Timberland Fashion, There has been a resurgence of vintage trends in recent years and the latest to hit our radar is the half-zip sweater. It’s a modern take on the turtleneck, which has always been a fall wardrobe staple. We love the casual look with baggy jeans, pants, or even midi skirts. If you want to enjoy the trend before everyone else, now is the time. Shop our picks below.

Don’t miss this collaboration between MM6 Maison Margiela and The North Face

In collaboration with outerwear brand The North Face, this Fall / Winter ’20 version of MM6 Maison Margiela expertly combines the functionality of famous The North Face outerwear with MM6 Maison Margiela’s most avant-garde sense of style. To do this, you will find sports ready-to-wear, unusual accessories, many deconstructed silhouettes, contrasting textures and, of course, innovative fabrics that make the pieces stand out as luxurious, but also functional for all your outerwear needs. In other words, don’t expect feminine prints or classic tench coats here. Instead, it’s all about down jackets, oversized silhouettes, and logos for that sense of exclusivity. Additionally, in addition to outerwear, you will also find the brand’s distinctive aesthetic on blouses, pants, dresses and accessories. Top Fashion

No beach vacation is complete without Beachgold

All about tropical designs, made in Bali, if you consider yourself a beach boy who loves fashion and design, Beachgold is about to catch your eye. Not only because their designs are beautiful, but also because each piece is clearly crafted with love and careful attention to detail at the forefront of their process. In particular, you will be happy to discover that Beachgold is a sustainable brand that values ??art. In fact, Beachgold is a family business, with two founding sisters of the brand and their two daughters joining the team. Today, Beach Gold employs 150 people in Bali and each team member works meticulously on designs, including sewing, printing, and pattern making. And the pieces themselves? What aesthetic can you expect to find at Beachgold? Well, first of all, the beach aesthetic is alive and well. In addition to this, you will also find a very smooth and elegant femininity feeling lurking throughout the collection. Best Menswear

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A fun lookbook inspired by the Retrofete party

When it comes to glitz and glamor, Retrofete never lets us down. Well known for their party-inspired styles, we can’t wait for you to see the Pre-Fall 2020 lookbook for yourself. the little ones, Retrofete does it all with this collection. Highlighting her love for a mixture of more glamorous and raw designs, this collection is best suited for the woman who is not afraid to experiment with her style. For example, we see this combination of highs and lows paired with a high neck white lace top with a dramatic ruffled front paired with white jean cuts. The top clearly looks a bit more elevated than the white cuts, yet together the combination looks so perfectly Retrofete

Easy and cool beach styles with an elevated feel by Evarae

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to enjoy Evarae’s Spring / Summer ’20 lookbook yet. Filled with the airy silhouettes you crave for summer, this collection is equally feminine, soft and full of the finest details. Get all of this out while keeping the design relatively simple. While you are sure to find worked patterns, colors, and details throughout, it all manages to look understated as well. For example, one of our favorite pieces featured in the line includes a yellow structured midi dress with off the shoulders, gathered sleeves and a bodice. It has a touch of style with its color and off-the-shoulder neckline, but it doesn’t require any over the top details. Kacamata Rayban