We took the opportunity to rock with all our favorite summer looks, especially white casual dresses, with another summer month ahead. Whether you like prairie dresses or puffed-sleeved mini skirts, these bold and crisp dresses are the perfect balance between casual and chic.

His high everyday style thanks to Hansen & Gretel

Are you a woman who values ??style? Do you spend your time thinking about fashion and design? In that case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Hansen & Gretel. Based in Australia, this exciting brand is able to consider trends, portability and a sense of female sex appeal in all of its designs. Also, if you’re looking for something specific, don’t worry, because Hansen & Gretel probably has it. With a variety of products ranging from casual T-shirts and basic jeans to stylish blazers and stylish midi dresses, they have everything for you. You’ll even find matching swimsuits, accessories and shoes so you can shake Hansen and Gretel from head to toe. Are you curious about your aesthetics? We would say it’s a mix of cool LA girl, New York chic and a touch of streetwear style that is added there for good measure. But hey, if one of these styles doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry, because with such a wide variety of products, you’ll find something that calls your name. Timberland Fashion

Bring bold colors to your wardrobe with Mille

With playful styles with a touch of color, Mille’s Summer 2020 collection is sure to make you smile. Whether it’s a sassy yellow blouse, a deep purple dress or a cool printed midi, your wardrobe will never be accused of being boring with these pieces at your disposal. Even the simple combination of a T-shirt and jeans is highlighted with a new floral print. But hey, if you want a slightly more elaborate and sophisticated look, you’ll love an earthy brown maxi dress. Made with ruffled sleeves, a flattering belt and an elegant front with buttons, this piece may not seem to match the most colorful pieces in the collection, but with its impeccable details and fun ruffles, it still manages to bring out the glamor style we hope for. de Mille while exuding a more classic touch. Top Fashion

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Fall in love with the bohemian looks of Arnhem’s dreams

If there is one thing we can guarantee from each Arnhem collection, it is this: they know how to dress women with designs that look equally modern, while they can be used in their daily lifestyle. Just take a look at the “Golden Hour” dream collection. Full of flattering silhouettes, boho-inspired prints, high-quality fabrics and subtle designs that scream chic, we can’t forget how easily this collection fits into a woman’s everyday wardrobe. For example, what’s not to love about a blue button mini dress with a paisley print? Or that gypsy-inspired mini dress made in orange tones? Even the way this lookbook was designed makes us want to get our hands on these pieces. With trendy straw hats, funky ankle boots and delicate jewelery inspired by the beach, this collection does it all. There’s even lace lingerie in the mix so you can look and feel good, even without clothes. Best Menswear

10 effortless Labor Day outfits you’ll want to wear now

Let’s face it, we all have a love-hate relationship with Labor Day. Although I am sure that we enthusiastically received an excuse for a paid vacation, it is also, at the same time, the symbolic end of the summer season. In addition to saying goodbye to the sun and heat, we took advantage of the long weekend to relax, eat well with close friends or family and, of course, wear beautiful clothes. Whether your style is more relaxed or you want to dress in style for the occasion, here are 10 simple Labor Day outfits that celebrate the end of summer.

Discover the magic of style with this exciting collection from Rue Agthonis

Founded in 2018 by designer Syl. Syl, Rue Agthonis is a brand that is inspired by the theater. Regarding the use of dramatic forms of the costumes and decorative details, these pieces may not look like the common everyday style, but they are certainly designs that all fashion enthusiasts can appreciate. See, for example, the Autumn / Winter ’20 collection, entitled “The Transmutation and the Rebirth of the Butterfly”. Symbolizing the renaissance of the brand itself, this collection makes use of many spectacular details such as zebra print, metallic, shocking red, fake skin, puffed sleeves, butterfly prints, folds and many voluminous silhouettes to really get your attention. You will also probably notice that there is a wide variety of styles ranging from your round neck sweater to a tiny mini-dress, dramatic coat and even nostalgic bell pants. In other words, no matter what style you prefer or what pieces you want to add to your wardrobe, Rue Agthonis probably has a design for you. Kacamata Rayban