After a five month hiatus due to pregnancy, supermodel Gigi Hadid is back on the runway and how. The 25-year-old diva has once again shown who is running the show with her confident presence at Versace’s Milan Fashion Week fall and winter 2021. She is accompanied by her sister, Bella. The event took place on March 1 in the Italian city of Congress Center Milan and was released on YouTube on March 5.

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The fashionista wowed the audience with her post-pregnancy look. She and her boyfriend Zayn Malik recently gave birth to their daughter, Khai. But Gigi Hadid has returned to the stage giving off her super modeling aura like a professional. Gigi wore a thin dress combined with a black skirt. He wears the Italian Greca label. Gigi Hadid also wore a wig with straight, orange hair which added to the charming factor. Top Fashion

Keep wearing accessories with the child’s initials
Walking on the runway stage again, listen to Gigi Hadid’s performance, which makes him feel overwhelmed. Best Menswear

Gigi also wears a necklace which makes her always remember her child’s name. The supermodel was immortalized by a journalist at Harper’s Bazaar, wearing a gold chain necklace from The Sis Kiss that features the charm of a different letter that spells ‘Khai’, the name of her six-month-old baby with longtime boyfriend Zayn Malik.

On the personal side, the style icon doesn’t really relate to her routine during pregnancy. She did share some photos of the indulgent session from the phase but refrained from divulging intricate details. Timberland Fashion

However, in her interview with Vogue, Gigi clarified that she is not going back to her weight now. Gigi also stated that she is looking for a more stable job close to her son than going to another country. Things have definitely changed for Gigi after the birth of her first child, but what hasn’t changed is her ability to walk the show like a queen. Kacamata Rayban