Stylovers may not be surprised by fashion items that are priced at high prices of up to millions of rupiah.

Especially if the fashion item is the work of a well-known designer brand, it feels natural to be priced at a fantastic price. Timberland Fashion

However, the fantastic prices of the following line of fashion items actually make no sense when we look at their shape.

The reason is, despite having an unusual shape, this strange and unique line of fashion items is priced at a fantastic price.

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Reporting from, the following is a row of strange fashion items that are priced at fantastic prices.

1 Maison Margiela Distressed Sneakers

Maison Margiela once released a collection of sneakers that looked damaged and unfit for use. Best Menswear

Eits, with such an appearance, these shoes are priced at an expensive price not because they have been worn or owned by a famous or legendary figure.

Rather, it was deliberately created with such a design!

The Maison Margiela Distressed Sneakers were once sold for around Rp. 20 million.

It’s unique, but do you think the price is worth the function? Top Fashion

2 Jacquemus Mini Bags

Handbag from Jacquemus is one of the most popular bags among celebrities.

It turns out that this brand has also released a mini size of their handbag, which can be gripped with just one fist!

With its mini size, this bag can be used to carry things or not, right?

This mini bag was once priced at Rp. 11.7 million.

Even though it’s mini in size and the price is quite expensive, it turns out that not a few people are interested in buying this bag, you know! Kacamata Rayban

3 Gucci Upside Down Glasses

Stylovers must be familiar with the Gucci brand, one of the fashion brand items that are regularly worn by artists.

In addition to its famous bags, Gucci also has a range of clothing products to accessories, including glasses.

One of them is unique glasses that have an inverted cateye frame shape.

These uniquely shaped glasses were once priced at around Rp. 10.8 million.

Functionally, these glasses can still be used properly, but will it look weird or not?

4 Jil Sander Paper Bag

Stylovers certainly know that paper bags are more environmentally friendly when used for shopping compared to plastic bags.

Designer Jil Sander made a bag with the exact shape of a paper bag that is usually used for shopping.

Unlike ordinary paper bags, this bag uses paper material that is coated and sewn.

This bag, called The Vasari, was once priced at around Rp. 4 million.