Prilly Latuconasina be one idol of young people. Prilly successfully played a role in several movie titles, soap operas, and web series. In addition to his acting skills, Prilly’s successful fashion style fascinated the public.

The 24 -year -old artist is known to have a petite body. But that did not stop Prilly from still appearing confident. Lily’s role in the web series ‘I Love You Silly’ is not shy to combine various outfits to produce a stunning look. Best Menswear

One of them is the semi formal look with this blazer. In a photo uploaded by instagram account @fashion.prillylatuconsina, Prilly is wearing a blue motif blazer. As an interior, it adds a dark brown and green shirt.
Wearing Expensive Bags and Accessories

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The blazer worn by Prilly is a collection from the fashion house Gucci. Gucci’s ‘Light GG Lame Jacket’ is priced at US $ 3980 or the equivalent of Rp59.5 million. The tiny black bag adds an elegant effect to the appearance of the Tangerang -born artist. Prilly’s ‘Gucci Horsebit 1955 Bucket Bag’ is worth US $ 2100 or the equivalent of Rp31.4 million.

To sweeten her appearance, this former lover of Maxime Bouttier added accessories in the form of three rings from Hala Gold. ‘Gold Ring Dua Sejoli Hala Gold Prilly Maaf Sayang 3WZ1018’ worth Rp5 million. Timberland Fashion

Meanwhile, ‘Gold Ring Cinta Hati Hala Gold Prilly Maaf Sayang 3WZ1408’ is priced at Rp2.9 million. The third ring, ‘Gold Ring Chase Your Dream’ is valued at Rp5.6 million
Red High Heels Add an Elegant Effect

Lastly, Prilly uses red high heels that give an elegant effect to this semi -formal OOTD. Derived from Gucci ‘Luna Studded Block Heels’ has a red color with white and blue details on the front. The luxury high heels are worth US $ 1150 or the equivalent of Rp17.9 million. Top Fashion

In total, the price of Prilly’s OOTD reaches Rp122.3 million. Looking luxurious and elegant, this row of outfti and accessories is very suitable for the tiny body of the filmmaker ‘Danur’. Kacamata Rayban