Here are the rest of the winter clothes :
– Hats, Caps, Scarves and Gloves
The key to any strategy to keep on being warm is winter accessories.

Hats and caps keep heat from escaping through your head when the rest of the body is donned with clothes. Woolen hats are one of the most popular Timberland fashion choices for winter, especially beanie styles that can be pulled down to cover the ears. Hats can be decorated with pompoms or favorite team logo. Many knitted caps combined with a matching scarf that keeps your neck warm. Felt is another fabric of the popular styles like berets, wide-brimmed hats and cowboy hats. Gloves are an important accessory of winter and are usually chosen for its practical features. The materials used for winter gloves include fabrics, leather, wool microfiber.

– Winter Boots and Shoes
It is important to keep your feet warm in winter time.

The boots are the most suitable shoes for winter, mainly due to their styles and their practicalities. Popular heights include the ankle boot, mid-calf and knee. Design details include front, inner strand skin and cuffs and platform soles. Boots designed for use in rain and snow come with advanced insulation and waterproofing properties. In addition to the boots, winter shoes and shoes styles include clogs, leather shoes with thick, non-slip soles.

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– Staying Warm Under It All
This is deemed as one of the most important aspects in winter, which is the base layer out of all the layers of clothes being worn. According to the Kacamata Rayban retailer to the outdoor REI, the material, weight and fit should be considered for buying items of the base layer. Long underwear, leggings and base layer tops made from natural fibers such as silk and wool are warm and breathable. Lightweight synthetics are another popular fabric choice. When it comes to fit, wicking fabrics work best when they are in direct contact with the skin, so that the adjustment should be as comfortable as possible.