Lately, plush and wool sweaters have become an essential fad for staying home and facing the winter. They are perfect for everyday use and match almost anything, from leggings to baggy jeans to leather pants. Top Fashion

An elegant winter outfit to try on any occasion

If you need holiday clothing ideas that mark the line between casual and elegant, we find the ideal outfit to recreate. Best Menswear

Get inspired by Murral’s unique combinations and advanced silhouettes

Have you seen Murral’s autumn / winter ’20 collection? Filled with unique combinations, peculiar elements and unconventional details, in true Mural style, this collection still manages to exude an air of chic sophistication. How? Well, we think it’s a combination of its high quality fabrics, specialized tailoring and clear attention to detail. Not to mention that there is also a style at play that makes the pieces look a little less conventional than they could be. For example, a long-cut gray robe is extremely classic and easy to use, regardless of your style preferences. However, with the addition of a fun zipper and a unique shoe style, the whole outfit ends up becoming more daring. Timberland Fashion

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Your everyday wardrobe is lucky with this Forte Forte collection

Texture, layers and so many details: Forte Forte never fails to attract attention with its collections. For example, the fall / winter lookbook appealed to us from the beginning with its plum purple jackets, royal blue silk dresses, wrinkled blue velvet, chic tailored coats, fresh patchwork and boho-inspired crochet. And yes, if you’re looking at this list and think there’s a lot going on here in terms of color, aesthetics and shape, well, you’re right, but after examining the collection for yourself, you’ll see how effortlessly the brand matches those multiples. aesthetics to bring us your own unique style.

Immerse yourself in the magical world inspired by Renli Su’s fairy tales

Regal and elegant, this Renli Su collection will take you back to a different era. Designed for the fall / winter of ’20, in the “Chasing Happiness” collection, you will find this release very theatrical, almost looking like costumes you can see on stage instead of real pieces you would wear in your daily life. In fact, although these are not real stage costumes, the inspiration for them came from the theater. In particular, Maurice Materlinck’s 1908 “Blue Bird” story leads the pieces, and the designer looks for the costumes that the main characters should wear. Kacamata Rayban