The collection of your dreams awaits you at the Art Dealer

Soft tones of watercolors and feminine silhouettes shine in this Pre-Spring 20´ collection by Art Dealer. Have you seen this? Whether the answer is yes or no, this could be a small collection, but it is one of those collections so beautiful that it is impossible not to fall in love. To begin, we are absolutely in love with the cool shades of purple, aqua green and blue, to create a wavy blouse. Comparatively, the dream palette of sage, salmon and lemon works beautifully in a long-sleeved dress and a sleeveless option for the hottest days of spring. Also, if you like something more subtle and don’t want so much color, wait until you see the sapphire blue mini dress. Made with a super thin pink print, sweetheart neckline and halter with belt, you can easily wear this garment up or down to get the best and most versatile wardrobe clamp. Hey, you can even find this design done in a midi skirt with a rhinestone buckle, if that looks more like your style. Regardless, if you are attracted to airy feminine styles with a casual touch, there is no doubt that you will appreciate all that the Art Dealer has in store for you. Timberland Fashion

Viva Aviva reconnects us with nature in this spring / summer collection

Filmed in Lake Tahoe, this Viva Aviva program will make you feel like you are taking vitamin D in your life. You won’t feel that way just for the breathtaking scenery, but the clothes adapt to the scene. Full of bright flowers and pops of lake blue, sunny yellow and fresh green, this collection screams inspired by nature. Make no mistake, because if the sound of nature inspired you to think about camping and hiking, this is not the strong point of this collection. Much more sophisticated, with dramatic silhouettes and bold details, this collection is more suitable for a cocktail party than for a camping trip. For example, let’s take a closer look at some of our most important pieces. There is a bright yellow mini dress with a dramatic ruffle neckline, from which we cannot look away. And don’t even start with the love of a dress with white layers down to the floor, with a sweetheart neckline and carved details. And oh, did you notice the two-piece set made in a multicolored floral? Made with a waist belt, peplum silhouette and wide pants, it is very difficult not to notice it. Conclusion: although this may not be the collection you shake when you visit Lake Tahoe, if you want to bring some of that nature-inspired style to your next event, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this fall of Viva Aviva. You will not regret. Top Fashion

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Vintage-inspired style reinvented by Paris99

Best Menswear, All to give a modern touch to vintage styles: after discovering Paris99, you will fall in love. We will prove it to you. Take a look at the ’20 Spring / Summer line to get an idea of ??what this exciting brand is. First, probably note the grid design shown all the time. what does this remind you of? If you are like us, you probably remember a picnic blanket model, which seems perfectly appropriate for the warmer months. You will also notice that this “picnic” design is not made through the traditional checkered print that we may be used to seeing. Instead, the designer uses a more intertwined 3D design, intentionally leaving a few squares of the design to create a clipping effect. The shapes and cuts change completely, but the combination of the white and dark blue checkered pattern is always constant. The only small variation we have of this comes in the form of two black and gray t-shirt dresses; however, both designs have been combined with plaid print scarves and striped vests to ensure that the picnic theme remains consistent throughout. Combine all that style with the talents of photographers Jin and Dana, models Sherlyn Hersh and Eris Shaver, Mio Okano’s hair and makeup, and we have an incredible collection. Find out for yourself.

Unexpected combinations and bold details never fail

For those who are not sure, we can’t wait to see what Filles A Papa has in store for spring / summer ’20. Bringing us a collection full of rich colors, ultra sensual details and unique combinations, there is an unexpected touch with every stylized outfit in this lookbook. Kacamata Rayban