Do you need a modern way to wear a polka dot dress? Get inspired by Vanessa Hong and dress her up in the classic Vans sneakers, a cloth bag spacious enough to hold everything you need and sturdy gold rings. This simple combination of clothing guarantees to elevate your everyday style. Timberland Fashion

Cool and flirty summer swimsuit from For Love & Lemons

Are you attracted to the feminine swimsuit that stands out from the medium swimsuit? If you answered yes, we have a feeling that the For Love & Lemons Spring / Summer ’20 collection was created with your style preferences in mind. Above all, there is no lack of floral print details and ruffles that appear everywhere. In fact, the details of ruffles are present in almost all the pieces of this range. Some of our favorites include a white bustier style top with ruffled edges and matching curly white hem, one-piece with black backless buttonholes and flattering belt belt, and a pink tropical floral number with white lace trim and tie top . As you can probably tell, For Love & Lemons didn’t hold back when it came to those flirty and feminine details. Also, if your swimsuit isn’t on your summer and summer item list, you’ll be glad to see that many of these prints and colors have resulted in stylish swimsuits and shrugs. For example, we love tropical floral prints made in a ruched mini dress with a slim puff sleeve. Or how about a similar mini dress made with a hood sleeve and a yellow floral print? Or, hey, if you’re specifically looking for a beach cover-up, look no further than a white buttonhole design with daisy cutouts. Sounds good? Take a look at this drop from For Love & Lemons and you’ll be ready for the beach in no time. Top Fashion

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Torn edges and deconstructed designs make a statement in this Wen Pan collection

Filled with deconstructed pieces, rough edges, and asymmetrical shapes, this Spring / Summer 2020 collection by Wen Pan is inspired by the idea of ??abandoned family homes in Shanghai. Whether it’s a ripped floral “wallpaper” or designs that look “ruined”, this collection should be tough and delicate at the same time. But how does something so raw and distressed feel so soft and delicate? Wen Pen achieves this through a soft color palette, floral print, and many shades. If this collection was made from black or heavy fabrics, it would probably end up feeling a bit more gothic or grunge-inspired, mainly due to the use of plaid that is featured throughout. So while these overly deconstructed pieces may not be exactly what you’re used to seeing on your average day, they fill a more artistic void in the fashion industry. And so with that in mind, if the idea of ??a ripped button made of multiple fabrics paired with a ripped asymmetric skirt sounds like something that might interest you, we highly recommend you take some time to take a look at this powerful Wen Padella Collection. Best Menswear

10 cute swimsuits for your next vacation

Summer is an endless battle to try to beat the heat, ultimately resulting in numerous days by the pool or even several long weekends at the nearest beach or lake. In any case, we tend to spend much more time outdoors to sunbathe and get fresh air. With this carefree summer lifestyle, you’ll want to combine a wardrobe. Fortunately, the swimsuit has come a long way, and there are many different styles to play with.

Whether you are the girl who wears a bikini and walks out the door, or the girl who loves to show off her look with accessories, or even the girl who creates a full dress with her beachwear, we have compiled some outfits from summer bath to give you all the inspiration you may need. Kacamata Rayban