The sleeveless knit sweater must be one of the biggest trends of the fall, and it’s already approved by the It girls on Instagram. They’re perfect to layer over a wide button top or can be worn alone while the weather is still warm. If you’re ready to be an early adopter and want your own wool vest, shop for the fashion trends below.

Find out why so many women are in love with Jean

From patterned babydoll dresses and skirts to crop tops and jeans, With Jean offers coverage on all fronts. Not to mention, this is a brand that cares about its ethics. Dedicated to working with the most ethical partners and manufacturers, you can be assured that every With Jean piece is ethically made. Furthermore, they mainly use natural fibers in their projects and are very conscious of their waste. The best part? After taking a look at some of the stunning designs coming out of this brand, we know you will be amazed at the attention to detail. In other words, ethically designed clothing doesn’t mean you have to give up on fashion and style. Timberland Fashion

Nobody does the 80s inspired look like the wicked

Well known for his love of vintage styles from the 80s and 90s, knowing Perverze is loving Perverze. While they may not be what you consider conventional or standard with their designs, they certainly know how to create streetwear inspired designs that look noteworthy. This rings particularly true of the brand’s last fall. From high-waisted knit pants and raw hems to boxy blazers and short cardigans, it doesn’t take much to realize that this collection is driven by a nostalgic sense of fashion. In fact, if you didn’t know better, you’d probably assume this collection was derived from a trip to a local cheap goods store. And, really, this is what we love the most about Perverze: the designs look authentic.

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Paskal highlights bold prints and sophisticated silhouettes for AW20

Top Fashion, Designed by Julie Paskal, Paskal Clothes is a brand that thrives on architectural shapes, laser cuts, and minimalist shapes. See for yourself as you explore the Fall / Winter ’20 collection. With midi dresses and long jackets, these pieces are the ideal combination of elegance and sophistication, but also bold and striking. For example, actual cuts, fabrications and tailoring fit the more classic and minimalist end of the spectrum. However, when we take a look at the printing and colors used, that’s when we get our big design boom to stop the screen. For example, there is a unique multi-colored paint splatter print made on a tailored jacket, turtleneck, and pants. Or, if you want the colorful effect, but are more drawn to a dress, you’ll find a stripped down version paired with a matching cut jacket. Best Menswear

Fall in love with the spectacular designs of the Huishan Zhang Collection

Based in London and known for its luxurious styles, there is no mistaking the Huishan Zhang collection. Combining eastern and western influences, a Huishan Zhang collection is characterized by femininity, strong lines, and incomparable sophistication. Are you curious to know more? Reading the Pre-Autumn 2020 collection carefully is highly recommended. With classic tweed, metallics, pleats, feather details, and elbow-length gloves, there was clearly no way to contain the drama here. Even something as simple as a white suit receives the Huishan Zhang treatment by wearing an off-the-shoulder neckline, see-through panels, and daring elbow-length gloves. Other notable designs from this line include a dramatic pink ruffled midi dress, a dramatic tweed blazer with pearlescent fringes and white feathers, a hot pink chiffon dress, and an over-the-top green sequin dress with sleeves and hem with frills. Kacamata Rayban

Dramatic talent is never lacking in Marianna Senchina

No fear of drama, the FW2020 Marianna Senchina Collection is an absolute must-have for any woman with a strong appreciation for fashion. With fun elements, nostalgic details and a feminine touch, Marianna Senchina’s designs encourage women to have fun with fashion. The looks are never too serious, but they are also full of quality and extreme attention to detail. This has never been clearer than in the brand’s fall / winter ’20 collection. Whether it’s puffy puff sleeves, vintage-style pillbox hats, plush velvet, classic plaids, see-through lace, or elegant white suits, you can’t help but appreciate the bold nature of this collection.