Vanessa Angel and her husband died in a car accident on the Nganjuk toll road on Thursday (11/4/2021).

The news of the death of Vanessa Angel and Febri Andriansyah shocked the public and left a very deep sorrow, especially for the bereaved family. Timberland Fashion

A number of Indonesian celebrities have uploaded their portraits of togetherness with the late Vanessa Angel and Febri Andriansyah

A series of celebrities shared moments of togetherness with Vanessa Angel

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Not only moments of joy, a short video show containing a touching message between Vanessa Angel and Febri Andriansyah was also widespread, making netizens feel like they had lost the figure of the romantic couple.

As for the portrait of Vanessa Angel, who looks elegant and charming in her kebaya.

She was seen wearing various colors of Balinese-style kebaya which made her appearance even more beautiful and charming.

1 Vanessa Angel in a white Balinese kebaya

Vanessa Angel in a white Balinese kebaya
**Vanessa Angel with her husband and child looks harmonious wearing white clothes Best Menswear

She also looks so charming with natural makeup and a modern bun.

It’s beautiful, Stylovers.

2 Vanessa Angel in red Balinese kebaya**

Vanessa Angel in a red Balinese kebaya
**In addition, Vanessa Angel was also seen wearing a red Balinese kebaya, which was combined with the use of a matching colored cloth bottom.

The combination of a white scarf makes it look even more elegant, Stylovers. Top Fashion

3 Vanessa Angel in yellow Balinese kebaya**

Vanessa Angel in a yellow Balinese kebaya
**Well, this time Vanessa Angel is wearing a yellow Balinese kebaya.

Febri Andriansyah’s wife also seemed to combine it with the use of an orange scarf that matched the fabric she was wearing. Kacamata Rayban