Since its launch last month, Pillow Tabby has become a favorite of Indonesian celebrities to wear in their daily activities. This bag from the Coach label can be combined with the characters of Indonesian celebrities from Valerie Thomas, Prilly Latuconsina, to Rinni Wulandari. Top Fashion

In a release received by, Coach recently presented a new collection as a fun and eye catchy choice for spring, the Pillow Tabby bag. A new and fresh look of the shoulder bag named for its fun, pillow-like silhouette, and made of soft and luxurious Napa leather.

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Pillow Tabby bags come in a variety of bold colors to neutral colors. Its eclectic shape gives a versatile impression making it easy to use for several types of occasions. Comes with two detachable straps, either to carry by hand, or to wear as a short shoulder bag or crossbody. Three beautiful celebrities namely Valerie Thomas, Prilly Latuconsina, and Rinni Wulandari mix and match this bag with their respective personal styles. Timberland Fashion

Valerie, who is famous for her edgy style, made Coach Pillow Tabby a statement accessories for her style in a photo shoot. The pink color and the fun design make this bag a steal for the monochrome style outfit Valerie wears.

This overall look from Valerie can be an inspiration to attend parties and if the pandemic ends. This view can also be used as an interesting inspiration for a girls night out.

Meanwhile Prilly is indeed synonymous with her girly and cute style. This time, she was seen wearing a pastel printed tie pleat dress that is synonymous with spring OOTD, paired with a denim coat.

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For people who want to look vintage, you can try imitating Prilly style, wearing a cute floral themed dress and adding some accessories to make the appearance even more perfect. Best Menswear

You can also add a scarf or a vintage-style headpiece, to decorate your hair like Prilly did. The pink Pillow Tabby bag is a complement to make it look more attractive and less monotonous, ready to become a statement point for style.

Meanwhile, Rinni chose to mix and match Coach Pillow Tabby bags with a very casual style. With a crop top and jeans, Rinni proves that this bag can be worn for any occasion.

Coach Pillow Tabby bag as statement accessories for casual activities on weekends, from brunch with friends to leisurely walks enjoying the city of Jakarta. The touch of this bag will add an extra touch to your appearance. Kacamata Rayban