Take a peek at Anya Geraldine’s style when wearing a kebaya, no less sensual!

Anya Geraldine is one of the Indonesian artists and celebrities who is quite attractive to the public. Not only a matter of controversy, Anya Geraldine is also a hot topic of conversation thanks to her brave sexy style of dress. Top Fashion

Often appearing in open clothes, Anya Geraldine has also relied on kebaya as her OOTD. Appearing manglingi in traditional to modern kebaya, the style is still sensual!

1 Anya Geraldine used a white kebaya paired with a batik cloth as her subordinates. He completes the appearance with a hair accessory.

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2 OOTD to the party, Anya Geraldine wore a new satin kebaya with a brooch accessory on the chest and a traditional batik cloth. Best Menswear

3 More sensual, showing the curves of the body with a nude kebaya paired with batik cloth with high slit detail. Timberland Fashion

4 While writing the caption “Are you ready?” In one of the photos on Instagram, Anya Geraldine uses a classic kebaya designed by Anne Avantie.

5 Looking even more different, Anya Geraldine once wore a luxurious traditional Balinese bridal outfit called Payas Agung, complete with a crown tag called the Gelungan Agung. Kacamata Rayban