Dian Sastrowardoyo is well known as a celebrity who follows various fashion trends, such as chain necklaces. This time, with these accessories, he combined Nusantara cloth clothing with a black leather jacket. Timberland Fashion

Recently, the woman who was born on March 16, 1982, shared her sophisticated look with a white long-sleeved shirt top, Batik Jejer Swargem Dwiwarna fabric from Kain Gembira, black shoes with pointed front and lace details from Malone Souliers, as well as a layered chain necklace accessory. so modern. Best Menswear

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Then, in her Instagram Stories upload, she added a black leather jacket that she wore over her shoulders to complete her look. While stylish, Dian wrote that the look was inspired by fellow celebrity, Tara Basro, “Inspired by jeng @tarabasro kmrn, combining fabric with a leather jacket. It’s also fun, guys,” he said. Top Fashion

In the next upload, he also invites his friends, such as Adinia Wirasti, to “wastra in everyday clothes.”

Prior to her latest appearance, the mother of two children who is also a Korean lover, had time to share a glass photo showing her body wrapped in a white top with longer one-sided details and beautiful fabric from BINhouse, after “almost 2 years of not wearing cloth because there are no events, ” wrote Diane. Kacamata Rayban