Knitwear and boots always look right for fall, but all fashion girls especially love a specific combination right now. It’s about the stylized vest with high boots. We love the way this influencer put hers over a shirt dress and pinned it at the waist for a structured feminine look.

From classic to spectacular, Carolina K has something for everyone

Has Carolina K ever bewitched you with her magical autumn / winter 2020 campaign? Packed with dazzling patterns, eye-popping embroidery and all shades of the rainbow, this collection is sophisticated and sophisticated, but also fun and full of dramatic charm. Plus, you’ll also find that the color palette and overall theme of the collection don’t stay consistent. Instead, they keep you alert with themes ranging from a boho aesthetic to something more folklore-inspired and even something that has a somewhat mystical aesthetic with moon prints, pretty sleeves, and shawl jackets that look witch-inspired. Timberland Fashion

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The best of Valery Kovalska’s tailoring

If you are someone who likes fine tailoring, quality fabrics and sophisticated details, this latest launch from Valery Kovalska is for you. Designed for Resort ’21, on the one hand, this collection has a light and fresh touch, but on the other you will also find more structural elements, chunky knits and silhouettes that wrap the body. We also have a feeling that you will love the use of colors. Although the collection has plenty of crisp white and dark black, you’ll also find light blue, cherry red, bubble gum, and the ever-popular camel. Top Fashion

This fall uniform is the epitome of Cozy Chic

A leather biker jacket combined with a knitted dress is a chic and cozy combination of clothes that everyone knows. However, it is immediately updated with a reliable pair of combat boots. Whether you’re looking for a simple outfit for the weekend or something casual and trendy for the week, this is the fall outfit every girl needs to recreate now.

Wild Life impressions come to life in this Emporio Sirenuse collection

Inspired by the sculptures of Giuseppe Ducrot, this summer collection by Emporio Sirenuse is focused on nature and features wild animal prints. Whether they are earthy greens, deep clubs or fiery oranges, the elements of nature make their presence known.Even in some of the more abstract prints, you will find yourself remembered for the air element, for example, with the use of flowing lines. However, if textured prints tend to be more popular, you’ll find the quintessential flowers, palm trees, and even a tiger or two printed in the mix. Best Menswear

Let this Monse collection inspire your fall wardrobe

For a collection that screams fall but still keeps you alert with unexpected details, you need to see what Monse has in store in her Fall / Winter ’20 program. Whether it’s the tartan print, the new take on the classic trench coat, the loose tops or the dramatic leathers, this collection takes the fall details you know and love, but add a touch of dramatic and elitist style you can only hope to find in one catwalk designer collection. Kacamata Rayban