Timberland Fashion, Moving from Milan, the fashion week has arrived in Paris, the fashion capital of the world. With performances by important fashion houses such as Saint Laurent and Dior, street style stars shine on the streets of Paris. You can expect vibrant prints, elegant classic Parisian looks, urban-inspired progressive outfits and trendy clothing. Check out our top 30 from Paris Fall 2020 fashion week.

15 little white dresses we wanted for spring

There is nothing more exciting than changing the season and changing your wardrobe from winter to spring. Get ready for the next season with white dresses that you won’t have to think too much about style. You can use them for work days, holidays, dinner dates and more. We can’t wait to combine ours with lace-up sandals, a straw bag and a sun hat. Top Fashion

Rue Stiic transmits vintage-inspired vibes with its Barbara collection

Best Menswear, Filmed by Jason Lee Parry and modeled by Sarah Holt, you will fall in love with the “Barbara” collection on Rue Stiic. By channeling the perfect amount of femininity mixed with a pinch of female genius, this is a collection that you can shake with total and total confidence, knowing that you are in the latest trend while making statements. Because really, with the number of designs printed in this collection, it is very difficult to merge with the crowd. In particular, small-scale floral prints throughout seem to be the main theme at all times, which we love for a touch of vintage nostalgia. In addition, other items that we can’t help but love are the bare shoulders, the beautiful sleeves, the cheetah print, the matching two-piece clothing, the fresh linen, the deep necklines and you will even find wrinkles eye inspired by traditional men’s clothes. for a hint of something that seems a little more structured. In fact, what stands out in this collection above all else is its ability to adapt to a variety of styles. Bring some femininity to the table by wearing your favorite strap sandals and delicate jewelry, or increase the cool factor with some ankle boots and a wide-brimmed hat. However, with these styles hanging in your closet, there is no doubt that everyone will ask you where you did your shopping.

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Modern romanticism comes to life in this collection by V. Chapman

Think of all the feminine details you love. Do you have them in mind? Once done, imagine that all those details come together in the most elegant way for a collection that is both elegant and feminine, with a touch of playful joy. This is exactly what you get in V. Chapman. In particular, we want to draw your attention to some of their latest arrivals so that you can get an idea of ??how this ultra chic range is born. Are you attracted to dresses made with elegant French blue flowers? Or maybe it’s a midi dress that embraces the body made with romantic peplum details? In addition, we have the feeling that you won’t be able to ignore the super modern cuff sleeves shown everywhere, along with the handful of fantastic white designs made with romantic lace and curled details. There are also baroque prints that really help give that brand a romantic touch. Bottom line: If you have a romantic design in mind, there is no better place to start your search for all the elegant things of V. Chapman. Get to know today. Kacamata Rayban