looking sexy in thin and revealing clothes is still a sensitive issue in Indonesia. However, some Indonesian artists are still confident in showing their beautiful bodies with sexy styles to social media even though they know it will definitely cause pros and cons. Timberland Fashion

Netizens’ ridicule must have become daily food for them, but of course how to look and dress is the right of each person, right? By turning a blind eye to netizens, the seven artists who have many achievements still look beautiful and sexy. Inspired to have body goals! So, who are these hot artists? Listen, come on!

1 Sexy with a playful look can really be combined. Styling her hair by curling it on both sides made Jessica Iskandar look cute. Coupled with winged eyeliner and mauve lipstick that makes it look even more fresh. Best Menswear

2 Being active in sports, it is not surprising that Andrea Dian can have a good body shape. Oftentimes natural makeup by making a messy bun on her long hair makes Ganindra Bimo’s wife look perfect in a swim suit. Body goals!

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This 3 mother of one child does have a beautiful body. The hobby of wearing sexy looks does not eliminate the maternal impression that Shandy Aulia has. Peach makeup and terracotta lipstick with her long hair tied in a headband make her look stunning!

4 Looking sexy and colorful in the video clip of her latest song, Cinta Laura Kiehl wears bold makeup with smokey eyes and mauve lipstick that makes her look fierce. Top Fashion

5 It really doesn’t look like Sophia Latjuba is 50 years old. Love to do yoga and other sports to keep her body beautifully awake. No need for heavy makeup, Sophia still looks stunning with her long messy hair.

6 Besides Sophia Latjuba, there is another hot mama. Yes! Wulan Guritno. Still likes to look sexy at the age of 40 years. Her skin that still looks tight, smooth, and glowing makes her still look like a teenager.

7 Married, Willy still likes to look sexy. Dazzling with a silver satin dress that beautifully wraps Nikita Willy’s body. Coupled with smokey look makeup that adds to the elegant and sexy impression. So stunning! Kacamata Rayban