BLACKPINK’s popularity does not need to be doubted. Not only famous for their songs, the appearance of each member who has a different personal style also inspires contemporary children. Best Menswear

Interestingly, for some time now, BLACKPINK members have come up with a new style that makes them jump! Rosé, Lisa, Jennie to Jisoo share portraits of themselves with hair to the latest OOTD that is different from usual.

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1 After being given a chance to go viral because John Mayer gave him a guitar, Rosé’s style for the next project also worked for BLINKs. In one photo, Rosé is seen wearing a cropped top and a beret hat of the same color. Timberland Fashion

2 Still with her iconic bangs, Lisa’s makeup and style looks bolder and edgy which looks different than usual.

3 A drastic change was made by Jennie while doing a photo shoot. Having long hair, Jennie stole the show with short hair with bangs while wearing a monochrome outfit. Top Fashion

4 Not only BLINKs, Jisoo’s latest appearance with blonde hair is a hit for K-Pop fans. Having a sweet personal style, Jisoo’s more statement appearance immediately received praise from netizens. Kacamata Rayban