Currently, the use of knitted sweaters is very much, it has even become a contemporary fashion trend. In the past, this knitted sweater was even only worn when winter arrived in certain countries. Because, this type of clothes can keep you warm. There are so many mix-and-match knit sweaters inspired by Korean celebrities that you can imitate. Timberland Fashion

It is undeniable that Korea is also one of the countries with the most followed fashion styles. Especially because the clothes that Koreans wear sometimes look unique but attractive and look elegant. If you want to try a mix and match of Korean celebrity-inspired knit sweaters, then maybe you can listen to some of the recommendations below.

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1 Knit Sweater with Black Pants and Boots

Several times you may have encountered celebrities from the land of ginseng using knitted sweaters combined with black pants. With this style mix and match, you can still look feminine because the style is also suitable for everyday use. Best Menswear

For those of you who have a body that is not too tall, maybe you can add the use of high-heeled boots to make it look more slender. To look cool and stylish, you don’t need expensive things, just with this style you can look stunning.

2 Combining a Knitted Sweater with a Slip Skirt

Do you know what a slip skirt is? This slip skirt is a long skirt made of satin. The use of this knitted sweater with a slip skirt can make you look more elegant and luxurious. There is a certain reason why the slip skirt was chosen for this second style.

Because, the skirt can later display a silhouette that makes you seem slimmer. Well, you can also use a high waist model if you have wide hips and a fat stomach. This style will make you even more attractive. Top Fashion

3 Mix and Match Knit Sweaters with Frayed Jeans

Confused about choosing the right outfit for hanging out or going to college? No need to worry, because you can look relaxed and cool just by using a light colored knit sweater. In addition, you can wear bottoms in the form of frayed jeans. This look is perfect for you, especially during the rainy season.

In addition to mix and match knitted sweaters and frayed jeans, you can also add suspenders to make your style look ‘wow’. Well, now you are ready to go to campus or just hangout with your friends. Kacamata Rayban

4 Mix and Match Pink Sweater with Gingham Skirt

Maybe you’ve just heard of the Gingham Skirt. Gingham itself is one of the plaid motifs that are often used in clothing. Wearing this Gingham bottom will make you look more feminine.

Combine this skirt with a pink knitted sweater, while the color of the skirt can be red and white. Well, with this appearance, you can also add red high heels and additional accessories in the same color.

5 Combining a Knit Sweater with a Mini Skirt

In addition to the four styles above, there are also other styles that you can try, namely knit sweaters combined with mini skirts. Most Korean celebrities are often seen using mix and match skirts with sweaters that make them look more feminine and cute.

However, if you want to look more sporty but still girly, then try combining it with a sling bag and boots. Guaranteed this mix and match will make you look more beautiful and attract a lot of attention.

6 Combining Oversized Knit Sweaters with Leggings

Have you ever seen Korean celebrities wearing layers of clothing? Yep, because there is a winter that makes them have to do that. During winter, or rainy season you can try this style. Where to combine shirts, oversized knit sweaters and leggings.

You can even add boots or maybe loafers to complete this one style. This style can make you look cooler, moreover, you will also look like a college kid.