Having a small body, you also need to know which dress model is suitable for you. Choosing a dress for below average height does need special attention. The dress model that is not right will show the illusion of a body that looks ‘drowned’. Come on, find out the right dress model for owners of small bodies. Read more below.

1 Wrap dress is very suitable for small body owners. With a V-neck cut and a binding model, it can give the illusion of a taller body. Just wear it with white sneakers and gold accessories, your look will be more chic.

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2 Choose an off-shoulder dress for a more casual look. The exposed shoulders and neck will make the torso look longer. Mix and match with heels and sunglasses to complete your look. Best Menswear

3 If you have a petite body, try wearing a dress with a slit detail that shows some of your legs. With a cleavage in the middle, your legs will look longer even if you wear a long dress. Perfect for wearing with elegant heels or wedges.

4 Empire waist dress can be a mainstay for owners of small bodies. With a seam line above the waist, it will give the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs. Complete with pointed shoes to support the appearance.

5 One trick to look taller is to emphasize curves at the waist. Belted dress can be an option. Mix and match with your favorite heels, guaranteed you will look taller and fashionable. Timberland Fashion

The 6 Fit and flare dress has a snug top that fits snugly at the bottom. This dress can be an option for the petite body. Choose with a cut above the knee to give a longer leg silhouette. Top Fashion

7 Who says the owner of a small body is not suitable for wearing a maxi dress? With the right motif, you won’t be impressed with this dress. Choose a vertical line motif to give the illusion of a taller body. Make your look more fashionable with a cute handbag and ankle strap heels. Kacamata Rayban