Aside from the question of who would plan their big day in the darkest depths of winter to find out what to wear for a winter wedding, it’s usually a complete pain on the back.

Black tie? Red tie? Air tie? Wear without socks or bright white tennis socks? We’re kidding, not even entertaining the thought of white socks. Against intuition, it is painful, dispassionate and without a warm feeling to decide which clothes to wear to celebrate the eternal (fingers crossed) union of two related souls.

While we can’t advise you how stingy or lavish you should be with your gift, we can advise you on how to nail down your winter wedding, whether you’re a groom, part of the wedding party, or one of them (bubbling quietly). People who were only invited to the after Timberland fashion party.

Winter Wedding Style Rules:

– Read the dress code
It is ironic that many couples spend hours worrying about the thickness and graphic design of their invitations, but carelessly ignore the ridiculous ambiguity of their dress code. So it’s up to you (or rather, us) to read between the lines.

If the invitation stipulates a black tie, this is plainly an evening suit (AKA a tuxedo), a white shirt, a black bow tie, black, high-gloss shoes and black socks. “Black tie optional” is similar, although you can be less formal with a simple black tie.

Semi-formal is a more difficult animal to master. In short, these two words mean formal, but not cylinder and tail formal. A full suit is a must: navy, gray, coal, medium blue, everything is acceptable here. Play it safe with your accessories with a tie – dark, muted colors aren’t fanciful, while stripes and polka dots are the easiest to peel off. If you insist on pulling a tie, stick a pocket square in your blazer’s breast pocket to improve the mood in the office.

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– Choose your fabrics carefully
Look, we know you’re not stupid, but we think it’s imperative to make it clear that you shouldn’t be wearing a cotton or linen suit in winter unless you’re ready to shower in church pews.

Anything that feels hyper-British is highly recommended: tweed, flannel, wool and, if you’re a baller, cashmere. Look for a heavy fabric weight (between 14 ounces and 19 ounces) to stay completely isolated. Don’t go half-fed, a full lining not only keeps goosebumps at bay, but also offers a better suit structure.

– Consider the place
The location is critical to the general atmosphere of your winter wedding outfit. If you have an invitation to a wedding in the city, lean on the smarter side of things: pinstripes, checks and a color palette of black, navy and red for suitable accessories.

Suits for weddings in rural winter should come from a range of earthy colors (green, brown, rusty), although structured fabrics like tweed and wool are also suitable for deep charcoal.

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