6) Nylora

Newest to the workout apparel scene, but still an honorable mention, Nylora fitness brand offers an enviable collection of items for the gym and beyond. Founded in 2018 by designer Carolyn Jang, NYLORA is the sportswear brand of choice for all the cool girls. A Parsons-trained designer with expert knitwear expertise created NYLORA to offer tailored sportswear for an urban lifestyle. Timberland Fashion

7) The positive side

Let’s be honest! Especially in times of conflict, it is better to look on the bright side of things! Ask Sydney-based contemporary sportswear brand The Upside. With the most beautiful prints and endless possibilities to mix and match, you will never be short of what to wear! Founded by Jodhi Meares, this fabulous brand combines functionality and style in its offering of sports bras, leggings, sweatshirts, joggers and sports tops. The Forest Midi Pants from Upside get our top prize for their sweetness. Top Fashion

8) Varley

A great reputation is worth a lot and one of our favorite fashion and trendy sportswear brands is Varley. Innovative, timeless, and built to last, this Los Angeles-based brand is an ideal choice for women who like to look good in style as much as they like to sweat. Best Menswear

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9) P.E Nation

If there’s one thing you can say for sure when it comes to one of the hottest urban-inspired sportswear brands on the market, this isn’t your high school gym wear! Leading the world of street-inspired sportswear, Australian brand P.E Nation has garnered a following for its high quality and high-end aesthetics. You’ll find an abundance of contrast panels in a range of fun colors to choose from, perfect for going outside or breaking a sweat.

10) Adam Selman Sport

And there’s one thing contemporary stylist Adam Selman can do, is offer an ultra-sexy sporty look that works in and out of the gym. Selman, with his eponymous brand, brings with him both a Pratt Institute pedigree and unparalleled joy. Kacamata Rayban