There are many ways to wear a long dress this summer, but our favorite is this casual pairing designed by Zoe. For style, layer a lightweight cardigan over a long dress, then add white plimsolls and a shoulder bag. It’s the perfect late summer dress for running errands or if you need something a little more elegant. Timberland Fashion

Get ready for the summer weather with new hats for lack of color

What could be better than a trendy sun hat for the summer? In our books, not much! And so, with that in mind, if you’re attracted to trendy sun hats as much as we are, we recommend checking out the latest in Lack of Color. Entitled “Tropics”, this 2020 summer collection features 15 new hat designs that are guaranteed to fit your summer wardrobe perfectly. For example, some of our top picks from the lookbook include the Holiday Bucket Wide Brim Hat, the Classic Straw Hat, and the Best Selling Ranch Hat. Also, let’s not forget to mention the splash of tropical color that has been added to this collection. With teal, petal pink and deep green, these colors add a fresh touch to this classic line. We also don’t forget to emphasize the handcrafted feel and attention to detail that is everywhere.

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Orseund Iris offers nostalgic, modern and trendy designs that now belong in your wardrobe

Playful, adventurous and ideal for that lady who isn’t afraid to take risks with her wardrobe, Orseund Iris is about to rock your world. Worn by celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, this brand clearly knows a thing or two about dressing the female body, capitalizing on trends, and making sure all of its pieces are luxurious and elevated. While this may seem like a difficult task to accomplish, once you fall in love with Orseund Iris’ bold designs, you never go back. So what’s so bold about your designs? Well, taking a look at some of the latest additions, we’ve got corset-style mini skirts, bustier-style bodysuits that scream sexy, silk tops, barely visible bra, and fitted slip dresses. That said, keep in mind that while these flashier styles can stand out from the crowd, there are also a handful of styles that look a little more tame. For example, we love the variety of silk blouses in a variety of colors, the classic trench coats, the elegant wrap dresses and the super feminine ballerina wrap skirt. Top Fashion

If you love minimal fashion, you will love SANS FAFF

Ethically crafted in Singapore, SANS FAFF is an emerging minimalist womenswear brand focused on producing limited pieces in limited quantities to save resources and avoid waste. The label says no to plastic and thinks above all of sustainability. SANS FAFF is more than just a clothing brand, it strives to create a platform for consumers to make a difference. By shifting the focus from temporary trends to lasting essentials, the brand encourages more responsible buying and more conscious use.

The brand’s first collection, “Future Proof Essentials”, features the foundations of quality and scaled down into fluid, effortless silhouettes. Made primarily from SANS FAFF’s signature lightweight bamboo fiber, its texture is gentle on the skin and gentlest on the planet. Brandy Dallas, founder of SANS FAFF, describes her collection as “simple but well-constructed models that provide the foundation for a careful and intelligent wardrobe.

A beautiful girl’s dress without seasons awaits you at Highrack

Ditching the idea of ??the seasons and instead bringing you designs that you can feel confident swinging all year round, if you haven’t familiarized yourself with Highrack yet, this is your chance. Based in Australia, this brand combines lingerie themes with everyday patterns to bring a touch of sex appeal into your daily life. Its mission is to help women feel safe in all their daily activities. For example, you’ll find the hugely popular biker shorts in multiple colors scattered throughout, along with strapless bustier tops, lace-up tank tops that channel a corset, and easy-to-wear flared pants. While these designs might not be for the faint of heart, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind showing off some skin and enjoys making a statement with their wardrobe, we think you’ll find something at High Rack. Keep in mind that the statement you’ll make is about less flashy patterns and eye-catching details, and instead it all comes down to the cut, fit and silhouette. Also, don’t forget that all designs are produced in small quantities to maintain quality. Best Menswear

Channel your inner 90s supermodel with Miaou

All about channeling the glamor of the 90s supermodel, once you discover Miaou, you never go back. Not sure if this is the brand for you? Check out their “Picnic” collection. Filled with the bustier tops you love, along with mini dresses, colorful prints and sexy tailored dresses, this collection is the one that screams young, playful and elegant. In fact, speaking of young people, this particular collection was filmed to celebrate the launch of the brand’s scrunchies collection, which combines that playful style with that ’90s nostalgia that Miaou is so famous for. The way the lookbook is shot with all the models sitting down to enjoy a picnic on a summer day also helps convey the playful nature of the collection. And, not only that, but clearly, with such a relaxed setting as a backdrop, you can rest assured that Miaou is a brand that will allow you to show off its pieces in your everyday life while making sure you emanate that classy Model vibe. super. . Kacamata Rayban