Inspire your wardrobe with these revolutionary Yuhan Wang designs

As he gets closer to competing in the first round of the coveted LVMH International Design Award, there is no denying Yuhan Wang’s attention for revolutionary fashion and conceptual style. Known for her refined and feminine aesthetic, Wang brings us the sophisticated edge we long for, but she always does it with a different twist. In particular, we see many dreamy references to Victorian elements mixed with its Chinese heritage, with just a taste of the most understated Gothic touch. Yes, we know it looks like the most juxtaposed styles possible, but trust us. After seeing this collection in action, you will understand how everything fits together. In the meantime, we’ll share some of our favorite designs to help you get a better idea of ??how this unique aesthetic manifests itself. The highlight is that we can’t seem to take our eyes off the fishtail pleated midi skirts that are usually paired with custom peplum jackets. Or how about those veiled mourning hats worn with structured floral dresses made from luxurious fabric? Talk about a fashion statement. Even in the way that she chose to design lace leggings underneath the tunic dresses, it is a combination we are not used to seeing; However, for a fashion lady who is not afraid to play around with fashion, we can definitely see that pairing process in her style line. So if you consider yourself one of the most elegant women, or if you are simply a person who values ??excellent design, take on the eyes with the latest release from Yuhan Wang. You will not be disappointed. Timberland Fashion

Discover the avant-garde style in this Nisse collection

Top Fashion, If you haven’t had the pleasure of taking a look at the Nisse Resort 20 collection yet, we can’t wait for you to take a look at all of its amazing styling details. With crisp cuts, feminine tones and a mix of attitude with more sophisticated details, this line is not your ordinary fashion collection. It is easy to use, but there is no denying that it is more suitable for a woman who values ??style and design. Let’s take a look at some individual pieces, shall we? One of our favorite designs comes in the form of a double breasted blazer that is cut to the length of a dress. Made in pastel pink with crisp black details and buttons, this piece screams classic, but with that bold pink hue and shorter hem, it has a bold bold edge. Also, we can’t get enough of the high-waisted pleated jeans. Done in a light shade with a V-cut waist, this design helps expand your jeans collection just beyond your basic pair of jeans. I mean, speaking of expanding beyond the basics, we also have a feeling you’ll love their line of blazers. Made in peach, red, pink, and emerald green, each cut and fit features something a little different. For example, the peach number is closed with a flattering belt, while the red number uses a metal ring to close it. Even only the materials are different with the pink blazer made from a textured fabric, while the other three options are much more elegant in nature. Point out the following: If you want to mix your classic business style with something more athletic and modern, then we can’t say enough about this Nisse collection. Trust us, you will love it.

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Let this Sugarhigh + Lovestoned David Bowie-inspired collection take you back in time

Best Menswear, Packed with references to David Bowie, it’s probably not too surprising that this Sugarhigh + Lovestoned collection is titled “David Bowie is my spirit animal.” Photographed by Evan Margot and modeled by Chloe Hopfner, the line features pointed shoulder pads, ray graphics, and a color palette in black, red, and white. In other words, it incorporates all the punk rock of the 80s, which we must give credit to the stylist Ginny Slim and the beauty of Krista Newman for helping to make that aesthetic really shine. And again, if you already know this brand, the talent of this 80 will probably not surprise you. Sugarhigh + Lovestoned is all about showing your love for daring vintage styles. However, remember that the brand is not very daring, which makes the pieces look unusable or exaggerated. Instead, they simply add nerve elements. In this case, the shoulder pads are really the ones that stand out the most in the collection. Plus, it’s always wonderful to hear when a brand is dedicated to providing sustainable fabrics and ethical design. For example, Sugarhigh + Lovestoned is the type of brand that prides itself on being knowledgeable at all stages of the design process, from supplying material to shipping the finished product to customers. So if you want a little nostalgia in your wardrobe and are ready to blow David Bowie up a bit, we know these pieces will make a great addition to your current wardrobe.

21 classic and modern spring shoes

As fashion is getting much more practical, we wanted to bring together the best spring shoes you could wear every day, but also save your wardrobe for years to come. Think of classic and modern footwear that works, whether you’re working from home or having a picnic in the backyard. One of our 21 options below is guaranteed to fit your style, from strappy mules to espadrilles and thong sandals. Kacamata Rayban