The soap opera actor Yaki Kato is not only smart on TV, you know.

Yuki Kato also often shows off his prowess in combining clothes in his daily life.

In fact, Yuki Kato also flaunts it on his personal Instagram page.

We can really imitate Yuki Kato’s style, which is suitable for holiday wear. Top Fashion

Let our holidays be more exciting with a stylish style.

Come on, take a peek at these 6 Yuki Kato-style OOTDs!

Shorts + T-shirt

Combining shorts and T-shirts can also look stylish, you know.

We can use this outfit to be worn in a hot place so that our bodies are not hot.

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Even though you have to withstand the heat because your skin is directly exposed to the sun, Yuki Kato’s appearance like this can really be tried when going on vacation. Timberland Fashion

Bat shirt + boots

Who says boots can’t be worn on vacation?

Look, Yuki Kato combined her outfit with boots and the result is perfect!

His black shirt and matching boots make Yuki look chic.

Don’t forget to touch the sunglasses to make it even cooler!

Skirt + short sleeve

The key to enjoying the holidays is daring to get sunburnt, yes. Best Menswear

Yuki wears a short sleeved shirt and combines it with a 3/4 black skirt so it looks girly, doesn’t it.

Especially with a touch of a bucket hat that makes Yuki’s girly look a little bit tomboyish.

Very cool, yes!

Shirt + plaid pants

Using a shirt combined with plaid pants makes Yuki really cool.

Choosing to use a matching color makes this lively look a little calmer.

Daisy dress

Well, the last one is the OOTD that we can use if we want to go to the beach.

Wearing a daisy dress makes Yuki look stunning in the middle of the beach sand, right?

Don’t forget to wear a bucket hat, besides being able to add a plus to the fashion we wear, it can also protect our eyes from the hot sun. Kacamata Rayban