The pandemic didn’t stop street fashion stars from taking to the streets of the fashion capital of the world, Paris, in their best clothes during fashion week, while practicing secure social detachment and wearing protective masks, of course. Timberland Fashion

An intricate drama shines through in this collection by Raisavanessa

For some of the more complex designs out there, you have to see Raisavanessa’s Pre-Fall ’20 collection. More conceptual than your typical collection, you probably won’t see these patterns on the go, but since the costume is part of the designer’s lineup, it probably won’t be too striking. In other words, we received something that could be called “street haute couture”. It’s not as sophisticated as haute couture, but it’s also many steps above your standard streetwear brand. Top Fashion

Your fall wardrobe is about to be updated with Anna Mason

Bring all your style dreams to life with Anna Mason’s bold designs. Or, more specifically, be sure to check out this brand’s Fall 20 collection. Whether it’s pink silk, head-to-toe floral, plush velvet, or volume, Anna Mason is sure to include all the latest trends and finest details in this collection. For example, one of our favorite outfits comes in the form of a rich purple silk blouse paired with a white midi skirt. With puff sleeves and brown leather boots in the mix, this combo manages to be classic and chic, while still being bold and eye-catching. Plus, other design details we love include a dream floral dress, Best Menswear

How to create a chic fall outfit with wardrobe essentials

There may be several current trends that you can throw together for a fashion look into the future. However, nothing compares to clothing made up of basic wardrobe items you already own. With just four key pieces modeled after this fashion influencer, you can quickly create an incredibly chic fall outfit. Just combine a denim shirt with faux leather leggings. So, put on a double-breasted blazer and put on some square boots.

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Surprise yourself with the latest collection from Galvan London

Are you ready to fall madly in love with the chic models of Galvan London? Galvan is one of our favorite spots for sleek lines, stop-display designs, and all things luxury, it’s hard to find fault. If you are not convinced, you must see the “Escape ’20” collection. Featuring rich colors, flattering silhouettes and dramatic sophistication, this collection does it all. We will draw your attention to some of the exceptional styles in the collection. First off, we love the pair of a fitted white blouse with bold puff sleeves combined with high-waisted gold buttons. While, on paper, the doorbell buttons and puff sleeves may seem a little over the top in terms of volume, when you see the pairing for yourself, it’s clear that the two balance perfectly well. Kacamata Rayban