1. Bell-Sleeve Tee and Flared Jeans
Would you like an alternative to the usual t-shirt with a round neck and a skinny jeans combination in the style of the 70s? Look no further than a bell-sleeved t-shirt and flared jeans. Flared sleeves and jeans have come into Timberland fashion several times and have gone out of fashion again. The white top with bell sleeves is simple and looks chic with the blue jeans. This top is a great, funky alternative to the usual white crew-neck or V-neck t-shirt.

Flared jeans look chic with a thick heel, and the brown ankle boots above have a low, slightly thick heel. This makes it a convenient choice to go to class while slightly stretching your legs. Because this outfit is so simple, we can add colors and prints. A red tassel necklace and a printed shoulder bag are all you need to complete the ensemble.

2. Kimono and Boyfriend Jeans

A white tank and boyfriend jeans are a great canvas for a chic outfit that’s perfect for Kacamata Rayban class. Combine a cherry blossom kimono with charmeuse to contrast with the jeans and give the tailored tank a balanced touch.

Low-cut sneakers go perfectly with this look. These sneakers look like Converse sneakers, but are actually airwalk sneakers. While Converse can be a rewarding boon, some of you may not want to drop the money. That’s why airwalk sneakers are a good alternative. They give you the same look for a lot less.

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Add a bit more bohemian flair to this effortlessly cool outfit with a bead wrap bracelet and an embroidered pom-pom backpack.

3. Vest, Maxi Dress, and Gladiator Sandals

Maxi dresses are great for class because they’re comfortable and a great alternative to the usual t-shirt and sweatshirt combination. They are also a part, so there is no need to worry if you add another part below. Maxi dresses are great for class presentations, lectures, learning sessions in the library, and more.

This pretty maxi dress has a mint color that subtly adds color. Wear an ombre faux fur vest and black gladiator sandals with tassels. Add sunglasses and a gold bangle to keep your look simple.

This unique patch bag from Etsy grabs a really big hit. It’s big enough to carry everything you need for class, but it’s a lot of fun and allows you to mix prints. The bag is all in a mixed print. It’s a good choice as much of the outfit is simple and doesn’t clash with the mint color of the dress.