Timberland Fashion, With spring in full swing and late summer, it’s never too early to start choosing the perfect summer wardrobe. And what is more summer par excellence than that perfect summer dress? And with so many options nowadays about where to buy dresses, research can seem like anything but a summer day! That’s why we’ve created a list of the top 15 summer clothing brands for 2020, so you can stay ahead of the curve and be on top of your game!

1) Hemant and Nandita

The 15 best brands of summer dresses for sunbathing in 2020
If you are looking for summer dresses that combine sophistication with timelessness and are comfortable and elegant, Hemant & Nandita is the brand you have been waiting for. Based in New Delhi, India, free spirit designs are carefully created by brand designers Hemant Lalwani and Nandita Raipurani, together with a team of talented designers. Sunny colors and bohemian shapes abound here, so you never miss out on cute summer clothes. With a perfect color palette for Easter, you don’t have to wait until summer to look like the Tiana mini dress, made of 100% cotton, with a V-neckline and a beautiful tie closure. But don’t worry, the duo of designers Hemant and Nandita also play with pants, and we are obsessed with Esme pants in blue and white. Top Fashion

2) The sun becomes her

The 15 best brands of summer dresses for sunbathing in 2020
Absolutely stunning is the best way to describe summer dresses that come from the new, highly coveted SoCal brand, Sun Becomes Her. Founded by their two designers Ling and Githa, who met while working at Planet Blue, they bring their love for the culture of the sun and the simplicity of nature to their beautiful designs. And when half of his design team is from Hawaii (Ling-Su Chinn) and the other is from Cape Town (Githa Duncker), he is preparing for that moment all his sunny life. Looking for casual dresses that scream that I’m a sun goddess? Well, get ready to be surprised! The midi dress Dahlia, with its attractive botanical print in the rose garden, cups with threads and adjustable straps, will prepare you as always for your next fun events in the sun with Sun Becomes Her. Best Menswear

3) MASS Los Angeles

The 15 best brands of summer dresses for sunbathing in 2020
If you want to capture the vibrancy of a romantic heart, a bohemian spirit and an eye for travel passion, look no further, MISA Los Angeles is here! Launched in 2016 by the late founder Shadi Askari-Farhat, the effortless women’s clothing brand of brand A. (and we say that as a compliment), it will be your best choice for cute summer dresses. Looking flirtatious, fluid, feminine and brilliant at the same time, you’ll be back for more, season after season. Just take a look at the turquoise Delila dress, with fun frilly details and a cute vibe off the shoulder. Each designer has their own special inspiration, and Shadi Askari-Farhat seems to be no exception. The combination of her daughter’s names, Milla and Sayeh, is the origin of the MISA brand. We love a sweet and inspiring story almost as much as we love inspired looks!

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4) August the label

The 15 best brands of summer dresses for sunbathing in 2020
If you think Californian designers have an edge in the summer clothing market, think again! The designers of the land below have their own culture of the sun and inspire their own inspiration in their sexy summer dresses! Just ask designer Ebony Eagles about the women’s summer dresses from their successful fashion brand Auguste! Coming from sunny Byron Bay, the atmosphere here is free-spirited, bohemian and romantic. Chloe’s mini dress in the sweetest shade of Lilac is the dream of wearing a doll you’ve been longing for. A ruched back, elastic sleeves and ruffled details are the icing on the cake. The best part? Ebony Eagles are also concerned about the environment, because Auguste is a proud member of the 1% movement across the planet. Kacamata Rayban