Explore the Bassike collection inspired by high quality loungewear

For homemade clothes that still look elegant and luxurious, you need to see this collection from Bassike. Made in a predominantly black, gray, ivory and pink color palette, this is one of those collections that is so easy to use that you will wonder how you managed to survive without it. From casual zippered sweatshirts and oversized sweatshirts to graphic t-shirts and pink sweaters, this may seem like a fairly normal line of home clothing, but when you see the high-quality style, fabrics and details, home clothing takes on a completely new look . For example, how about the loose black dress with pretty sleeves? Combined with a black hat and a chic scarf, this outfit perfectly embodies a new sense of indifference. Timberland Fashion

Explore the unique design of the Dauphinette

Made in New York, this clothing brand Olivia Cheng will make you smile. Full of colors, vintage details and just good vibes, even if these designs don’t match your personal style, you will probably still appreciate their attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. In fact, all the pieces of this brand are unique and made with recycled materials. In addition to warm clothing, you will also find selected ready-to-wear pieces, accessories and bags. In other words, you can dress from head to toe with Dauphinette and be sure that your look is different from all the looks you are used to seeing on the go. Top Fashion

The classic style gains an American touch in this Forte_Forte collection

Whether it is metallic silver, spectacular teal or elegant silhouettes, Forte_Forte deftly offers us designs that strike a balance between unique, but also wearable and elegant. For example, in this pre-fall lookbook, we love the mix of midi dresses, waist belts, trendy kimono jackets and stylish scarves worn everywhere. In addition, you will probably notice that there is a contrast between classic details and a more bohemian or American element. For example, on the one hand, we have double-breasted blazers and belted midi dresses for a more classic look. Best Menswear

Milan Fashion Week’s top 30 street style results spring 2021

By maintaining social distances and wearing masks, as we saw at London Fashion Week Spring 2021 Street Style, Milan Fashion Week followed a similar example.

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Embrace childhood with fun designs by Kina and Tam

Self-proclaimed “children’s and playful” fashion enthusiast, Kina & Tam offers a new vision of style. Although you won’t find its elegant lines and modern details here, you’ll find colors, graphics, knits and nostalgic details instead. With everything from orange sherbert vests and polo shirts to large knits and graphic t-shirts, this brand is ideal for adults who are not yet ready to grow. In other words, it is for those who are not afraid to play with fashion in the most literal sense. You’ll even find a red beret designed to look like a strawberry. Kacamata Rayban