seen watching the Euro 2020 Final, at Webley Stadium on Sunday (11/7) local time. He was not alone, his son Prince George and his husband Prince William also witnessed the Final between England and Italy.

Interestingly, Kate Middleton looks relaxed but still casual by wearing a white blazer combined with jeans as subordinates. The red earrings from the Blaize brand also attracted quite a bit of attention. Timberland Fashion

This red handbag was chosen by the mother of three to complete her appearance. It is known that the bag was made by the Mulberry brand.

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Launching Hellomagazine, the red handbag with the box model is assumed to have the meaning of being a patriotic symbol to show the spirit of the England squad at that time.

The bag costs around £766, which Kate first used in 2019.

Display symbolizes the British flag

In fact, through the looks of Kate really showed her passion for the England squad. Wearing a white blazer, earrings and a red bag that symbolizes the British flag, a red cross on a white background. Best Menswear

Noticed Kate always wears a Zara blazer to big games, like this time wearing a white blazer. The Duchess has worn the Zara blazer three times in red, white and blue.

The 39-year-old has always been a champion in clothing and consistently provides more affordable options. Top Fashion

It’s great to know that you can buy yourself some stuff like the British Royal family. Kacamata Rayban