With only two weeks left in August, it’s not too early to start thinking about autumn. This lightweight layered look is all you need when the temperature drops. It’s cozy, yet elegant with the matching sweatshirt and knitted blazer at the top. We also love the way the nude combat boots combine the look while adding a light touch. Shop the pieces you need to recreate this early fall outfit below. Timberland Fashion

Expect the unexpected with Aries and their AW2020 collection

If androgynous athletics seem appropriate, the Aries Fall / Winter ’20 collection is a must. Whether it’s logo T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, crewneck sweaters or tie-dye runners, Aries has your comfort and style under control with this line. Remember, however, if you are expecting your basic home wear, think again. They also added unexpected parts to keep you alert. For example, square blazers, fitted skirts, loafers, and lace bodysuits may look a little out of place with such a casual collection, but that’s what Aries is all about. They want to give you the pairs of styles you’ve never thought of. Take, for example, a pair of runners paired with a logo T-shirt, boxy blazer, tracksuit socks, and loafers. This probably isn’t a couple of styles you’d want to whip up on your own, but when you see it in Aries, it somehow feels right.

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Eco-luxury at its best in Savannah Morrow

If you like sustainable fashion and eco-luxury, Savannah Morrow is the brand for you. All to show women that sustainable design can be as luxurious and attractive as their typical brands, you won’t find common or basic styles at Savannah Morrow. Do not you believe it? Check out your latest version. Entitled “Ahimsa,” this line features wrap skirts, boho kimonos, fringe skirts, chic tops, flattering jumpsuits and a natural color palette of creamy white, dazzling mauve, deep gold and earthy brown. Also, keep in mind that, to be true to your mission of being as environmentally conscious as possible, you will be surprised to find that every piece in this collection has been crafted using traditional apparel manufacturing processes, such as hand yarn and hand stitching. hand and block prints. No mass production or fast fashion here, that’s for sure. Instead, you can rest assured that every Savannah Morrow piece is always designed with extreme attention to detail and the most sustainable materials possible. If you are someone who refuses to sacrifice style and sustainability, you will love the mission and pieces that come out of this eco-conscious brand. Top Fashion

Dramatic designs you really need to see by Zimmermann

Featuring intricate styles that are clearly designed with extreme attention to detail, if you are someone who appreciates fashion, you need to see what Zimmermann is throwing for its Fall 2020 line. Full of texture and with an almost Victorian vibe, this line is more suitable for the woman who is not afraid to make a statement with her wardrobe. You will also find that this collection is ideal for those who appreciate texture, high quality fabrics and a luxurious feminine touch in their wardrobe. Curious to know how these different aesthetics can come together in a collection? Well, if you know anything about Zimmermann, you will know that the luxurious feminine touch is always present in every collection they launch. It’s the extra detail that helps add to the collection and, in this case, they decided to add a very subtle Victorian touch. This is done through the use of high neck details, lace, puff sleeves, and ruffled cuffs. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this dates the collection in any way. Best Menswear

AGGI combines the eclectic style of the 70s and 80s in a modern way

AGGI is an independent Polish luxury brand for women. Their designs are inspired by the eclectic style of the 70s and 80s combined with contemporary trends. The stylist plays with shape, texture and color and does not compromise her vision: she selects the highest quality fabrics and refines the smallest details of the designs, which come together to create unique collections that continue to be loved by strong women. and independent like her. She is not only ahead of the latest trends, but her ability to look back and explore the eclectic shape of the 1980s, allows her to create unique works of art where women feel special.

A sunny summer collection from Sretsis to lift your mood

If there is one thing we know for sure about Sretsis, it is this: they never fail to bring a little positivity and sunshine into the lives of their customers, even on the darkest days. This statement sounds particularly true with this latest collection, “Quarandreams”. Designed in response to the quarantine that occurred due to the 2020 pandemic, this collection hopes to inspire people to live fully, even in the midst of uncertainty and fear. And, oh yes, trust us, if you are looking for a collection that can instantly brighten your mood, this is the collection. With attractive designs, sunflower prints, ruffles, feminine silhouettes and an abundance of playful details, it is impossible to be in a bad mood when looking at this collection. The collection’s wallpaper also fits this aesthetic through the use of fluffy clouds, buttery yellow and flowers scattered everywhere. In addition, add the seductive vintage vibe that has been attracted to the collection through the use of large sunglasses, scarves, rubber bands and shoes, and this is a collection that we think all fashion lovers should check out for themselves. You are probably about to fall in love. Kacamata Rayban