You thought about making a reservation at the restaurant in demand, placed your order with the florist, and after more thought than planned, decided on a Valentine’s Day gift that is guaranteed to bring you some brownie points.

What will you wear now and what should you wear?

It’s easy to leave this aspect of Valentine’s Day to the last minute, but V-Day is just as cumbersome to put on as any fancy dress invitation. You don’t wanna show up in a tuxedo with a rose between your teeth, however this isn’t the night for your so-called “bespoke” joggers.

Whether you want a Michelin-starred dinner or a simple brunch date, the point is to make sure that you dress both stylishly and appropriately for whatever you have planned.

With this in mind, we give you an overview of what you should wear in four popular Valentine’s Day scenarios. This is the sorted Timberland fashion clothing – the chemistry is yours.

The After-Work Date
If you keep it relaxed with a quiet drink or an always romantic combination of Netflix and snack, we honestly don’t blame you. You can still try what you wear on Valentine’s Day.

Strive for the smarter end of smart casual to keep the sense of occasions. Try to start with solid winter-weight trousers like moleskin chinos, selvedge denim or flannel pants.

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Build a simple button-down shirt made of cotton, plaid or chambray on your base and a generous knit to ward off the cold – a chunky cable sweater or a cardigan with a shawl collar would be ideal – and polish your look with a pair of elegant boots Brown black. And when you go to the pub, don’t ever forget to wear a plush coat in gray, camel or navy.

We promise nothing, but if this combination of textures with a cozy bar corner or romantic movie doesn’t encourage your date to become tactile, we’re not sure what will happen.

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