Delicate ManiaMania jewelry designs that will make you pass out

If jewelery is in fashion, ManiaMania is an Australian brand that you should know. Known for their meticulous craftsmanship, this is not your basic costume jewelry. This is a brand that designs its pieces with intention. They believe that jewelry is the final symbol of the ornament and when you can maintain a sense of luxury and elegance within that ornament, you can really bring something magical to the table. To get an idea of ??what we are describing here, take a look at the “Amaranthine” collection, photographed by Nick Husdon, modeled by Lexie Smith and designed by Jessica Roberts. With anything from dainty gold rings to beautiful pendants, pearls, and pretty teardrop earrings, these styles automatically transform an outfit from standard to elegant. Not only that, but due to the delicate nature of these pieces, it is easy both layered and to use multiple pieces with one glance. For example, you could easily shake multiple stackable rings, along with your favorite chain necklace and a couple of circles for a combination that looks complete, but not overly exaggerated or dramatic. With that said, if you’re looking to cross the line between minimalist jewelry and eye-catching design, we can’t impress enough at ManiaMania. Timberland Fashion

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Let Auguste The Label take your breath away with these bohemian-inspired styles

Without a doubt, this Auguste The Label campaign will make you dream of a trip to Paris. Filmed in the gardens of Paris, this dream staircase was actually inspired by the City of Lights, and we are pretty sure that once you see it alone, you will be able to capture this inspiration. Whether it’s classic boho feminine dresses or easy-to-wear trapeze dresses, these are the pieces you can wear on the streets of Paris and feel right at home. The designs aren’t too over the top, but they’re not too casual either. They have that ideal blend of simplicity and elegance, perfectly suited for a Parisian-themed dress. For example, one of our favorite pieces comes in the form of a mint green floral dress with a ruffled bodice and simple shoulder straps. Or how about that pink silk dress? Very Parisian! We also know that all midi length styles will come in handy when exploring the streets of Paris, but you still want to keep your sense of elegant sophistication under control. And hey, if the clothes aren’t for you, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a floral wallet that would pair perfectly with any of your favorite pants. And so, with all you have in mind, take a look at the Hana Cross model in these Trevor King photos, and you’re on your way to booking your next trip to Paris. Top Fashion

Fall in love with the romantic details in this We Are Kindred collection

Photographed by Simon Upton and modeled by Alannah Walton and Emma McGowan, if you’re someone who loves high-end styles that look romantic and bohemian, this We Are Kindred lineup is for you. Titled “Boheme Heart,” the Resort ’20 collection seems accessible to ordinary women on the one hand, but on the other hand, they have also added some more surprising details to give the collection that exclusive touch. For example, one of our favorite pieces comes in the form of a black and white wrap dress, made with a red lace detail and a cool high-low construction. While a wrap-around dress may not seem like anything special, it’s the addition of lace and unique silhouette that gives this garment its wow factor. Plus, other exciting details you’ll find at all times include feminine pleats, gorgeous oversized sleeves, gingham, ruffles, paisley print, flowers, embroidery, pops of sunny yellow, and plenty of belted silhouettes for an even more flattering feel. In reality, however, you have to see how the designer, Mariana Didovich, mixed these details to get the full impact of this collection. Prepare to be carried away by an extraordinary range of beautiful We Are Kindred designs. Best Menswear

Athletic styles get a progressive turn from the competition.

Sports stripes, oversized hoodies, mesh panels, tracksuits, and blouses … If this contest lineup doesn’t get you back to 90s sportswear, well, we’re not sure what will happen. Always oriented towards sportswear and functional design, the athletic aesthetic of this collection is not too far from what we expect from this brand, but what we like most about this collection is the feeling of nostalgia with modern details. For example, his standard trapeze dress takes on a new life when a nylon apron is added to the design, along with oversized square pockets that look very military-inspired. However, despite the fact that we launch words like sports and military inspiration, there is still a feminine feeling that is making its way in this lineup. For example, feminine sleeves are added to a basic top, white denim comes with a nice tie belt, and even sweatpants are made more feminine with their very flattering high-waist silhouette. Complete it all with the talents of photographer Bowen Arico, stylist Megha Kapoor, model Lily Nova, and Samantha Patrikopoulos’ hairstyle / makeup, and you’ll soon want a new streetwear in your life. Kacamata Rayban