This is the most elegant white outfit for spring

Timberland Fashion, Finding the perfect white dress for spring proved to be a little tricky this year, since most of us are locked up indoors. But Felicia shows us a look that you can try anytime this week. The white midi skirt with a simple white T-shirt and matching rubber-soled sneakers is so elegant. We love the way he breaks white with a quiet jacket. Take a look below.

Enter the nostalgic world of childhood ShuShu / Tong

Master in providing a fun and feminine style, when you fall in love with ShuShu / Tong, never come back. In particular, we are excited to take a look at this spring / summer collection from the 1920s. With its distinctive nostalgic aesthetic gift from the 90s, these may not be the styles you used to see on the streets every day, but for those who run in prestigious fashion circles or living in big cities, we think he recognizes the nature of fashion in this exciting collection. For example, we have dramatic dresses made with voluminous silhouettes, revolving tulle skirts, layered polka dot dresses and puffed sleeve dresses made with floral prints. Of course, it is also important to note that each of these parts can be designed in several ways. For example, while in this lookbook the pieces were designed with high fashion and a bizarre aesthetic, there are some models of clothing that can be easily reduced. For example, a bulky skirt, a tailored floral jacket or powdered pink Bermuda shorts can be combined in a much more affordable way if that is the user’s goal. Regardless, regardless of whether you choose to model your ShuShu / Tong pieces, there is one thing we are sure of: you will look like a fashion star in one of these pieces, no doubt. Top Fashion

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Keep your wardrobe on tiptoe with the Rachel Antonoff SS20 collection

For all those girls out there who are not afraid of a little attention, these revolutionary new styles from Rachel Antonoff are for you! Remember, however, when we say “turn your head”, we are not talking about reduced styles, deep necklines or openly sexy pieces. Although these designs are definitely designed with the female body in mind, the real statement that makes the puzzle piece comes in the form of details. Be it a bold model, a touch of color, a unique texture or unconventional combinations, this is a brand that allows you to express your individual style through clothes that look fresh, bold and outside the lines of our standard fashion model. In fact, looking at the collection, it is clear that the brand hopes to attract anyone and everyone, regardless of age, body type or race. Really, the only element of coordinated style that we think is necessary to become a fan of this brand is that you will probably appreciate a little vintage design. Although we do not want to say that this collection is directed exclusively by the vintage style, we would say that there are a good number of vintage elements shown everywhere. For example, bulky midi skirts look a lot from the 50s, bucket hats look a lot from the 90s and pleated high-waisted pants look a lot from the 80s. Kacamata Rayban

Increase your home wardrobe work with this dress

When working from home, wearing the right clothes can have a big impact on energy and productivity levels. That’s why we can’t get enough of this blogger’s mirror selfie. High waisted pants are the perfect alternative to jeans and sweatpants. They are comfortable, breathable, but also stylish. Combine it with a blouse and give up uncomfortable heels in favor of sandals with kitten heels or elegant mules. Finally, add some gold hoop earrings and you will have the perfect job with the house dress. Best Menswear