Top Fashion Chae Soo Bin is not a new name in the Korean drama industry. He has acted in Iam Not A Robot, Where Stars Land and A Piece of Your Mind. Recently, Chae Soo Bin collided with Kang Daniel and Krystal Jung in the film Sweet & Sour.

Thanks to the total acting, Chae Soo Bin received various praises and positive responses from the audience. Immediately became a conversation, Chae Soo Bin’s style of dress on social media came into the spotlight.

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1 Chae Soo Bin already looks cool when mixing a t-shirt with jeans. Timberland Fashion

2 Using a hoodie as an outerwear makes Chae Soo Bin look different when she wears a casual outfit.

3 Chae Soo Bin looks cute in a printed blouse and jeans during a summer picnic. Best Menswear

4 Rely on a knitted turtleneck vest combined with a floral midi dress with a warm tone, successfully making Chae Soo Bin look even cuter! Kacamata Rayban

5 Spending free time at the bookstore, Chae Soo Bin chose a fur jacket, gingham midi dress and cross body bag.