Aside from the question of who would plan their big day in the darkest depths of winter to find out what to wear for a winter wedding, it’s usually a complete pain on the back.

Black tie? Red tie? Air tie? Wear without socks or bright white tennis socks? We’re kidding, not even entertaining the thought of white socks. Against intuition, it is painful, dispassionate and without a warm feeling to decide which Timberland fashion clothes to wear to celebrate the eternal (fingers crossed) union of two related souls.

While we can’t advise you how stingy or lavish you should be with your gift, we can advise you on how to nail down your winter wedding, whether you’re a groom, part of the wedding party, or one of them (bubbling quietly). People who were only invited to the after party.

– If You Are The Groom
It’s the big day and you’re the #bigman, so you have to be best dressed, period.

You are not at The X Factor and your photos will age poorly. Therefore, ignore all advice on how to show your personality and be wrong on the side of tradition.

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Decide on a two- or three-piece suit, depending on the formality you feel comfortable with. This should be black, dark blue, or dark gray, and not double-breasted or patterned. Think similarly simple for the rest of your look. Choose black, high-gloss Oxford shoes, a white shirt, and choose a tie with fine stripes or polka dots and a dark-colored floral pin.

– If You Are A Table Top Guest
So you’ve made your way to the top table: if the bride or groom has no friends, you’re golden in their eyes.

Respect their respect by not appearing in anything alarming: it is not your time to shine. Wear black and you risk competing with the captain. Instead, choose Navy to maintain formality and attention-grabbing antics.

A white shirt and black shoes are enough again, but a lighter tie and a pocket square in a similar (not identical) Kacamata Rayban shade distinguish you from the groom while staying straight and slim. Of course, an outfit may be required for the wedding party. If so, just do what you’ve been told.