The modern designs and playful variations you were looking for on Onarin

Headquartered in New York City and Bangkok, if you are attracted by a vibrant color palette and modern silhouettes, you will be fascinated by Onarin. With the mission of communicating emotions through color and texture, it is clear that this is a brand that thinks a lot about the design process, proposing styles that are chic and modern, but that also have a playful nostalgia. For example, dresses with colorful silk petticoats look very much inspired by the 80s, while pink bomber jackets have a playful touch mixed with something that looks textured and chic. Plus, you’ll find tops with straps, off-the-shoulder white dresses, unstructured pinstripe dresses, soft knit tunics and even fun suits made in a feminine lavender tone. There is no doubt that when it comes to providing designs that are equal parts to show, but also usable for your daily life, Onarin is where it is. Remember, these pieces are reserved for modern fashion enthusiasts. Timberland Fashion

What to wear with jeans and a T-shirt to stay in fashion

Jeans and T-shirts are one of those combinatins that we rely on a lot. But as they tend to wear out a lot, it can be difficult to make them feel refreshed again. This is where style tricks and accessories come into play. Anine Bing shows us that white sunglasses and pointy boots give this

classic uniform a modern twist. You can improve it even more by replacing your traditional straight leg jeans with a destroyed, wide version

Discover Tank Air for all your style needs

Made in the USA, if you are looking for a conscious design that takes into account details, you will fall in love with Tank Air. All with the objective of finding the perfect balance between bold, sophisticated and playful, the pieces are designed to help women love. Everything looks wearable and chic, maintaining a touch of sex appeal and flirtation. For example, with the Spring / Summer ’20 collection we find sleeveless tops with a round neck and baggy pants that are easy to wear, conveying that more sophisticated vibe we were discussing. But, on the other hand, there are also black bustiers, transparent mini dresses and white lace miniskirts for those who want to bring that touch of glamor to their look. And hey, did we mention that most pieces are very neutral in nature? In addition to some floral prints, the collection is made in a black and white color palette, making all designs easy to style and easy to transform between seasons.

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Jewelry design for modern woman by Gaviria Jewelry

Do you already know the “Deconstructed” collection of Joalharia Gaviria? Unlike its standard jewelry collection, this collection remains true to the brand’s mission: to celebrate an open-minded spirit, creativity and self-expression. With this specific collection, we see this mainly through the lookbook style. Playing with the idea of ??deconstruction, all of these drawings are shown highlighting certain parts of the body artistically, instead of showing the complete figure of the model. In addition, effects have been applied to the images to help give the collection a more artistic and creative look. Of course, if you’re more interested in jewelry, you won’t be disappointed here either. With chain earrings, oversized heart-shaped pendants, rose gold and precious stones, all pieces look well thought out, striking and easy to wear with an edge. Top Fashion

The stylish wardrobe essentials you need await the Trois label

Best Menswear, For women who love elegant lines, luxurious fabrics, minimalist details and contemporary style, Trois The Label is the right choice. Designed by Jennifer DeSpain, this brand is one you can trust to feel good from head to toe. With everything from underwear to jumpsuits, dresses and knitwear, everything is there for you. In particular, we like the minimalist and luxurious look of the collection. Designed primarily in a neutral color palette, working on these designs in your current collection is very easy. Not to mention, as all of the designs are timeless, we can easily see them staying in fashion season after season. Plus, with flattering silhouettes and cuts on display, there’s no doubt you’ll feel like a million bucks in one of these pieces. Take, for example, the Sims outfit. Kacamata Rayban