From the main puff sleeves to the square necklines, women’s spring blouses are in fashion now. After seeing the appearance of this influencer on Instagram, we couldn’t help but get into the trend as well. For a proper appearance during the day, stop it with high-waisted jeans and then replace it with a mini skirt at night. Below, you’ll find 18 of the best spring tops for women on the market. Timberland Fashion

Meet model Irene Kim and her whimsical Ireneisgood label

In a world that sometimes seems like you are determined to make everyone the same, the most challenging act you can commit is to be yourself. And when it comes to the fashion world, that truth applies ten times. After all, fashion is a way of expressing yourself and your individuality, and people look to fashion lovers for inspiration to get them out of style and turn the world upside down. Be it something as simple as a refreshing patch of color in a monochromatic sea, a streak of wild hair color, bold prints, bold silhouettes or just outdated and unique pieces. A little information helps a lot. And if what you’re looking for is authenticity, you’ll feel great with her, model Irene Kim and her magical label Ireneisgood. Top Fashion

unruly hair may look normal today (quarantine and nail clippers?) In 2013, it was much less. According to the story, Irene Kim, who was a model at the time, was bored one day and began to dye her hair in all the colors of the rainbow. The result of this simple action, this simple desire to break away from the mundane and boring of everyday life, was that he not only (unknowingly) coined the term “unicorn hair”, but also started his own hair trend, and as a result , he was instantly catapulted to international stardom. It’s not a bad start, is it?

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But it was not just a casual moment that defined the trend that made Irene Kim the influential and stylist she is today. No, you see, she had established preliminary work long before that viral moment. Growing up as a fashion lover, Irene came of age with a keen eye for good clothes and a taste for style. By crediting her mother and grandmother as her own personal influences in real life, Irene would grow up to become an (accidental) fashion influencer. Raised in Seattle by South Korean parents and then moving with them to South Korea when she was in high school, Irene continued to monitor the fashion world and informally studied the most prominent leaders, fans and bloggers in the fashion scene. people like Susie Bubble, Bryanboy and Chiara Ferragni, to name a few. And a few years later, when it was time to leave for college, Irene chose to study not just textile design at the famous New York Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). She credits her move to New York City for giving her the confidence to launch her own Ireneisgood brand, and when she returned to Seoul to start a modeling and TV show career, she continued to pour energy into her brand, making way for him . great success that she and her brand have become today. Kacamata Rayban

Meet model Irene Kim and her whimsical Ireneisgood label

Ireneisgood is a young fashion brand inspired by the streets, full of magic pieces, fairytale looks and treats that attract the unicorn in all of us. In its few years of existence, it has made great progress. Starting with the official launch of the brand in 2018, Irene Kim solidified her position in the fashion world, not only as a model, or simply as an influential or TV personality, but as a true creative director who is here to stay. . Her appearance can be fun and extravagant, and she may not take herself too seriously (which is so refreshing!), But clearly her work ethic and focus on her business is no joke. Shortly after the launch of her label Ireneisgood, Irene Kim installed some pop-ups in Shanghai and Seoul and, with the ones she used, launched an incredible tennis collaboration with Joshuas in Taiwan that was super dreamy and full of youth culture. . We are talking about thick soles, metallic tones and, of course, no piece would really represent the good aesthetic of Ireneis without the unicorn’s distinctive motif – this one was glued to the laces.

Enter Aje’s dream world with his summer 2020 collection

Taking inspiration from ballet, it won’t take a specialist to capture that super feminine inspiration from Aje’s latest campaign for the summer of 2020. Whether it’s the detailing of laces, bulky silhouettes, soft pleats or wavy sleeves, there’s a distinct feminine feel here that gives the programming a romantic, exuberant and simply beautiful aesthetic. However, remember that while this collection is soft and romantic, it has a big impact in terms of style. We have attractive golden accents, taffeta tie details, clearly crafted two-piece suits, black mini dresses made with exaggerated volume and bold touches of bubble gum. In other words, these are the styles that instantly attract attention for the best reasons. Not to mention, from the beginning, it is clear that Aje uses high quality fabrics and extra attention to detail to elevate her collection beyond anything standard or basic. Combine all this with the talents of photographer Mia Rankin, modeled by Kieta van Ewyk and Britney van der Steen, styled by Rachael Fair and Ashton Eramya, makeup by Isabella Schmid and hair by Julia Homard, and there is no doubt in our mind that this collection will quickly put you under your spell. Best Menswear