If the last six months in quarantine have taught us anything, it’s that when it comes to fashion, comfort is king! For the foreseeable future at least, the days of clinging onto ruthless heels or locking yourself in uncomfortable clothing are over. Instead, it’s time to invest in comfortable, form-fitting clothing for your daily wardrobe. But don’t worry, staying home doesn’t have to mean giving up your style! In fact, there are so many great activewea brands these days offering trendy sportswear and modern home wear.

Bridal Collective

Do you want to master your sportswear game and be a responsible shopper too? Well, get ready to have an affair with the Girlfriend Collective. This sustainable sportswear brand founded by husband duo Ellie and Quang Dinh is fun, comfortable, and wonderfully simple. Using fabrics from recycled water bottles and other plastic waste, this brand is doing more than just offering sportswear to keep you stylish. Ever wanted to rock a one-piece suit but didn’t feel confident enough to take the plunge? Well this is your chance with the Girlfriend Collective jumpsuit. Timberland Fashion


If you know a thing or two about fashion, and I think you do, it should come as no surprise that some of the coolest and trendiest names in women’s sportswear come from one of the world’s fashion capitals – London! UK-based sportswear brand LNDR is certainly no exception. Founded by Joanna Turner, Sarah Donnelly, and Donna Harris in 2015, LNDR has set (and accomplished) a mission to create truly premium, quality workout apparel that you can wear anywhere. And isn’t that just the perfect mission for our current state of affairs? From the yoga studio to the gym and even out on the streets when the occasion calls for it, you’ll be a true Londoner (or at least look like one) when you wear the brand’s stylish gym clothing, like the organic cotton knit top a Stripes and seamless Techtonic stretch Leggings. Top Fashion

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No Ka ‘Oi

The pursuit of excellence during quarantine can sometimes seem like an uphill battle. But when you have stylish women’s sportswear to help you feel strong, inspired and beautiful, at least you’re in good hands! That’s why sportswear brand No Ka ‘Oi (which is literally the quintessential Hawaiian word) offers women’s workout wear that will keep you in line with your goals! Simona Finelli, founder and creative director of No Ka ‘Oi, has taken her broad interests in fashion, contemporary art and wellness to create the perfect (majestic) storm for a brand that responds to the demands of a lifestyle. Fashion. Inspired by the forces of the natural world, this Italian sportswear brand takes your style to new heights. Best Menswear


Some of this season’s best color block looks can be found in the sportswear tops and cute workout tops from sportswear brand Vaara. Founded by former model Tatiana Korsakova, this contemporary athletic and sportswear brand is the epitome of trendy and hip. Is there anything cooler than Vaara’s Elsa Color Block Stretch Sports Bra? Perfect for low-impact workouts as well as cool streetwear, this sports bra made from Italian-sourced, quick-drying stretch fabric is supportive, stylish and sexy.


Sustainable, fresh and good for the environment, sportswear brand Nagnata takes the cake. Founded by the duo of sister designer Laura May and Hannah Gibbs, this brand proves that style geniuses really do belong in the family. The Australian brand offers recycled fabrics and certified organic cotton, so you never have to worry about quality or carbon footprint. We’re a bit more than obsessed with Nagnata’s ribbed stretch technical halter neck blouse. Kacamata Rayban