearance is a favorite of many people to look classic and cool. These Nike Air Force 1 shoes are perfect for you to wear in windy or colder seasons because these classic sneakers will embrace your feet so they are warmer. Kacamata Rayban

Adidas Stan Smith

Anyone who wears Adidas Stan Smith sneakers will stand out more. These legendary and classic tennis shoes have a high reputation and are always in trend. These women’s sneakers will be common to find in streetwear during Fashion Week. With a sleek, crispy look, but still minimalist with a modern silhouette, who doesn’t fall in love with these white Adidas shoes?